Is Nature Out of Control Or Are People Just Dumbed Down?


One of the worst results of an unending litany of global warming is the dumbing down of science and of people. Unfortunately not only the sciences are effected.  As as historian, I see this dumbing down constantly when dealing with history and archaeology.

Idiots who do not know science and who are lacking a spiritual grounding in their lives are beginning to sputter a little.  They have so long made Global Warming a denomination of their Green Religion that they are not able to discern actual fact from fancy.

We are fast slipping into an age of barbaric superstition.

From Eruptions:

“…Most of you have probably already heard about the magnitude 8.8 earthquake that struck today off the coast of Chile. This becomes one of the most powerful earthquakes on record and so far, the death toll has been relatively low – in the hundreds – especially compared to the horrific disaster of the Haiti earthquake from earlier this year. My thoughts go out to all in Chile recovering from the earthquake.

However, I am a little appalled at some of the coverage I’ve seen for this earthquake. MSNBC has become the vanguard of sensationalist drivel and shoddy science reporting – specifically, the article posted today titled: “Is Nature out of control?” (also seen with the headline “Big quake questions: are they getting worse?”) This type of headline is irresponsible, reprehensible “journalism” that the worst hacks should be ashamed to print. I feel like I don’t even have to justify it with a response, but honestly, two big earthquakes hours apart in Chile and Japan (or if you want to get bigger, two earthquakes months apart with Chile and Haiti) does not “out of control” make. No geologist would ever even imply this idea – yet somehow MSNBC finds it necessary to use this sensationalist garbage to promote their website. As of Saturday afternoon (2/27), no other major media outlet had such a headline on their front page….”