Pink Flamingo Busy Book Day


There are times when life gets in the way of blogging.  Thus went my Friday.

What should have been an easy day turned into The Pink Flamingo’s usual nightmare.  I do it every time.

I need 5 copies of my upcoming book, Wild West Re-Dressed, American Fashion from 1860-1910 by this time next week.  A simple meeting with my publisher revealed that I have made a monster book.  When we tried to transfer the 393 pages (will be reduced somewhat) to a digital printer, the entire file that consisted of those 393 pages and 1450 photos ended up being nearly 10G!

Nothing is ever easy.

So now I must divide the book up into segments of about 40 pages each.  This includes moving those pages into new folders, and probably reformatting a number of pages.

The plan is to send at least 3 copies to people who are helping me date the old photos according to costume.

Now you know why there is no Saturday AM Pink Flamingo!