A Wyatt Earp GOP Moment


Wyatt Earp was a proud, life-long Republican.

We are living in The Age of Extremism.

Please explain how a 41% is a winning combination.  It is not.  One must realize that hidden within those numbers are enough DEMOCRATIC conservatives to prevent any sort of a conservative win.  The most conservative person I know is a life-long Dem who NEVER votes GOP.    The elections in VA, NJ, and MA were won because the candidates moderated themselves enough to appeal to independent voters.

I am so sick of “conservative” and “tea party”. I am tired of conservatives who can’t see the forest for the that I am losing patience.  For anyone to say that the whole state of the conservative world has not changed should simply note that the John Bircher’s were accepted at CPAC.  It is very sad, and I blame Hannity,  Ingraham, Malkin, Rush, FOX News, and that repulsive Glenn Beck.

I have NEVER changed my views about what it is to be a Republican, but now I am considered less so because I do not bow down and lick the boots of the extreme far right.  Sorry, but a true Republican is not a slobbering follower, but an original thinker.

The GOP once celebrated original thought.  We were allowed to have our own ideas, desires, dreams, and ideas.  A Republican is someone who agrees to certain specific principles.  We have a creed.  We know who and what we are.  This purity war is going to hurt the GOP and will eventually destroy the so called “RINO” hunters.  It needs to stop.  Until the far right can comprehend the fact that people are allowed to have their own thoughts, they are setting themselves down a losing path to oblivion.

Those of us who enjoy rational discourse, and comprehend the fact that only a fool requires absolutes and absolute adoration are being denigrated and verbally abused.  Some of us even receive death threats.  We are subjected to this very strange litany of “I am better than you are because…” that is basically disturbing and abusive.

In the course of “real life”, having spent a little time taking something like 28 accredited course hours (some of them with local law enforcement and social services) on the subject of abuse, I know an abuser and an abusive situation when I see one.

What is developing on the fringes of the far right is basically abusive.  What had been part of the fringe, and is now going mainstream in the GOP is frightening.  I know what verbal abuse is when I see it.  The people who hide behind false names and identities and constantly denigrate and abuse have problems.  I would not like to associate with them in real life.

Why demand absolutes from politicians when rational individuals do not demand absolutes in real life?  Do we demand our children agree with us 100% of the time?  Does one demand 100% obedience from a spouse, a parent, or a neighbor?  Do you turn on your siblings because they do not agree with you?

When absolutes are required, people begin to lose sight of the fact that absolutes in themselves are damaging to the individual who decrees them.

As an individual, I do not choose to associate with people who display the tendency to deal in absolutes in their daily lives.  I find them rude, abusive, nasty, and have a tendency to play brain-games.  To find this sentiment now entrenched in my beloved GOP is heart-breaking.

This is the sentiment that is driving more and more Republicans into the independent ranks.  I for one am not going anywhere.  I am going to dig in, entrench, and fight back.  Those of us who do not drink the psychedelic tea leaves, or do not worship at the feet of Ron Paul have just as much right to be Republicans as those who do.

Perhaps we have more right to be Republicans than the denizens of the far right who have thrown Reagan under the bus along with John McCain, George W. Bush, Newt Gingrich, and Lindsey Graham.  Then again there is a reason Reagan has been tossed under the bus.  The Far Right has gone so far right they now do not think Reagan was conservative enough – God Help Us All!

The GOP is now under assault from Losertarians (not to be confused with Dave Nalle’s version of libertarian Republican).  Unable to win on their own, and so extreme, so repugnant, and so vile no one will play with them, they are attempting to take over the GOP.  Unless live-long Republicans stand and fight, we are going to be pushed out of our Republican Party.

Draw a line in the sand and quit drinking their poisonous tea!