The Ron Paul Dictatorship of the GOP


It is quite obvious that the GOP is being held hostage by Ron Paul.  The man is dangerous and out of control.  For those who continue to dismiss him as a nut-case, beware.  He is more than a nut.  He is organized and followed by devoted and slobbering devotes who have surrendered their minds to him.  The real problem is the fact that conservatives do not have the courage to deal with him.  With the exception of Lindsey Graham, name on Republican who is calling Ron Paul out on the issues?

Patrick Ruffini has lost his mind:

“…First, it shows that Ron Paul and the Campaign for Liberty are engaging constructively in the conservative movement. In 2007, the Paulites were an oppositional force trying to submarine the GOP’s commitment to the war on terror, thus threatening traditional conservatives. Today, libertarians and conservatives have come together against Obama’s endless expansion of the State, with Ron Paul supporters supplying creative organizing tactics and boots on the ground.

This leads into my second reason: in terms of grassroots organization, Paul supporters are some of the best — if not the best — that we have. The iconography of the tea party movement is heavily libertarian (think the Gadsden Flag) and that’s no coincidence. If you broke down the organizers and even those in attendance, you’d find more than your fair share of Ron Paul supporters. …”

There is NOTHING conservative or constructive about what Ron Paul is doing.  If conservatives like Ruffini would quit pandering to him and to the tea party idiots who worship Paul, the GOP would be in better shape.  Problem is these people are so bullied by Paul’s out of control supporters that they are endangering the country.

Ron Paul sent a letter out to his followers.  If you want to see a megalomaniac in action:

“…In a January email alert titled “They’ve Turned Their Attack Dogs Loose On Me!”, Paul warns that both parties are “doing everything they can to make sure I am defeated.” “These candidates include three Republicans in my own primary on March 2,” he wrote, “and they will stop at nothing to tear down and destroy all we have worked for.”…”

So, Ron Paul is MAD because he is being challenged in HIS primary!  Ed Morrissey picks up on the insanity and delivers one of the most damning commentaries on Ron Paul that The Pink Flamingo has seen in ages.

“...It’s not your primary, Rep. Paul.  It’s the Texas Republican Primary, and it belongs to the voters who use it to hold their elected officials accountable.  That smacks of the same arrogance that led Democrats to reserve one of their Senate seats for the Kennedys or their approved, hand-picked successor in Massachusetts….In two interviews I conducted with Graney, the challenger says the issue goes beyond being an “absentee landlord,” although that’s certainly part of it.  Paul is simply not effective in Congress, Graney argues, because of his predilection for grandstanding to an absurd degree while participating heavily in pork barrel politics.  Graney also thinks that Paul’s foreign-policy positions are extremist….””

From some idiot Ron Paul blog.  These people think they are calling the shots.  Well, the actually are until the GOP realizes we are dealing with maybe 5% of the GOP, and these are Ron Paul Bot implants.  They are telling the rest of us what to do, in the name of their tin foiled god.

“...Then there are the “Ron Paul people.” Paul’s CPAC speech was not simply partisan Democrat bashing, but a lesson on how any GOP worthy of challenging the status quo must finally deliver on the conservatism it has always promised. Paul said Republicans must finally show true fidelity to the Constitution. Considering the conservative movement’s abysmal failure in stopping government growth, Paul asked the crowd to reexamine first principles, casting a critical eye upon the Right’s enthusiasm for wars that don’t make much sense and cost too much money, incurring massive debt. In short, Paul called for an end to big government — all of it. Asks Pat Buchanan, “Who in the Republican Party today is calling for a Barry Goldwater-like rollback of federal power and federal programs? Except Ron Paul.” Answer: no one. Paul’s CPAC speech proved as much.Derided as “kids,” or irrelevant “college students,” the many young people who support Paul are the heart and soul of what has been dubbed the “Ron Paul Revolution,” and they are a force to be reckoned with. Writes National Review Online’s Robert Costa, “Paul supporters were the most visible and vocal throughout CPAC.”Expect Paul supporters to become even more visible and more vocal in the future, because it will be impossible to silence a genuine movement driven by actual conservative passion, and not just the two-party horse race the Republican establishment continues to mistake for principle. In their ignorance, conservatives who boo Paul, at CPAC or anywhere else, are essentially dismissing the only force in contemporary American politics serious about smaller government. And despite the constant media spin and gnashing of teeth, Ron Paul and his “people’s” onward march does not represent some sort of confusion within the conservative movement-but the only conservative movement….”

Ron Paul is a nut case.   As a losertarian, he does NOT believe in defending our country.  Losertarians do not believe in defending our country.

David Harsanyi wrote in Reason:

“…”Congressman Paul is committed to bringing the conservative movement back to its traditional platform of limited government, balanced budgets and a foreign policy of nonintervention,” claims Jesse Benton, Paul’s spokesman.

If only it stopped there. Paul isn’t a traditional conservative. His obsession with long-decided monetary policy and isolationism are not his only half-baked crusades. Paul’s newsletters of the ’80s and ’90s were filled with anti-Semitic and racist rants, proving his slumming in the ugliest corners of conspiracyland today is no mistake.

Perhaps the greatest tragedy of Paul is that thousands of intellectually curious young people will have read his silly books, including End the Fed, as serious manifestoes. Though you wouldn’t know it by listening to Paul or reading his words, libertarians do have genuine ideas that conservatives might embrace…”

And – the most fun is that Ron Paul is no longer fooling as many of the people!

“...Paul, who refuses to support any legislation unless it strictly adheres to the Constitution, is also coming under fire for allegedly failing to follow a House member’s credo—district first.

His opponents claim that his dogged pursuit of an ideological agenda raises his national profile but does little to address the true needs of his district. Graney has attacked Paul for voting against a bill that would fund the Coast Guard and a bill that funded relief efforts for Hurricane Ike.

“In not working with others and voting no on everything, he’s done nothing to bring himself to represent taxpayers,” said Graney.

Bob Sipple, the mayor of Lake Jackson, a town of 31,000 where Paul lives with his wife and who said he personally holds Paul in high regard, acknowledged hearing some of the criticism.

“I think there is some thought that he is set and uncompromising in some areas and certain things that could get done with some consideration aren’t getting done,” said Sipple. “I think there are people who think, ‘Maybe we ought to take a look at someone who takes a more compromising attitude on issues.’”

Paul—who has earned the nickname “Dr. No” on Capitol Hill—appeared to acknowledge the criticism during last week’s debate.

“Obviously, there must be some disagreement in order for us to have a contest to challenge me in a race and I think I understand that because I am a stickler—I am a stickler for the Constitution—I vote ‘No’ a lot,” Paul said in his closing remarks. “I am not ashamed of this.”

Complicating the landscape is that fact that some local Republican Party officials are lashing out against Paul because some of the congressman’s supporters are challenging them on Tuesday’s primary ballot. They argue that Paul is trying to stack the deck in his favor in order to have a stronger hand ahead of the 2012 state convention….”

The attempt to take over Texas:

“…Debra Medina: Right of conservative The spoiler for Perry’s outright win, Medina is considered more conservative than either the incumbent or Hutchison. Political observers note her recent rise in the polls is attributable in some measure to discontent among conservative Republicans. Medina has Tea Party bona fides — she worked on the presidential campaign of U.S. Rep. Ron Paul, R-Texas, a member of the Liberty Caucus of Republican congressmen aiming to limit the size and scope of the federal government. Her signature issues include replacing property taxes with sales taxes and cutting away at government regulations, reported the Fort Worth Star-Telegram and distributed through the McClatchy news service.

She says she’s been misrepresented as a Libertarian by the media, contending she was generally aligned with the Texas Republican Party’s platform. “If you go to look up ‘good old Texas girl’ in the dictionary, you’d find Debra Medina,” she said. “There’s nothing radical or extreme about me except my zeal for the U.S. Constitution and honesty in government.”

Some supporters, detractors and observers said Medina may have hurt her cause during an interview with conservative talk show host Glenn Beck by not immediately disavowing a theory that the U.S. government may have played a role in the Sept. 11, 2001, terrorist attacks. The nurse and former Wharton County, Texas, Republican chairwoman quickly said there was no doubt that Muslim terrorists flew the hijacked planes in an effort to repair the damage quickly. For her part, Medina said the interview generated support and campaign contributions, but others say it may have driven some of her supporters into Perry’s camp….”

He is interfering in New Mexico by endorsing CODE PINK nut job Adam Kokesh.Said Dr. Paul, “Adam Kokesh has been a tremendous supporter of mine. Now, it is time for me to support him.

As a fellow Veteran, Adam understands the many challenges facing our brave men and women in Uniform and the steps we must take to strengthen our national defense. “Adam Kokesh has dedicated his life to fighting for Liberty. He has set himself apart as one of the bold young leaders our Country sorely needs as we strive to restore our Freedoms and what has made America the greatest nation in history. I am very happy that Adam has decided to run for Congress and wholeheartedly endorse him.” Congressman Paul’s endorsement comes through his Liberty PAC, a Republican leadership PAC committed to supporting Liberty minded candidates across the country.

Said Liberty PAC director Jesse Benton, “Adam Kokesh is a terrific candidate who is going to ask tough questions like: ‘Why is Ben Lujan voting to run up crushing budget deficits?’, ‘Why has he allowed President Obama to expand the war in Afghanistan?’, and, ‘Will Ben Lujan stand up for the rights of his constituents and work to reform the Patriot Act?’ The constituents of New Mexico’s 3rd district deserve answers to these questions. Adam Kokesh will hold Mr. Lujan accountable.”…”


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  1. Lady you are the nut case! You must have never heard any of his arguments or read any of his books. I guess you are now going to say Pat Buchanan is not a conservative? LOL! Pat Buchanan not only endorses Ron Paul, but espouses many of his viewpoints. His obsession with the Federal Reserve?? Are you stupid? They have handed out trillions of dollars of tax payer money with NO accountability! Oh by the way your little fake conservative Lindsey Graham baked the banker bailouts.

    If you are joke and NOT a real conservative, you are a big government socialist like all the other fake conservative R.I.N.O. Republicans that wanted the bailouts(Sarah Palin, John McCain, Mitt Romney and the list goes on!). You are mad because America is waking up to your inconsistent foolishness and compromise on core beliefs.

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