Do You Poop Out At Parties?


Do you remember this classic:


Are you tired of the trash talk?
Are you tired of the hype?
Are you sick of tea?
Are you pooped out with the tea party?
Do not want to smell the coffee?
Do you feel we are not doomed?
Sick of talk radio?
Would like to hear a “normal” person do talk politics?
What if the world isn’t spinning out of control?
Is the chalk board writing making your skin crawl?
Can you admit 9/11 was terror?
Can you deal with Obama being born in the USA?
Does the sight of O’Reilly annoy you?
Wish Rush would get laryngitis?
Coulter makes you crazy?
Ingraham’s voice sounds like a cat being gutted?
Thinks there is no Joy in Behar?
Would like to put a plug in Maher?
Want to blow up the View?
Watch them take Beck away, ah ha ha ha?
Think Obama is not a commie?
Think Ron Paul is an a nut-job?
Want more balance on FOX?
Think Pelosi & Reid’s real problem is absolute power?
Do not think the Dems are out to destroy the world?
Do you think GWB was not evil and a good POTUS?
Think John McCain is not a screaming liberal?
Hate the epitaph “RINO”?
Think not all Dems are evil?
Believe in actual governance?
Feel the globe is not that warm?
Want Al Gore to give it back?
Want to squash a few acorns?
Do you think Obama is doing a good job in fighting terror?
Want rational “health-care”?
Think the FED is not the source of all evil?
Feel protecting the country is okay?
Are you sick of the Right?
Are you sick of the Left?
Can you have a rational conversation with a Dem?
Can you have a rational conversation with a GOP?
Wish Combs were back with Hannity?
What if you aren’t afraid of gays?
Do you know a Pagan Republican?
Do you know a Christian Democrat?
Annoyed with the far Left?
Annoyed with the far Right?
Sick of DeMint’s grandstanding?
Want to send Sanford back to Argentina?
Think Rangel got away from it all?
Do you think some kids should be left behind – with their parents?
Hate Wallyworld?
Sick of taxes?
Tired of zero tolerance?
Are reaching the point of live and let life?
Think life is sacred?
Admire Newt’s brain?
Think Hillary looks better after her face lift?
Feel no animosity toward Bill?
Miss GWB?
Think we should just let Obama be Obama, warts and all?
Realize that Palin is not the end of the world?
Just want a good burger and some really good fries?
Do you rebel when it comes to seat-belts?
Do you insult dogs by calling ’em blue?
Think Scottie is a hottie?
Sick of violence on TV?
Can you live with the new version of Star Trek?
Think anyone who mixes religion and politics should go straight to hell?
Can you view Reagan in a rational manner?
Do you have a Birther in the family?
Do you have a Truther in the Family?
Really do want to send someone to the Moon?
You can live with the Patriot Act?
Do not believe in the NAFTA superhighway?
Do you realize not everyone speaking Spanish is here illegally?
Do you realize that not everyone who speaks English is here legally?
Think Phyllis Schlafly is an old bat?
Curse Barbara Boxer every time you buy Claritin?
Cringe when you hear Ron Paul Bots quote the Constitution?
Think Arianna Huffington is a political whore?
Think Michelle Malkin may be one, too?
Do you think George Soros may be behind some of economic woes?
You realize not all Muslims are evil?
Neither Letterman or Leno?
Do you think Obama reminds you of Barney Fife?
Think Barry Bonds should not be the home run champ?
Find the term “progressive” outlandish?
Do you realize not all liberals are evil?
Do you realize not all conservatives are good?
Could care less about political purity?
Just want to win elections?
Don’t mind a good conspiracy – for a laugh?
Realize that Lindsey Graham is not the root of all evil?
Do you think Debra Medina is a nut?
Do you realize “liberty” is a buzz-word for a Ron Paul Bot?
Realize the SPLC is not all that bad?
Realize that CPAC is not that good?
Laughingly wish Jerry Brown well?
Do you realize that the USA has a place in the world?
You think Americans are decent people?
Do you like hot-dogs, baseball, and apple pie?
Realize that the Braves 1995 World Series Championship was a fluke?
Believe all Republicans should follow the rules?
Believe all Democrats should follow the rules?
Would you just like a little “normal” in the world?
Are you tired of bashing Democrats all day long?
Are you tired of bashing Republicans all day long?
Realize third parties are for idiots?
Want to see an ego shoot-out between Rush & Bill?
Are you sick of blogging egos?
Tired of being bullied by the far Right?
Tired of being bullied by the far Left?
Are you sick of extremes?
You don’t give a rip about Tiger’s love life?
Think OJ did it?
Are you sick of taxes?
Don’t give a durn about the Olympics?
You like Lieberman?
Don’t think John Kerry is all that bad?
Really do admire Hillary?
Get a kick out of Joe Biden?
Think the public has a right to know?
Are you annoyed by the far Right?
Feel the same way about the far Left?
Have no use for third party twits?
Comprehend that even Republicans have read the Constitution?
Comprehend that even Democrats have read the Constitution?
Do you actually think “they” have taken our country away from us?
Do you think we still have a great country?
Have you ever found a Commie under your bed?
Ever found a Fascist under the bed?
Do you realize that not all Founding Fathers were perfect?
Do you realize that not all the Founding Father were bad?
Wonder why there are no Founding Mothers?
Do you know the difference between the Constitution and the Declaration of Independence?
Do you just want to get along, live, let live, make money, be normal, and do your thing?


Golly gee.  If you found that you agree with most of the above, then guess what?  You are a NORMAL American.  You are neither far left nor far right, but just right!  You are a rational individual who realizes that perhaps the center isn’t a bad place to be.

Yea, you’ve realized that we are a center – slightly right – nation. If you can identify with most of the questions above then you are bright enough to comprehend the fact that you cannot win an election with only liberals and cannot win one with only conservatives.

You can’t win an election with only Republicans and can’t win one with only Democrats.  And, you are smart enough to realize that Barack Obama is not all evil, nor was George W. Bush.