Where Is the Conservative Outrage?


What is going on in J. D. Hayworth’s mind?  Then again, anyone who hangs with Sheriff Joe, Andy Thomas, and that nasty little bunch of hard line extreme haters in Maricopa County really does not have much in the way of moral authority.

Where is the conservative outrage?

This is a perfect example of selective conservative outrage.  If you are not among the chosen elite then forget it.  You are chopped liver.  I gather the far right thinks this is funny.  Then again, there are those in the far right who are absolutely deplorable and need to have a reality check on what is decent and not.

This is a perfect example of how low the extreme right has gone, and how deplorable.  These are people who allegedly call themselves conservative and slobber at the altar of Reagan, but thumb their nose at him as they dump him under the bus. This has no place in GOP politics and anyone who thinks it is funny is a jerk!  When can we began slamming these people as Ron Paul Bots who are losertarians and have nothing to do with the GOP.  This “conservative” epitaph is such a crock.

When do WE get to purge the ranks of the GOP of  vile nasty people like this?  Yea, I know, the real problem is the fact most Republicans are cowering under their beds after having been subjected to the un-ending bullying from the likes of this and the far right talking heads.

One day we will have more Republicans like Lindsey who have the courage to call these people out and call them what they are!

…”Ads like this have no place in the Republican primary, and J.D. Hayworth should immediately take it down and apologize,” said Senate Minority Whip Jon Kyl, R-Ariz., a strong McCain ally.

The ad, which appeared on the widely read Internet news site the Drudge Report, apparently is a play on the science-fiction movie “Avatar,” which is up for Best Picture in Sunday’s Academy Awards ceremony. It shows McCain’s photo defaced with blue stripes and says, “John McCain: Nominee for Best Conservative Actor.”

“Ex-Congressman J.D. Hayworth should immediately apologize and and take down his latest online ad, which is an outrageous offense to John McCain’s lifetime of honorable service to our state and nation, and insulting to Native Americans here in Arizona and across America,” said Shiree Verdone, McCain’s campaign manager. “Mr. Hayworth is welcome to debate the challenges facing our state and nation, but this kind of character assassination has no place in the Republican Party, and Mr. Hayworth should ashamed of his campaign for running it.”

When asked for a response to Kyl’s complaint, Hayworth spokesman Jason Rose told AZ/DC: “We respectfully decline the request and would encourage Senator McCain to get a sense of humor. After all, if Sunday’s show did have an award for best election year flip-flopping and transparent conservative conversion, the incumbent would surely win the Oscar.”…”

This is probably the worst thing The Pink Flamingo has seen to date – as a political insult.

“...Helpfully, McCain’s campaign included a link to the ad, which had, indeed, been running on the top of the Drudge Report for about an hour. It features McCain, painted to look like a Navi’i warrior, from the movie “Avatar.” (Get it? Because the Oscars are coming up, and McCain is up for “best conservative actor” in the ad?) If they hadn’t done that, of course, it’s not clear anyone would have ever seen the image that got Kyl so worked up; I hadn’t, until I got the press release in my e-mail, and within about 10 minutes, it had been replaced on Drudge with a Netflix promo….Meanwhile, Hayworth advisor Jason Rose said the ad was “moving the needle” on fundraising. But in the first hour it was up on Drudge, Rose tells Salon, it brought in about $3,000. Sure, that’s only an hour, and McCain may well have helped promote the ad. But at that kind of fundraising pace, Hayworth should be competitive financially with McCain by 2015 — maybe 2014 if he really steps it up….”