Ron Paul Plans to Disrupt Southern GOP Leadership Conference


Ron Paul is packing the Southern Republican Leadership Conference with his vile, nasty, and vicious slobbering supporters who have nothing better to do with their time but denigrate good Republicans.  You gotta love it!  They are trying to push a RP win in the straw poll.  You gotta read this:

“...Subject: Help Support Dr. Paul in New Orleans (your eyes only!)
Date: Friday, March 5, 2010, 2:58 PM

Hey Guys!

So I am inviting you to work with C4L and to come support Dr. Paul once again! This time its April 8-11 and its in New Orleans, LA!
There is no need to volunteer for this, we are just asking for you to come out and help us in being apart of the and help support Dr. Paul!

We will have discounted tickets (so don’t buy the tickets through the link above!) which you can purchase within the next week!
I am personally asking you to help me in this as I consider you to be a friend and leader in this movement and could use your help in recruiting others!

Here is the deal I have for you (please keep this between us!):

Deeply Discounted ticket to this
Free Tshirt
Incentives: If you get 25 folks signed up your ticket is free!! (We will have promo codes on the SRLC C4L webpage- get those you recruit to put in your name so we can keep track of how many you get)
Upon supporting us, Dr. Paul will be holding a reception for supporters and attendees which will Dr. Paul and adult beverages!

Please let me know your availability and if you can help me in recruiting!
Thank you sincerely.

Please let me know if you can help me in this!…”


One thought on “Ron Paul Plans to Disrupt Southern GOP Leadership Conference

  1. ‘vicious and slobbering supporters’? Because that isn’t ‘vicious’ at all, is it?

    Funny, but I follow C4L and haven’t seen anything on it, and Ron Paul isn’t listed as a speaker or even ‘invited’ on the web site for the event. If he does decide to go, all others attending will have had months of organization before he got there.

    Discounting tickets so student supporters can attend is hardly like paying salaries of people to attend, as has been rumored to happen in the past, even if what you say is true. It seems to really upset you, though.

    P.S. I rarely slobber.

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