The “Mean Girl” Mentality of the Far Right


They claim to worship Ronald Reagan and William F. Buckley, but that is just a pretext.

The Far Right is now controlled by a group of people who are best compared to the teen movie “Mean Girls“. That’s what they are – mean girls.  Just plain mean, nasty, narcissistic, juvenile, childish, vindictive, annoying, and repulsive.

Can you imagine people who are so pathetic and so emotionally stunted that they cannot allow Republicans who are in office to exercise their freedom of speech, expression, and try to do what is right?

They are the Mean Girls – pathetic, plastic, and just a little bit silly.

They have a little club.  They sit together.  They talk together.  They giggle together.  They have specific words they use to make fun of others. They have their own version of slam books.  They dish.  They ponder, and they destroy.

The Mean Girls (half are boys) require absolute slavish devotion.
They require purity.
They require perfection
They require obedience.
They require devotion.
You must worship them.

You must play by their rules.
1. You cannot have a friend who is a liberal or a Democrat.
2. You cannot eat at the table with Democrats.
3. You cannot say nice things about Democrats.
4. You cannot “govern”.
5. You cannot violate their terms.
6. You cannot have an independent thought.
7. You must use the correct words.
8. You must think the things they tell you to think.
9. You cannot express yourself.
10. You cannot criticize them.
11. You cannot play with people they do not like.
12. You cannot say what you want to say.
13. You cannot defend those who have been cast out.
14. You must cast aside honor, decency if you wish to stay in their good graces.
15. You must be devoted.
16. You must be perfect.
17. You cannot speak ill of Ron Paul or Glenn Beck.
18. You must never ever ever cross Laura Ingraham or Michelle Malkin.
19. You must bow down and worship Glenn Beck.
20. You must do everything the tea party people tell you to do.
21. You must use the correct verbiage.
22. You must never never never violate any of these, or you will be cast out.

The fallen include:
Scott Brown
George W. Bush
Jim DeMint
Newt Gingrich
Lindsey Graham
Rudy Giuliani
Mike Huckabee
John McCain
Sarah Palin
Mitt Romney

The Pure include:
Joe Arpaio
Glenn Beck
Sean Hannity
J. D. Hayworth
Laura Ingraham
Rush Limbaugh
Michelle Malkin
R. S. McCain
(and he who must be worshiped) Ron Paul

Woe unto those who stray from the chosen path and express an independent thought, and actually live the Bill of Rights – such as freedom of speech.  Oh, unless one follows all the rules and worships properly, they have the right to remain silent.  If not, they become a RINO and must be destroyed.

Funny how these are the people who scream “liberty” and the Constitution.  Too bad they only believe in those terms for people they find pure and holy!