UPDATED: The Far Right Cult of Republican Submission


Have you heard of the The Far Right Cult of Republican Submission?

UPDATE: It appears Glenn Beck has finally angered his enablers on the far right.  Maybe there is a little hope these people can see through his lies and the idiocy of not using your own brain to think things through.


In a Newsweek piece, Michael Isikoff profiled Lindsey:

“...Tea-party activists in the state are even angrier. At town-hall meetings they boo Graham for his stands on the issues. But what really seems to drive them crazy is the idea that he could actually be personal friends with Democrats. This they see as nothing less than traitorous. McCain is his closest friend in the Senate. But Graham was an admirer of the late senator Ted Kennedy—though the two men disagreed about almost everything political—and counts John Kerry and Joe Lieberman as two of his closest colleagues….Graham struggles to maintain his country-lawyer equanimity when Republicans declare him guilty by association. “I’m not going to let anybody choose my friends,” he says. “If you don’t like Ted Kennedy, fine. I’m not asking you to like him. But you’re sure as hell not going to tell me I can’t like him. I don’t want to live my life that way.” …”At times, elements of the base have a mentality that ‘I can’t win if the other guy gets anything,’?” Graham laments. “It’s not enough that you agree with them on the issue. You have to hate the other side.” Graham can dine with Democrats and un-apologetically con–front the much-feared-at-the-moment tea partiers in part because he has the luxury of time. As the questions at the meeting in his office grew more hostile, Graham had finally had enough. If they didn’t like the way he was doing his job, he told his guests with an aw-shucks smile, they could vote him out of office. In 2014….”

If you follow politics and are intellectually honest, you might realize that there is a move afoot, from the Far Right, to destroy good honorable Republicans who are trying to “govern” and not grand-stand.  It does not matter how vicious the attack.  There are just some Republicans who are asking for it.

There are Republicans who just do not pay lip-service to the far right.  They are rational, and willing to work for the good of the country.

“…If this happens, Graham pledges to stand beside Obama in the president’s quest to shutter Guantánamo. “We will never win this war unless we understand the effect that Guantánamo Bay has had on our war effort,” said Graham Sunday, suggesting that the facility has become synonymous with torture – a key selling point of anti-American rhetoric in Islamic countries.

Charles Stimson, a former Pentagon detention official, told The Los Angeles Times that such a deal could work: “You are going to see national security hawks like me get out in front and support the administration and try to convince skeptics, members of the conservative caucus, that they need to get behind this.”

Graham’s past as a military lawyer puts him in a unique position to persuade Obama that military tribunals would offer sufficient rights to defendants and not merely be a kangaroo court.

“We need to win the war within our values system, but realize that this is a war,” said Graham, who has held hearings with Sen. John McCain (R) of Arizona to uncover and curtail the torture of detainees. “Detainee policy is hard, but we have to get it right.”…”

Take the Hayworth attack on John McCain.  With the exception of The Pink Flamingo, have you seen anyone defending McCain?

Unfortunately, Jim DeMint is now on his way from the column of conservative icon to RINO after he had the audacity to defend Lindsey Graham.  Oh, the pain.  Honor means nothing to the minions of the Far Right, only denigrating those who have been declared to be offensive.  DeMint had best take care, or he will soon be targeted by the extreme right.

What the extreme right is now starting to do to Jim DeMint is PROOF we are not talking about anything or anyone who is rational.  It is about an agenda of pure vicious hate, vitriol, destruction, and narcissistic self-interest.

It doesn’t matter what our good Republicans are trying to do, there will be someone from the Far Right waiting to destroy what that person is doing.  The Pink Flamingo can’t think of a better example than Lindsey.  What he is doing with the Obama Administration could end up in the history books.  Maybe that’s what the minions of perfection detest the most.  When the left begins to notice the attacks and the hate, then maybe it’s gone a little too far.

McCarthy wrote:

“…Top Obama advisers have been negotiating with Sen. Lindsey O. Graham (R-S.C.) — a vocal critic of trying the Sept. 11 suspects in civilian court — in pursuit of a deal that would secure his help in closing Guantanamo. Graham has sought the creation a legal framework that would spell out how the government would detain and try future captives, but an administration official warned that a “grand bargain” is not likely in the immediate future. The official, also speaking on the condition of anonymity, said the talks with Graham have been mostly about “limited issues” involving the Mohammed trial and the future of Guantanamo….”

Never mind this:

“…“I have advocated the closing of Guantanamo Bay if you can do it safely,” Graham said. Trying the suspects in tribunals “would give us a chance to close Guantanamo safely.” …”

The idea is to batter and bully a Republican into doing exactly what the irrationals want, no matter how honorable the Republican is, and no matter how the story is twisted, mis-represented, and maligned.  But – let a liberal do it to one of the precious conservative select and it is the end of the world as we know it.  Newsbusters and Britbart specialize in protecting good conservatives.  But, they never bother setting the record straight when it comes to good Republicans.  A good example of this was a hit post on David Horowitz’s site the other day taken from that repulsive piece from PJ Media about Lindsey.  You never saw anyone correct the record there.  Why?  Lindsey Graham, like John McCain, is evil and must be destroyed.

At Commentary, Max Boot wrote:

“…Graham’s grand bargain seems like a good one to me. He recognizes that the key issue is not the future of Gitmo — one holding facility — but the overall method by which detainees will be processed, held, and if necessary, tried. We need binding rules, and the best way to achieve them is through bipartisan consensus — assuming the Supreme Court would go along. If I had my druthers, I would suggest the deal include special National Security Courts within the federal judicial system, rather than military commissions, to try detainees, but that’s a small matter compared to the importance of denying high-level terrorist suspects the normal protections of the criminal-justice system….”

What Lindsey Really Said:

“…“It would be welcomed by the American people to the left who believe that we should use the law enforcement model that undermines intelligence, that’s dangerous. To people on the right, who espouse torture and doing away with the Geneva Convention, that hurts the war effort. There’s a better way and I think Khalid Sheikh Mohammad being brought back into military trial is a good start to find a way forward,” says Graham.Senator Graham appeared on Fox News on Friday from Washington. His office issued a statement saying that closing Guantanamo Bay safely is in U.S.  national security interests. This is a view shared by former President Bush and former Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice.

“You would not be able to close Guantanamo Bay by simply putting Khalid Sheikh Mohammad back into military court. You would have to have a legal system that allows the 48 people who the administration says are too dangerous to let go to have a statute that would deal with that situation, give them due process but recognize that under military law, they could be held without trial, ” Graham says.

He says shifting this 9-11 terror suspect to military trial still does not address his concerns that Congress and the Obama Administration should work together to create a legal system to deal with all of the problems related to the war on terror….”

You see, it isn’t about being pure.  It isn’t about doing what it right.  It is about being so tacky that a Republican might have the audacity to work with Democrats to do something that is right and honorable.  The Far Right threw honor, decency, and doing what is right for the country under the bus years ago.  NOTHING matters to them but the manipulation of Republicans, forcing them to goose-step, mind-meld, and lip-sync exactly what they should.

The Far Right Cult of Republican Submission has a few rules:

1.  Never express an opinion that is contrary to what Rush Limbaugh, Laura Ingraham, Sean Hannity, or Glenn Beck allows.

2.  Never speak to a Dem unless one is insulting them.

3.  Do not be friends with Democrats.

4.  Do not think out-side the extreme far right box.

5.  Do not speak ill of Ron Paul, even if you think he is a fool.

6.  Do not dare contradict Losertarians, Birchers, or Ron Paul Bots – they are all knowing.

7.  Never express an independent thought.

8.  Associate only with those who are “pure”.


One thought on “UPDATED: The Far Right Cult of Republican Submission

  1. “Take the Hayworth attack on John McCain. With the exception of The Pink Flamingo, have you seen anyone defending McCain?”

    Hey…what about me? I’ve been (proudly) defending McCain. There ARE some of us that are not stuck on stupid, you know.

    All teasing aside, they REALLY are after Graham…I had to turn off the radio when the sub for Prager went on and on about Graham, the Repulican “in name only.” Then he spent the next hour on illegal immigration.


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