The Mean Girls of the Far Right


By now anyone with half a brain knows that a Republican who dares step out of line must be destroyed.  There are people the Far Right  hates because they cannot be controlled.  The Pink Flamingo has been concentrating on Lindsey Graham simply because I know him, he is my friend, and I know the score.  I’ve been following the Far Right manipulation of Jim DeMint, using “Good” Republican verses “Evil” Republican Lindsey.  Now that DeMint has fallen out of favor for defending Lindsey, watch a pattern emerge.

We are dealing with a bunch of losertarians, John Birchers, and Far Right conservatives who are no different from those lovely little twits in the movie Mean Girls.  That is all they are.  They are the Mean Girls.  You do what they tell you to do.  You sit where they tell you to sit. You talk to those on their list.  You dress they way they want you to dress.  If you associate with someone they do not like, you are out.

They are the Mean Girls of the Far Right & Losertarians.

The Mean Girls must constantly batter, abuse, and betray.  They are a pack of angry chihuahuas, nipping at the heals of great men and women.  They never stop.  They never allow those who do  not bow and kiss their feet and the hem of their garments to succeed.

The other day The Pink Flamingo heard Ann Coulter discussing how the liberal media pick and chose who they plan to destroy.  I have news for you, so does the conservative media.

There is something really vile going on, and it has been for quite some time.  The inmates are running the asylum.

If you are a “conservative” you are NO LONGER ALLOWED to be friends with a Democrat.  The far right doesn’t like it.  Evidently they have turned into a bunch of petty dictators who do not allow Republicans to have the freedom of speech, intellecutal freedom, or freedom of assembly.  Evidently Republicans are only allowed to do what the extreme losertarian Ron Paul Bot dictators want them to do.

That is not freedom.

That is a dictatorship.

Then, if someone on the left defends a Republican, they are damned.

Evidently we are dealing with very little, very insecure individuals who are not capable allowing individual thought. We are dealing with people who are conservative but are not GOP, who do everything to slam Republicans like John McCain and Lindsey Graham who have minds of their own.

Michelle Malkin is one of the worst.  You disagree with her and you are chopped liver.  She, like others of her ilk, egged on, now, by Glenn Beck and the likes of Ann Coulter, refuse to allow Republicans to have thoughts of their own.  They must goose-step with what a hand-ful of extremists demand.

That is not freedom.

Have you checked out a Ron Paul Bot attack?

Erick Erikson is ticked with some of the normal versions of conservative.

Dennis Sanders of Republicans United Wrote:

“...My beef with Erickson and his ilk is that they have no interest in governing, in trying to solve national problems with conservative ideas. No, instead, they are interested in frontin’ , in striking a pose and yelling about the evils of big government, all the while doing nothing to actually shrink government. As Jonathan Rauch has said, this is all about George Wallace-style cultural resentment against the “elites” and nothing more. It might win a few elections here and there, but when things go bad, people want their government to do something, not just spout angry rhetoric….”

David Frum wrote the following:

“...If it were possible for two paragraphs to sum up everything that is wrong with the American conservative movement, these are them. The total indifference to policy and governance – the glib equation of ideological activists with “the people” – the assumption that conservatives just needed to “take over” and then all problems would spontaneously disappear  ….  it’s all on display. The suggestion that conservatives don’t need to legislate – or anyway don’t need to legislate anything much – is ignorant of history, ignorant of policy, ignorant of government. To their critics, the deregulation of oil and gas in the 1970s was “sweeping.” Ditto the deregulation of air, trucking and rail. Ditto the Reagan tax cuts. Ditto welfare reform. The problems ahead for conservatives will require even bigger action still. Do you want to balance the budget? You can’t do it without curbing the growth of Medicare and Medicaid, and that will take major reforms in both programs. How about a shift from unskilled to more skilled immigration? Not a small project. Concerned to protect the environment while enhancing U.S. energy security? That too will require legislation that some would call sweeping. On the other hand: If for you “limited government” is a slogan rather than a political project – If you are less eager to fix problems than to complain about them – If you see politics not as a search for agreed solutions, but as a theater for cultural clash: Then who cares whether Congress functions well or not? Your politics is about electioneering, not governance – about grievance, not responsibility…”