Resistance Is Futile


Any good Trekkie knows about the Borg.

Frank Schell has an excellent Human Events column about the death of civility and the rise of Barbarism.  The Pink Flamingo sees it as a narcissism “Me” thing, a lack of manners, and a lack of critical thinking.  It’s like herding cows to the slaughter, and  yes, I am talking about the slobbering, brain-dead right who are incapable of thinking for themselves.  They must be led, used, and manipulated.

“…It is hard to pinpoint the cause of this — whatever “this” is. How did our glutinous, self-absorbed, consumption-driven Me culture of self-display come about — where the discouraging word “enough” is rarely heard in the city or on the prairies? We cannot just blame Bill Clinton, who might argue about the meaning of this “this,” and it’s not only about some on Wall Street who took excessive and unwise risks. Decades from now, historians will assess and label our uncivil times. They may write about runaway narcissism and acquisitive vulgarity — unless the historians are barbarians, too….”

Barbarians, like to hate and do not use their brains for much of anything but kill, grunt, squat, and fornicate. They have a tendency (if you are a student of history) to over-run civilizations who are not capable of changing and fighting them head-on.

There are idiots on the far right who do not comprehend the fact that we are in a very serious war against Islamic terror. We are involved in a long-term war that needs long-term tactics, not short term ones. We must learn to adapt or be defeated.

“…The South Carolina Republican, who has been negotiating with the Obama administration to close Gitmo, wants to ease the burden on judges, who must decide how to release prisoners once they’re determined not to be enemy combatants.

“The only reason they haven’t been released in the United States is because the judges have been patient with the government,” Graham said on Fox News last night. “And they’re begging Congress to help them. The judges in these habeas cases have said Congress needs to write some rules to deal with this situation.” Graham says released detainees should be transferred to the Department of Homeland Security until they can be sent to another country.  “What I think we ought to do, any time a judge grants a habeas petition, we ought to have a place to put that detainee under Homeland Security control so they’re not released on the streets of the United States, giving us time to find a place to put them,” Graham said….”

We are fighting a barbaric enemy like the Borg.  They constantly change and adapt.  The only way we an avoid being over-run by their barbarism is to change and adapt.  The problem is the fact that there are some palo-cons who are so full of hate about their own that they are incapable of comprehending that we are going to need to change tactics.

“…Graham says after talking with captured Al Qaeda operatives in Iraq and Afghanistan and with Gen. Petreaus that he’s been convinced “beyond a doubt”  that Gitmo is used as a recruiting tool by terrorists. His vision for a facility on U.S.soil, likely in Thomson, Ill., is on that is as transparent and open to the press as possible. “It should be everything the image of Gitmo is not,” he says. He has no doubts that the facility would be safe, arguing that the U.S. military successfully detained 400,000 German prisoners during World War II. “The Nazis were choir boys?” he asked, incredulously. “Give me a break.”…”

We don’t need ill-informed haters using their version of the “truth” in a self-serving way to raise money to promote their version of hate against good Republicans.  The usual sources are now claiming that Lindsey’s version of indefinite detention will include holding US Citizens without charges and indefinitely  This is simply NOT true.

“...Primarily, the system Graham is designing is set up for handling the Obama administration’s so-called “Fifth Category” of detainees that a Justice Department task force recommended against charging and releasing. “What do you do with them? What type of system do you have to hold them indefinitely?” Bishop said. “What type of system do you establish where we can ensure that we’re looking back at their cases; that we are holding them; we still determine that they are enemy combatants; they’re too dangerous to release; but we also aren’t going to try them in either a military or a civilian court. So there has to be a system for that, and that’s why Senator Graham is looking for a legal framework.”

Bishop said that Graham was not considering holding any American citizen indefinitely without charge — something that Graham’s close allies, Sens. John McCain (R-Ariz.) and Joe Lieberman (I-Conn.), included in their recent detention proposal. “You can’t hold an American citizen indefinitely in that kind of status,” Bishop said….”


There is a very serious problem building in conservative ranks. It is not about conservatives itself. It has nothing to do with Ronald Reagan or William F. Buckley. It is about the fact that a cult appears to be growing, feeding on itself, and exhibiting the action of a cult.

Case in point. Barrett Brown writes of Robert Stacy McCain:

“…A fellow editor at the Washington Times once characterized McCain as “an ill-tempered racist who sat on the other side of my desk for many years and carried on loud telephone conversations almost every day full of racist and ultra-right comments, and often got into loud verbal fights with both reporters and editors in the newsroom.” McCain admits to having in the past carried on a long association with William White, the neo-Nazi writer and activist who threatened blogger Charles Johnson and harassed columnist William Pitts — and whose articles have appeared in The Washington Times. Indeed, to be singled out at the Times for being a racist is a hell of a thing; even the former managing editor’s wife has gone public with her assertions that blacks are born with collectively lower IQs than whites, and is otherwise tied to a variety of white supremacist organizations and outlets. All in all, McCain is simply more apt to find himself tied in some way to any given racist than is the average Joe except in such case as the average Joe is a racist like Robert Stacy McCain.

Even then, the problem with McCain and those who have joined him in stripping the conservative movement bare of dignity is not one of racism, but of incompetence. A political movement can survive the deserved enmity of a few ethnic groups; it cannot survive more than a couple guys running around threatening newspapermen to duels or whatever the fuck is going on these days….”

The Cult does not stop to examine anything at times but their own nasty little agenda.  There is an irrational side to some of these people.  The problem is they have a miniscuel following which is augmented by a “presence” online.  The whole idea is to turn their pathetic little presence into a glorious career and copy uber hater Michelle Malkin.  There are people who have managed to take their creepy little vision of what THEY think this country should be, and ram it down everyone else’s throat.  That is NOT freedom.  They do not comprehend that they are as nasty and as dangerous and Nancy Pelosi and Barack Obama.

This is sick stuff.

The internet has made much of this possible because of the pathetic little twerps who can magnify themeselves into something they are not.  These social rejects find followers and other social rejects and then demand WE scrape and bow to them.  They are so irrational that they do not comprehend that freedom allows people to have thoughts, minds, and ideas of their own – even elected officials.

If I were not so disgusted with them, I would feel sorry for them.


2 thoughts on “Resistance Is Futile

  1. Flamingo, you enjoy throwing around insults about my site here. Why not try using your “logic” over at my page? You can tell all us “brain dead” conservatives how we’re wrong. Don’t be a liberal weenie…I hope you are better than that. Libs are great at calling names but never tell us how we’re wrong.


  2. I find remarkable the fact that someone can trash an honorable and decent man or woman simply because they do not agree with them politically, writing abjectly dishonest and dishonorable things about them. The “Angry White Dude” thinks The Pink Flamingo is a “liberal” because I find his take on Lindsey to be vile, reprehensible, and disgusting. Evidently there is something wrong with ME for defending a person I consider to be a friend. Golly, go figure. Since when did honor become something “liberal”?

    I find that men and women who denigrate honorable men like Lindsey and do not have the courage to use their real name on a nasty post like yours to be pathetic and sad, and very very little – shamefully little. It is okay to go around saying things that are not true about good and honorable Republicans, as long as you can hide behind an epitaph and cower behind a nom de plume. Lindsey has been to the war zones, putting himself in danger, yet there are those who criticize him who don’t even have the courage to blog under their own name.

    Just who is the coward?

    Once upon a time, just a year or two ago, The Pink Flamingo was considered conservative. There are aspects of the right that have gone so far astray that they are simply making fools of themselves demanding everyone march to their drummer and to be abjectly pure. Ronald Reagan would not even pass your litmus test for being conservative. Guess what, I remember Reagan. I ran our county GOP headquarters when he was running the 1st time. I am 100% Republican. I believe in limited government, as few taxes as possible, very strong national security, a strong national space program, and fighting the war on terror. I do not believe in abortion and consider life to be sacred. If that makes me a liberal to you, then so be it.

    I find the duplicity of certain elements of the right to be repulsive. If someone says the right thing, uses the right words, and allows certain people to think for them and pull their strings then they are good and pure. Honorable, decent, patriotic men like Lindsey who think for themselves are evil and must be destroyed. Sorry, but I find that version of conservative to be abjectly S-T-U-P-I-D. It is short sighted and makes those who demand purity look like a bunch of slobbering Borg.

    I was a strong Republican majority in the House and Senate to defeat Obama and the out of control Dems. I want reasonable and honorable men and women in office. I do not consider Ron Paul a reasonable or honorable person. I feel the same way about Tom Tancredo, Rand Paul, and anyone who supports them. I have no patience for libertarians. I consider them abject cowards who refuse to protect and serve this country, then have the audacity to slam men like Lindsey who have served in the Air Force for 30 years. Go figure who is the coward?

    I am a Republican. I know to people like you, I am “liberal”, but I find such epitaphs to be rather absurd. Thing is, there are a few of us who are fed up with the audacity and prevarications of the far right, and their attacks on our Republicans. I am here in Tombstone while I write this, maybe 200 feet away from the OK Corral. That’s about how I feel. I no longer put up with the lies of the far right, and their abjectly refusal to look at facts in a critical and thinking manner. There is more to life than reactions, titles, devotion, and slogans.

    As someone who is “conservative” I hold conservatives to a higher standard than I do liberals. Perhaps that is my real problem. Conservatives are no different from liberals. Some are good. Some are bad. Some are honest and some are not. Honorable liberals and honorable conservatives comprehend the fact that not everyone who uses a label is good or bad. There are just as many so called conservative sources that are just as reprehensible as liberal sources. If a conservative does not have the intellectual honesty to admit that they might not be right about everything and liberals might not be wrong about everything then they are abject fools.

    My very real problem with the far right is the sourcing and refusal to examine sources and origins of sources. As a historian and a biographer I am only as good as my footnotes and my references, which I CANNOT take at face value. If so, and I cite an invalid reference then my work is rendered invalid. I expect the same thing with political sourcing. I find the great bulk of so called “far right” hard core conservative sources cannot hold up under scrutiny. When people refuse to examine their sources then they are obviously unsure of them. You fill find that I do not cite World Net Daily, and 99% of the time do not cite Newsmax. When I do i mention that I consider it questionable. I do not like to use the WTimes because I find it as biased as the NYTimes. The Cato Institute has an agenda that is very much anti-Republican.

    I have this rather old-fashioned idea that honor is important. I expect men and women of honor to be treated that way. If not, then I want to know why. I am simply tired of having people who appear to be incapable of critical thinking denigrating our good Republicans.


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