Have You Heard of Dr. Pedophile?


While Obama was pontificating, FOX was doing the idiot Tea Party Thing, and CPAC was slumming with Birchers, the worst child abuse case in history was cracked.

It could be the tip of the iceberg – Pediatric Pedophilia

FOX  is (not) covering it, save for a few journalists like Joan Crawford and Howard Rosenberg.

On Monday, the Deleware AG charged Dr. Earl Bradley with 571 counts of child abuse.

“...The Bradley case may be the worst in history, but it is not an aberration. Our investigation for the CBS Evening News With Katie Couric has revealed that dozens of pediatricians, in towns and cities across the country, have been arrested for sexually molesting child patients. In the last decade alone, at least 20 pediatricians were charged—often years after initial complaints were made. And those are the criminal cases. Most complaints, child advocates say, never get past state medical boards.

Just last year, for example, Alabama pediatrician Michael Roy Sharpe was charged with raping a patient, a teenage girl. He had previously been fired from two Tennessee hospitals for sexual misconduct, but he was never disciplined by medical boards and no charges were ever filed. Instead, he left the state with a clean record and set up a pediatrics practice in Alabama. Since his arrest, several other children have come forward to say they, too, were sexually abused.

Sharpe is in jail without bond facing state charges of rape and federal charges for possession of child pornography, and he surrendered his license to practice medicine in Alabama.

Child advocates like Dr. Eli Newberger, a professor at Harvard Medical School, compare pediatric pedophilia to the priest scandal that rocked the Catholic Church. People trust their pediatricians instinctively, he says, and simply cannot process the idea that they could abuse children….olleagues of Dr. Robert Marion in South Carolina, for example, allegedly heard complaints about him abusing children, but they simply asked him to leave the practice. He moved into another office in the same building and kept many of his same patients. Patients had no clue about his predatory behavior until he was charged with abusing four children.

“If the perpetrator is one of their colleagues and the reporting would ruin that man’s life and career, they would much sooner not report, even if it endangered children,” Newberger said….One lawyer for the parents, Bruce Hudson, told us, “The best estimate I’ve heard from the authorities is over a thousand,” referring to the number of children who may have been abused by Bradley during his career. For parents, that’s terrifying. They have no idea when the phone call will come from the police, telling them their child is a victim or has been seen on videotape.”