Is Honor and Far Right a Contradiction in Terms?


I find remarkable the fact that someone can trash an honorable and decent man or woman simply because they do not agree with them politically, writing abjectly dishonest and dishonorable things about them. The “Angry White Dude” thinks The Pink Flamingo is a “liberal” because I find his take on Lindsey to be vile, reprehensible, and disgusting. Evidently there is something wrong with ME for defending a person I consider to be a friend. Golly, go figure. Since when did honor become something “liberal”?

I find that men and women who denigrate honorable men like Lindsey and do not have the courage to use their real name on a nasty post like yours to be pathetic and sad, and very very little – shamefully little. It is okay to go around saying things that are not true about good and honorable Republicans, as long as you can hide behind an epitaph and cower behind a nom de plume. Lindsey has been to the war zones, putting himself in danger, yet there are those who criticize him who don’t even have the courage to blog under their own name.

Just who is the coward?

The problem is, the extreme far right, many of whom are losertarians and Ron Paul Bots, are not after just Lindsey Graham.  They are after John McCain, Newt Gingrich, Tom Coburn, Mike Huckabee, Mitt Romney, George W. Bush, Rudy Giuliani, and any politician who does not scrape and bow to them.  It is reaching the point where they are starting to be nothing more than the little people who cried wolf.  With luck, they will soon be reaching the point where NO ONE believes them because they are so irrational with their hate and their pettiness.

Once upon a time, just a year or two ago, The Pink Flamingo was considered conservative. There are aspects of the right that have gone so far astray that they are simply making fools of themselves demanding everyone march to their drummer and to be abjectly pure. Ronald Reagan would not even pass your litmus test for being conservative. Guess what, I remember Reagan. I ran our county GOP headquarters when he was running the 1st time. I am 100% Republican. I believe in limited government, as few taxes as possible, very strong national security, a strong national space program, and fighting the war on terror. I do not believe in abortion and consider life to be sacred. If that makes me a liberal to you, then so be it.

I find the duplicity of certain elements of the right to be repulsive. If someone says the right thing, uses the right words, and allows certain people to think for them and pull their strings then they are good and pure. Honorable, decent, patriotic men like Lindsey who think for themselves are evil and must be destroyed. Sorry, but I find that version of conservative to be abjectly S-T-U-P-I-D. It is short sighted and makes those who demand purity look like a bunch of slobbering Borg.

I was a strong Republican majority in the House and Senate to defeat Obama and the out of control Dems. I want reasonable and honorable men and women in office. I do not consider Ron Paul a reasonable or honorable person. I feel the same way about Tom Tancredo, Rand Paul, and anyone who supports them. I have no patience for libertarians. I consider them abject cowards who refuse to protect and serve this country, then have the audacity to slam men like Lindsey who have served in the Air Force for 30 years. Go figure who is the coward?

I am a Republican. I know to people like you, I am “liberal”, but I find such epitaphs to be rather absurd. Thing is, there are a few of us who are fed up with the audacity and prevarications of the far right, and their attacks on our Republicans. I am here in Tombstone while I write this, maybe 200 feet away from the OK Corral. That’s about how I feel. I no longer put up with the lies of the far right, and their abjectly refusal to look at facts in a critical and thinking manner. There is more to life than reactions, titles, devotion, and slogans.

As someone who is “conservative” I hold conservatives to a higher standard than I do liberals. Perhaps that is my real problem. Conservatives are no different from liberals. Some are good. Some are bad. Some are honest and some are not. Honorable liberals and honorable conservatives comprehend the fact that not everyone who uses a label is good or bad. There are just as many so called conservative sources that are just as reprehensible as liberal sources. If a conservative does not have the intellectual honesty to admit that they might not be right about everything and liberals might not be wrong about everything then they are abject fools.

My very real problem with the far right is the sourcing and refusal to examine sources and origins of sources. As a historian and a biographer I am only as good as my footnotes and my references, which I CANNOT take at face value. If so, and I cite an invalid reference then my work is rendered invalid. I expect the same thing with political sourcing. I find the great bulk of so called “far right” hard core conservative sources cannot hold up under scrutiny. When people refuse to examine their sources then they are obviously unsure of them. You fill find that I do not cite World Net Daily, and 99% of the time do not cite Newsmax. When I do i mention that I consider it questionable. I do not like to use the WTimes because I find it as biased as the NYTimes. The Cato Institute has an agenda that is very much anti-Republican.

I have this rather old-fashioned idea that honor is important. I expect men and women of honor to be treated that way. If not, then I want to know why. I am simply tired of having people who appear to be incapable of critical thinking denigrating our good Republicans.


2 thoughts on “Is Honor and Far Right a Contradiction in Terms?

  1. Oh, I see. You equate military service with honor. I’m sure you also hold Jimmy Carter (Naval Academy graduate), John Murtha and John McCain with such honor. I’m not against Graham because of his military service. In fact, I thank him for his service. But it doesn’t give him a lifetime pass for his actions.

    Does it not bother you Graham is currently working with Obama and Charles Schumer to pass amnesty for illegals? Or working with John Kerry to pass Cap and Trade? The people of South Carolina are very much against both of those legislation. Schumer and Kerry are, in case you don’t know, two of the most liberal Democrats in the Senate. If you are fine with that, you are indeed a liberal. It’s OK, you can come out of your closet….lots of people pretend to be Republicans. Myself, I find no honor in working with the enemy…and that is what I consider Democrats.


  2. I do not understand the need for absolute political perfection. I would loath to be associated with someone who required 100% purity and lock-step slobbering devotion.

    There was only one perfect person, and He was Crucified.

    I don’t mind if far right people like you call me liberal. You get your undies in a wad when I mention that you are part of the drooling far right. Funny how you can sling mud and epitaphs and that is okay.

    You are a perfect example of the irrational far right. There is no reasoning with extremists. There isn’t much difference between a far right extremist and a far left extremist – only the little boxes where you check off beliefs.

    My mother has a saying. A wise man changes his mind, but a fool, never. Right now I do not have time to even discuss rational topics with a closed mind. A person could shove factual accuracy in your face and unless it meets you version of “truth” then it is not true, even if it is factually accurate. I detest zealots be them religious, sports, or political. Zealots are the ones who end up destroying other people in order to prove how perfect they actually are. It is rather sad, but then we are dealing with very little, pathetic humans who have no quality for compassion or a desire to see any side but their own.

    Pathetic – actually.

    In other words, you would castigate and denigrate Ronald Reagan today as a liberal. So be it. I’ll take my stand with Reagan, and you can go worship the likes of Glenn Beck and Ron Paul.


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