You Know That Social Security “Lock Box” Ummm What About Obamacare $$$$$?


Reason #2 for not passing Obamacare – That Great Social Security Lock Box!

My father and I have been doing a back and forth about Social Security.  The Pink Flamingo wishes to go on record that I think Social Security is a crock, a con, a pyramid scheme, and cannot possibly continue.  If I had my way anyone who was born after 1950 would NOT be able to collect what they paid in, but would receive considerable tax incentives to make up for it.

Let’s face it.  Social Security is broke.  It cannot possibly continue.  Every Baby Boomer knows it.  Let’s just be merciful and shoot the beast in the head and put it our of our misery.

Anyone born before 1950 should collect their “due”, but no one else.  Let it die a natural death.

We all know the House and Senate cannot be trusted not to spend a “lock box”.  (Picture The Pink Flamingo at rummage sale at Louis Vuitton and you get the picture).

If the worst happens and the Dems do a cultural and political suicide thing and pass Obamacare, they are promising that for “X” number of years that money will be saved – put in a “Lock Box” to help pay for Obamacare in the future.

Yea, right – and I’m going to fit into a size 2 next week.

It ain’t a gonna happen!

Do you really think those little sticky flying fickled finger of fate members of the House and Senate are going to let all those luscious hundreds of billions in a “lock box” go untouched?

Give me a break already yet.

The moment our backs are turned they are going to find a crises and start spending all that “medical insurance” money.

If Social Security is any example of what the Dems are going to do with Obamacare, let’s just say no!