We’re Falling and We Can’t Get Up?


There are times when one must stop and examine a scam.  If it sounds too good, it probably is.  If someone is pushing something quickly, it is a con.  Then again, what about motives?

We all know something isn’t quite “kosher” when it comes to Obamacare.  Something isn’t kosher at all – either that or the average Democrat has about as much of a backbone as a jellyfish.  A jellyfish might have more of a backbone than your average Democrat.

Votes are changing faster than the New Mexico weather as “No” becomes yes.   They are doing anything to change votes.

Either that or the Dems are now “governing” by bribe, threat, blackmail, etc.  Malkin is reporting that the White House has made a deal with pro-life Dems, which basically amounts to a bribe.   They appear to no longer even care what is right or what is wrong.

We are now being told that this is going to be an up and down vote, eliminating at least one Constitutional confrontation.

Is the bill Constitutional?  The Pink Flamingo thinks it is not.  Mitch McConnell thinks it is not.

That’s the rub.

What causes people to betray what they believe?

What causes men and women to turn their back on their jobs, on the people who elected them, and go against their wishes?

Does absolute power corrupt absolutely, or is something else afoot?

When you eliminate the impossible, then ….?

What if….

What if those erstwhile Dems who are voting for this bill are going to be rejected by 50% of their voters?

Something is not smelling well….

There are two lovely possibilities:

1.  The Dems know the bill will be shot down by the SCOTUS.  Ergo, they are going to vote for it and appeal to their liberal base.  They get their vote, and know the law will never stand up to the rule of the Constitution.


2.  Someone is doing something so dirty the rank and file Dem is absolutely terrified not to vote for it.

Yea…. I like #1, too.