Is There a Far Right Agenda to Destroy Rational Republicans?


The Pink Flamingo is well aware that this constant harping on the far right and the losertarian agenda against the GOP is getting old. The problem is no one else appears to be at least attempting to hold the far right accountable for their outrageous lies and their agenda against the GOP.

The Left – LIBERALS (not progressives) have an agendaWe all know that.  We all know what they are about.  They are the sludge below the pond scum.  The problem is no one bothers examining the agenda and the motivations.  They problem is the fact that there is an agenda that has nothing to do with conservative values, Reagan, and making our country better.

We all know the left really doesn’t care what they do or how they do it.  But – how many people actually comprehend the fact that there is an agenda behind some of the hate and the material that is circulated online.  The unfortunate part is it makes its way into the mainstream via idiots like Glenn Beck and some of the far right haters FOX loves to use.

You see it in Hot Air, where the puppetmasters call the shots.  The moment “immigration reform” is mentioned, the usual sources, including Malkin, begin pumping out their usual hate, mis-representations, lies, and lick the feet of their handlers from Numbers USA and FAIR.

The far right is PURE so they can lie, mis-represent, and say anything they like.  Case in point is Skip MacLure’s idiocy at The Next Right.

“...Lindsey Graham is the poster child for everything that is anathema to Conservative Republicans and most Independents as well. With an oily, slithering ‘let’s make a deal’ attitude with very little principled moral compass behind him, Graham has made a career thumbing his nose at his Conservative brethren. Time after time ingratiating himself with liberals and advancing their agenda in the face of opposition from his ‘own’ party, continually aligning himself with other liberal (moderate) elements in the Republican party and using the ‘mantle’ of Republican for political cover. So much so that he has been censured by the Conservative-loyal Republican party in his own home state, “for many of the positions he has taken that do not represent the people of South Carolina”.

Among the more spectacular buffoonery Graham has pulled was to align himself with the treasonous John (Swiftboat) Kerry, to push for the economy and back-breaking Cap and Trade legislation so sought after by the leftist Obama administration. Graham is another one who has bought into the fakery and faux secular religion of global warming / climate change.

Graham is also remembered for memberships in both the gang of ten and the gang of fourteen wit that great thumb-in-the-eye RINO John McCain, thwarting the aims of their own party leadership time after time and giving victory to opponents. Does anybody remember Graham supporting TARP? I do. His pro illegal alien stance is also another in his long list of perfidy. The party can do nothing finer than to isolate this snake oil vendor, and all like him, until they can be voted out of office….”

Now, the dirty little secret?  You may be surprised to find that some of these PURE conservatives are not conservatives at all, but are libertarians losertarians, who slobber their worship at the feet of Ron Paul.  They do not want to see Republicans winning.

They have thrown Reagan under the bus.  You know the ones – they declare that John McCain needs to go.  They think Mitt Romney is too liberal, make nasty remarks bout Mike Huckabee, consider Newt Gingrich a traitor and want all military actions we are fighting in the war on terror to cease.  They are the ones who still bad mouth George W. Bush.

NO ONE is good enough for them but Ron Paul.  Problem is, few of them will actually say anything about that.  They are the John Birchers William F. Buckley warned us about.

These people are petty.  They are irrational, immature and emotionally stunted.  They do not comprehend rational adult behavior.  They are all or nothing petty satraps who are just a little bit buggy in the head. They are bullies.  I wouldn’t be surprised to discover they are abusers in real life, either.  That is how they act online and politically.

Yep – meet the Tea Partiers.


One thought on “Is There a Far Right Agenda to Destroy Rational Republicans?

  1. Watching Conservatives destroy themselves has been the most entertaining political occurrence in my lifetime.

    We really are witnessing a cultural turning point, and it can’t happen soon enough.

    Conservatives have been relegated to low information elderly voters, who are likely investigating politics (albeit, in a shallow way) for the first time. their lack of experience in these discussions, and how to go about politics has become a liability for the movement.

    Old people, and their childlike thinking is what is killing the Conservative movement.

    You have the audacity to paint Libertarians as emotionally stunted (which they generally are), and then you go on to act just like the Conservative stereotype. The irony is lost on you.

    Keep up the goodwork.

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