How to Lose in 2010



  1. Be Positive
  2. Stay Positive
  3. No Trashing
  4. Be Nice
  5. Do Not Be Stupid
  6. Remember Who the Enemy Is
  7. Quit Callling Obama a Commie
  8. Pray for Obama
  9. Pray for Our Country
  10. Ditch the Purity Clause!

Cut the trash talk.

You are starting to sound like the Dems when GWB was in office.

It is absolutely no use hurling epitaphs like “socialist”, “commie”, “communist”, etc. at the Dems.  They are liberals.  They are doing what liberals do, celebrating what liberals believe.

It is US vs. THEM, but they are no more out to destroy the country that Dick Cheney was.

It’s like those old Spy Vs. Spy cartoons in Mad Magazine.  No one wins.

You want to win in 2010?

  1. Be positive
  2. Have a positive agenda
  3. Talk about the economy
  4. Talk about deficit spending
  5. Highlight the abuses of power from the Dems
  6. Come up with something good to do
  7. “Hope for Change” in your pocket
  8. Don’t spend all your time repealing Ocare – reform it
  9. Be sweetness and light in a Reagan manner
  10. Talk national security
  11. Jobs
  12. Remember – it’s the economy stupid!

Quit trashing Obama.
Quit trashing Nancy Pelosi
Quit trashing Harry Reid.

We survived Roosevelt, Carter, Johnson, and Clinton.  We will survive this – and be better for it.

Hit ’em on corruption.

Remember – absolute power corrupts absolutely.

If we do not have a positive agenda, we lose – big.  Remember, Newt on in 1994 because of his positive agenda.

Quit bad mouthing Obama with nothing but hate.   He is not trying to destroy the country.  He’s not this Manchurian Muslim.  He’ s a very flawed person, highly incompetent.  Go after the incompetence.

Go after the spending.

Remember to end every meeting, etc praying for Obama!  Be nice.  Be so nice we turn the Dems into diabetics.

Court the press but remember THEY are the REAL enemy.


Quit denigrating Republicans who you feel are less than perfect.  There was only one perfect man, ever, and He was crucified.


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