UPDATED: Minuteman Civil Defense Corps Rides Into Sunset


This is just a heck of a lot of fun.  Sit back and enjoy the show.  It is a classic!

The Pink Flamingo has learned that The Minutemen Civil Defense Corps is riding off into the sunset.  It is appropriate, then to use a thumbnail from a Cochise County sunset, I took a few years ago.

There’s more here than meets the eye.  The Pink Flamingo will be covering the story in depth later this evening.

I do wonder if indictments are on the horizon…..?



“….The Minuteman Civil Defense Corps is no more. The Arizona Daily Star’s got the scoop on the story here. But there’s another armed group floating around down on the border (I mean, besides the Sinaloans). Federal agents have received complaints from hunters in Southern Arizona of being accosted by armed white men in camouflage who told the hunters they are with the Department of Homeland Security, sources say. They weren’t affiliated with the Minuteman Civil Defense Corps, but law enforcement doesn’t know yet who is driving this group, what their members are like, and what their motives are.

After the hunter incident last month, sources say the U.S. Border Patrol confronted the group: “They interviewed them, they denied everything, of course,” my source says. “But yeah, those bastards are out there now.” The incident was reported in Arizona’s Pima County, down towards Sierrita Mountain Road off Ajo Way….”

As of this posting, the Minutman PAC was still accepting contributions.  The main web site is still up.  There is news that the anti-immigration organizations are not bringing in as much money as they once were.

Ironically, J. D. Hayworth was in Sierra Vista the other day.  The Pink Flamingo was going to ignore the fact that only 180 people in what is an extremely conservative county bothered to show up for the meet & great at the Golden Corral. Now, knowing the behind the scenes action, the low turn-out is indicative that something is going on in the anti-immigration world, and The Pink Flamingo finds it rather humorous.  Last week Carmen Mercer sent out the following email.

“…“We have a zero tolerance for any and all violations of our border and we will forcefully engage, detain, and defend our lives and country from the criminals who trample over our culture and laws.”…”

Allegedly this is all about some insane email Carmen Mercer sent out a few days ago.

“...Just days after a terse and alarming “call to arms” message was sent out to members of the Minuteman Civil Defense Corps (MCDC), President Carmen Mercer of Tombstone, Arizona issued another more startling follow-up email to members: “we are dissolving the corporation.”

No big surprise there. The national organization had ceased operating on the border in Arizona, Texas and New Mexico in the last twelve months and only California continued regularly scheduled border watches and still does. Co-founder Chris Simcox left the group about 1 year ago to run for the Senate against John McCain and handed the reigns over to Ms. Mercer and former National Director Al Garza, who left shortly after Simcox himself. Chris had his own issues after accusations of financial impropriety (still unproved) rocked the group to its core and caused several schisms in the leadership; a snowball effect that took two years to complete the downhill slide….”

The group, which has alligations of financial problems, etc. has allgedly disbanded.  According to the AZ Star

“...On March 16, Mercer sent an e-mail urging members to come to the border “locked, loaded and ready” and urged people to bring “long arms.” She proposed changing the group’s rules to allow members to track illegal immigrants and drug smugglers instead of just reporting the activity to the Border Patrol. Mercer said she received a more feverish response than she expected and decided the group couldn’t shoulder the responsibility and liability of what could occur, she said. “People are ready to come locked and loaded, and that’s not what we are all about,” Mercer said. “It only takes one bad apple to destroy everything we’ve done for the last eight years.”…”

Like an infomertial, there is more!

“…Mercer, however, said hundreds of people were ready to come to the border after her call to arms. She cancelled the event scheduled for this weekend because neither she or Simcox could oversee the events to make sure nobody broke the law. Mercer works seven days a week running her Tombstone restaurant and Simcox declined to return to supervise the event because he’s committed to J.D. Hayworth’s campaign for U.S. Senate, she said.

“Without a leader and a full time staff of sector chiefs to supervise, I cannot take the liability and will not put landowners in that position,” Mercer wrote in the email announcing the end of the corporation.

Mercer said people will continue to conduct border watches, even with the group dissolving. In her email announcing the end of the group, Mercer encouraged group members to continue in the cause.
“It is up to each individual now. You will do what you personally feel is right. You may still go to the border but you are either on your own or you can try to find another group to associate with — you do so at your own risk,” Mercer wrote. “I hope you continue as independent Minutemen, you are needed; we are needed to save this country.”…”


“…”I’m afraid that for many citizens, the passing of health care against the will of the people and now indications that Obama will try to pass amnesty may be the straw that will break the spirit, or may be the straw that ignites frustration that we, as an organization, may not be able to manage or contain.”
“This organization has grown too big for its own good; or rather, the problem has grown too big and serious for us to manage. I predict soon the violence will spill over the border (it already is) and I predict Americans, on their own, will lock, load and do what the feckless cowards in Washington refuse to do.”…” (NOTE:  This comes from World Nut Daily, so…)

From the SPLC, which has more of Mercer’s email:

“…President Obama and John McCain have left us no choice – this March we return to the border locked, loaded and ready to stop each and every individual we encounter along the frontier that is now more dangerous than the frontier of Afghanistan,” Mercer wrote in part. “This operation will not be for the faint of heart. MCDC volunteers will work under an entire different SOP [standard operating procedure]; we will approach our duty as citizens as we should – we have a zero tolerance for any and all violations of our border and we will forcefully engage, detain, and defend our lives and country from the criminals who trample over our culture and laws. Long arms will be allowed and frankly, encouraged.”…”


According to Glenn Spencer, fellow resident of Cochise County, and founder of the American Border Patrol, the Simcox-Mercer bunch are broke.  Simcox today said the membership was as high as ever, at 12,000, but Spencer says otherwise.


In August, Carman Mercer, the current president of the allegedly defunct organization was named in a rather strange suit from Arizona’s AG.  According to The Feathered Bastard:

“...Currently, there are allegations of con-artistry, against Carmen Mercer, President and CEO of Minuteman Civil Defense Corps, who took over from Chris Simcox, aka “the Little Prince” earlier this year when he decided to run as a really, really dark horse candidate against U.S. Senator John McCain in the 2010 Republican primary.

Simcox’s tenure as MCDC honcho was plagued by claims — mainly from his fellow minutemen — of financial shenanigans. Now, Arizona Attorney General Terry Goddard is alleging that minutewoman Mercer is part of a property tax scam, which the AG says was bilking victims out of $189 a pop for a property-tax reduction that the scammers could not make good on.

Goddard’s office says both it and county assessors across Arizona have received hundreds of complaints on the alleged con. As a result, Goddard’s filed suit against the parties he says are involved, which include Mercer, the “owner of the Post Office box included in the solicitation,” according to a Friday press release from the AG’s office.

The AG’s statement quotes Pete Zegarac, the head inspector from the Phoenix Division of the Postal Inspection Service as asserting that, “This scheme was especially insidious because the deadline to appeal to have your property taxes reduced for 2009 has passed. There was no way the company could fulfill their claims…”

Ironically, the MCDC Web site currently has some article screaming about “fraud and abuse” on the part of “unlawful immigrants.” There’s nothing on the Web site about Mercer’s current problem with Johnny Law.

According to the AG’s officer, Mercer has cooperated with the investigation by turning over 1,000 responses she’s gotten for the scam in the P.O. Box associated with it.

“Mercer…claimed she was asked to open the Post Office box by a friend,” states the AG’s release, “and that she did not know its intended purpose.”…”

The Minuteman Civil Defense Corps has a history of very strange and rather bad associates.  Take Shawana Forde.

“…It’s pretty ironic that someone who is so worried about “illegal” immigrants harming US citizens is currently being accused of scamming unsuspecting American homeowners and breaking the law herself. However, Mercer’s legal woes are miniscule compared to those faced by other Minuteman leaders. Most recently, Shawna Forde, leader of the Minuteman American Defense group, was charged with the brutal murder of a 9-year-old girl. In 2007, former leaders of the Minuteman Project sued founder Jim Gilchrist for allegedly using $300,000 of the group’s money to promote his book and run for Congress. Gilchrist then filed a defamation suit against his colleagues….Former MCDC President Chris Simcox was also mired in legal controversy. Anti-immigration advocates across the country turned against him when he failed to account for $1.6-$1.8 million in private donations he claimed to have raised for an “Israeli-style” barrier” based on “the fences used in Gaza and the West Bank.” The project turned out to be little more than a two mile-long barbed-wire cattle fence. Simcox’s own ex-wife fought to obtain full custody of their son, describing Simcox as being “prone to sudden, violent rages.” In January 2003, Simcox was arrested while while on patrol with Civil Homeland Defense for illegally carrying a .45-caliber semi-automatic handgun in a national park. Simcox is planning on running against Sen. John McCain (R-AZ) this fall, claiming “I work for the people, period.”…”


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