Part I: How the GOP Can Win in November


We Need a New Contract With America

The GOP simply cannot win on running against ObamaCare. We cannot repeal it because we will not have a veto-proof majority.  But, we an put a dent in things.  We can take our country back with a positive, pro-active Contract with America.

This is about winning hearts and minds, and appealing to a broad spectrum of people.  De-stress the cultural and go for the financial.  Remember, it’s the economy stupid.

In no particular order of importance:

  1. End the culture of corruption in Washington.  Stress Democratic corruption and cover-up of that corruption.
  2. Bring back very serious transparency in government.
  3. Listen to constituents
  4. Require monthly town halls
  5. Require tabulations of voter calls on an issue
  6. Campaign finance reform (serious stuff)
  7. Require everyone in Legislative and Executive branches to buy into Ocare.
  8. Realistic limits on lobbyists.
  9. End earmarks
  10. Balance budge Amendment to the Constitution.
  11. Balance budget
  12. Line item veto
  13. Control spending
  14. Support for NASA, high tech
  15. Drill here drill now
  16. End dependency on foreign oil
  17. Support war on terror
  18. Support our vets
  19. Require 20% cut of all personnel from every agency except those in national security.
  20. Roll back punitive government regulations
  21. Flat income tax – cut income tax
  22. End death tax
  23. End capital gains tax
  24. Set corporate taxes at a lower, more competitive rate
  25. Delete much of IRS power
  26. Tort reform
  27. Eliminate punitive medical malpractice suits
  28. Eliminate punitive lawsuits against small business
  29. Require attorneys in this country to do 50% of their business as pro-bono
  30. Stress law reforms to help people who cannot get legal help – do unto lawyers what they have done to doctors
  31. Biometric voter ID Cards with finger-print and photo
  32. Eliminate federal matching funds for all elections except POTUS
  33. GOP version of health care reform – make changes
  34. Reign in out of control governmental agencies

A few of these ideas would cause conservatives to have conniption fits and spasms, but The Pink Flamingo would like to suggest these people shut up and use their heads for once.


Let’s approach it a little differently.  Instead of limiting contributions, let people donate what ever they want.

Limit campaign spending instead.

One of the reasons people cannot run for office is the obscene amount of money it causes very good men and women not to run.  If a reasonable limit is placed on House & Senate races, say a million bucks, it will give anyone a chance.  Doesn’t matter how much corporate, PAC, or in-kind donations go into a campaign, it just cannot total over a specific amount.

Put limits on local races, state races, and the POTUS race.

Require all donations to come from Registered American Voters.  NO foreign donations.


This would be a cool idea.  In order to vote in Federal (POTUS, Senate, House) one must have a bio-metric voter ID card.  Before you start screaming 666, think about it.  Your finger print and photo must be on a laminated card.  Use a bar-code that is the same as your social security number. There is NO possible way such a card can be issued on the same day as the election.  It would go a very long way to eliminating voter fraud.


Do you realize how darn much damage the GOP could do to Ocare and the Dem plans with a balanced budget requirement?  It is possible that we have never been so close to a balanced budged amendment to the Constitution.  That is the BEST way to stop Ocare.  You can spend it if you don’t have the money.

National flat tax
End death tax
End capital gains tax
Slash corporate taxes
Cut power of the IRS
Cut small business taxes

Recognize the fact that the best way to create jobs is to lower taxes.  The best way to salvage what is left of our economy is to lower taxes and to balance the budget.  If we do not have the money we do not spend it (save for national security).  No Bucks No Bama Spending


Any reasonable person knows one of the two reasons health care is so expensive is mal-practice insurance.  If we were to put limits on such things, and to set strict guidelines for punitive damages medical costs would be cut.  Instead, have reforms within the medical community to seriously discipline physicians, hospitals, and nurses who make a  habit of mal-practice.

The Pink Flamingo has NEVER heard anyone complain about their lack of health insurance.  The complaints are about the quality, portability, and about the lack of dental insurance.  BUT, one of the things I have heard repeated, over and over, is the fact that normal people who truly need legal assistance cannot afford it.

Perhaps we need strict pricing guidelines for lawyers.  I know of several families who are in serious danger of losing everything, not because of the lack of medical insurance, but because of punitive harassment from the legal system.  There is no need for a lawyer to charge $100 to read or send an email.

It is possible you may find more people suffering and more families destroyed because of either the lack of legal services or absolutely out of control legal fees than you will ever find destroyed because of lack of health insurance.  The average person today cannot afford to even contact an attorney, let alone retain one.  People are prey for collection agencies, home-owner’s associations, out of control regulations, you name it.


One of the beautiful way to seriously do damage to the Dems is to go after their complete lack of constituent services and the way they were so tone deaf during the Ocare debate.  Make our GOP candidates sign a pledge to do townhalls at least once a month.  Make them accountable to calls coming into an office about a specific hot button subject.


Go after Democratic corruption like a pit-bull.  Never stop. Keep at it.


It’s the spending stupid.  The Dems have destroyed our economy.  We are broke.  Stress the fact that every single non national security spending program must be cut or de-funded until we can balance our budget.  Do it quick and dirty.

Do the whole doom/gloom thing when it comes to out of control spending.

Require all Federal agencies to cut back at least 20% – all but national security.  Require a hiring freeze, and an elimination of at least 20% of Federal employees, primarily through attrition.  Stress Federal pay cuts, shorter hours, and pay freezes.  Require all Cabinet level agencies to live within specific requirements.  Do a rotating Federal work-week where people only do 4 days.  Eliminate all over-time (except for national security).  Force the Federal government to live like a small business, with all the problems.