Part II: Winning in November


Recruiting Purple Elephants

Several years ago Rahm Emanuel began recruiting “Blue Dog Democrats” to pretend to be conservative to win GOP seats.  He won we lost.  One of the reasons the GOP lost is because the extreme far right talk radio and far right idiots on the Web are completely out of control and refuse to listen to reason.

The GOP is raising money to take out Nancy Pelosi as Speaker.  We should also be recruiting someone who will defeat her in her own district, which is one of the most liberal in the country.  If we do this, it CANNOT BE with someone who passes the extreme right litmus test.

It will not work.

We have a problem with people like Erick Erickson who think they are the be all and end all of the far right.  There is a problem with Sean Hannity and his “Conservative Victory Tour”.  That’s nice, but CONSERVATIVES DO NOT AND CANNOT WIN ELECTIONS.

If we want to take control and truly hurt Obama and the Dems, we must start using our heads and stop this knee-jerk conservative idiocy that comes from just a few people.

Use the Rahm Emanuel tactic against him and against the Dems.  If we can come up with a reasonable contract with American that stresses spend, earmarks, budgetary cuts, drill here drill now, etc. we can win.  We an win in a big way.  The problem is getting certain quarters to comprehend the fact that we must appeal to independents.  The more independent voters we collect, the more seats we still from the Dems.

Winning is what matters.

We need to go after the talking heads who were the ones who told their listeners to vote for the Blue Dogs, that they were better than liberal Republicans.  That was a crock.  It was foolish, and has led to complete disaster.  Let’s name a few names like Laura Ingraham, Sean Hannity, Michelle Malkin, etc.

Somehow we need to get people to understand that a liberal Republican in Nancy Pelosi’s district is better than no Republican at all.  Why can’t we match the candidate to the district?  We need to face the fact that some of these hand-picked far right conservative candidates have been abject disasters.


Purple Elephants are the GOP version of Blue Dog Democrats.  They are stealth candidates chose to take out select Dems in select districts.

What is wrong with Republicans and conservatives using their heads for a change.  Anyone who says we need to retrench and fall back on a strict conservative ideology is a fool or really doesn’t care about this country.

This idea of voting for Blue Dogs in 2006 and 2008 to teach the GOP a lesson was foolish beyond the point of stupid.

We are fighting for the future of this country.

Only the foolish demand purity.

The problem is we are chalk full o’ fools on the far right.