The Fate of a Minuteman (and Other Misc. Scams)


Funny how none of the far right groups are doing much to mention the implosion and demise of the MCDC.  Where is Malkin, Digger, or Laura Ingraham?  Remember how Hannity slobbered his devotion to the whole minuteman thingie?

The minutemen are riding off into the Cochise County sunset….

The fate of Chris Simcox has been determined.  He is going to be working with Alan Keyes Declaration Alliance to save the world from the evils of John McCain.  Yesterday, The Pink Flamingo wondered what the role of Alan Keyes would be, and if they would shut down their web site and stop the scam for cash.

“…“We are also pleased to announce that Chris Simcox, who five years ago was a founder of the Minuteman movement to do the job our government failed to do — secure our borders — will be rejoining us as honorary chairman and policy strategist. Chris’s continued commitment to the MCDC Project and Declaration Alliance is a strong signal countering those who welcome a weakened America that the movement to secure our borders, halt amnesty and stop the illegal alien invasion will continue, with a renewed and urgent emphasis on political action.

“With the Obama Administration pushing ‘a path to citizenship’ for illegal aliens, Chris’s participation is a sign that Obama, John McCain and the rest of the open-borders crowd that supports amnesty will continue to face an organized force of American citizens determined to save our nation….”

(We are so having fun, yet!)

The Pink Flamingo is beginning to wonder if there has not been a real split between Chris Simcox and Carmen Mercer.  That alone is rather fascinating in a Tombstone gossip sort of way.

The fascinating part of the whole split is how little far right coverage it is receiving.  Very few “conservative” sources are even covering the story, which makes a person wonder about a few things, then just snicker!

It just gets more and more funner…

Laine Lawless, one of the more “colorful” anti-immigration personalities, according to the SPLC, wrote:

“…“I really think the demise of MCDC has very much more to do with the evaporation of the donations,” wrote Border Guardians founder Laine Lawless to a Minuteman E-mail group. “When all the money is gone, the higher-ups leave.”…”

It just gets better and better.

The Pink Flamingo has, for a long time, suspected that the creation of the “minutemen, et. al.) had more to do with the alleged relationship between Chris Simcox and Carmen Mercer than it did seccurring the borders.  Back in Tombstone the latter has something of a reputation when it comes to her dislike of Hispanics.  The Pink Flamingo had only two sources for several Tall Tombstone Tales, so, like all Tall Tombstone Tales, they must be handled gingerly.

The SPLC has some information that may help connect a few dots.

“…In 2007, Simcox fired 18 state, regional and national MCDC leaders because they had raised questions about his financial accountability. Two years later, Simcox quit himself to run unsuccessfully for Congress, leaving Mercer to run MCDC. Since then, other MCDC officials have resigned, including Vice President Al Garza, who said last summer that he was quitting to launch the Patriots Coalition because “the organization [MCDC] is now on a path that I cannot endorse.” This week, the Patriots Coalition announced that it would waive its application fee for Minutemen who joined the group…..Besides liability concerns, Mercer wrote that most of the organization’s leaders had left and would not support the more aggressive tactics outlined in the earlier E-mail. In addition, she said MCDC was having trouble raising money after separating from the Declaration Alliance, a right-wing advocacy group that handled some aspects of MCDC’s operations. The most recent tax forms show that MCDC received just under $209,000 in revenue during 2008, down from nearly $790,000 in 2007….”

The Pink Flamingo has been saying, for years, that someone is going to end up doing time once this whole scam is sorted out and the indictments began flying.  I have not changed my mind.  It is all about the money and following a money trail.


5 thoughts on “The Fate of a Minuteman (and Other Misc. Scams)

  1. It’s funny–that’s the only time the SPLC has quoted me without saying something nasty about me! For some, it is all about the money! I never made a dime off of my political activism. As far as Chris and Carmen are concerned, last I knew they were still seeing each other, whatever that means. And when Chris left Carmen, (5 years back) I was not surprised he handed her the VP position, as she has more than earned it by being his biggest supporter! Chris has really had a tough time money-wise since he split from MCDC. After all, who would want to hire him? And to do what? When I worked for him, he said, “If it weren’t this cause, it would be another one!” It pays to be adaptable, don’t you think?

  2. You know Laine, as much as I disapprove of your movement, you appear to be one of the few “stand-up” people, willing to say what they think. I respect that in a person.


  3. Have you noticed how many people are starting to “get it”? They spent 4 years calling GWB’s path to citizenship “amnesty”, and now are worried about Obama’s REAL amnesty giving 10 to 20 million illegals a solid Democrat voting block? In fact, why is Obama’s “…pushing a path to citizenship’ for illegal aliens” not being screamed as what it is, AMNESTY?

    If it weren’t so scary, it would be funny. Obama has taught them what REAL spending is, what REAL leadership is not, what REALLY not listening to the American public is like, and by the end of this year, the REAL meaning of the word “Amnesty”.

    The silver lining is that more and more people are seeing the talk show mafia for who they are…and that in trying to destroy the party of Republicans, the losertarians/third party wannabes have marginalized themselves.

    Perhaps in November, the Democrats won’t be the only ones that the American voter will say loud and clear they no longer listen to and support…maybe the Losertarians pretending to be conservatives will also get the boot and told to go and create/join a party that they CAN support and believe in and leave the party of adults alone to take care of the serious stuff.

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