Twin Peaks – 20 Years Later


Twin Peaks had what was and is still the most evocative them ever.

If you have not seen it, The Pink Flamingo highly recommends watching ALL of Twin Peaks.  It was weird, quirky, ahead of its time, and changed television forever.  And, FYI – I am still trying to figure out the ending, if indeed there was an ending.

I think the problem arose in the second season when things went a little off track with “Bob”.  I always figured he was a demonic presence that would provide an easy and less disturbing explanation for a serial killing parent who finally murdered his own molested daughter.  (The teen angst angle also was way out of control).

Yea, it was that kind of story, complete with trees, doughnuts, coffee, and weird quirky characters.  Andrew Anthony of the Observer wrote the following:

“…It would be wrong to attribute all that’s since taken place to the creative impact of Twin Peaks but Lynch’s legacy can nonetheless be seen in dramas in a whole range of recent TV shows. For a start, Lynch helped make television attractive to film stars. Kyle MacLachlan, who played the other-worldly Special Agent Dale Cooper, had been the lead in Blue Velvet. The message was that television was no longer a Hollywood ghetto. Without Agent Cooper perhaps there would have been no Jack Bauer. Similarly, it’s hard to imagine that JJ Abrams’s high-concept genre-mashing with Lost would have happened if Lynch hadn’t pioneered the way. And in David Chase’s casting in The Sopranos it’s possible to see the influence of Lynch, who used almost forgotten character actors like Richard Beymer….”

Even more, if there had been no Twin Peaks, there would have been no X-Files, and there would not have been the treasure of Northern Exposure.

“...I think Twin Peaks gave a real jolt to television. Creative people felt the freedom to explore different themes. Atypical shows came out of it: initially things like Wild Palms – eccentric for eccentricity’s sake and not really making sense – but then quirky shows that were good too, like Northern Exposure and even The X Files. It showed people who make the decisions about what goes on air and what doesn’t that the audience were open to trying something less traditional….”


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