Media Ignores Death Threats Against Palin


Death Threats Against Sarah Palin Being Ignored

The MSM is ignoring recent death threats against Sarah Palin. Instead they are promoting her as the one inciting violence. Naturally Palin is the My Bad here. The story has been out for several days but where is the MSM?  Instead, Dems like Louise Slaughter are blaming Palin for the alleged violence threats against the Dems!

The Dems are now attempting to demonize Sarah Palin to the point where they turn her into a monster.

Try this piece of do do.

“…Representative Jim Clyburn has seen hate, Sarah Palin’s kind of hate before and America has witnessed it in the past but now revived by this sick and demented woman. The Health Care Bill has given rise to people such as Sarah Palin who lay shame upon the Republican Party. It’s the 21st Century and lessons of the past violence are quickly forgotten. As a result of Sarah Palin’s threat’s the Secret Service is on high alert. The imagery she has set forth on her website is clearly violent, with a purpose of creating a dangerous climate for her target, the Democrats who voted for health-care. Placing cross-hairs on a target is something one usually does with a sight on a gun… unless you are a surveyor or an astronomer….”

The Great Liberal Pile-On

This is just a sample of what is going on in the left.
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Star Ledger

The Mime

The Dems are using Sarah Palin as their alleged violence poster child.  They are in bad shape, politically.  Ergo, you demonize or go to Afghanastan and mug it up for headlines there.  Rep. Anthony Weiner now blames her for threats against him!

“...Weiner slammed the ex-Alaska governor and Republican veep candidate a day after his office got an envelope with a threatening note and a sinister-looking white powder. Police Commissioner Raymond Kelly said yesterday that tests showed the substance was probably ground-up antacid. Palin earlier this week posted a map on her Facebook page with cross hairs over the districts of 20 House seats she wants conservatives to win, and told subscribers to her Twitter feed, “Don’t Retreat, Instead – RELOAD!” Appearing with former running mate Sen. John McCain at a re-election campaign event for him in Arizona yesterday, Palin said the heat she took was a “ginned-up controversy” aimed at “common sense conservatives” by the media.

“We know violence isn’t the answer,” Palin said. “When we take up our arms, we’re talking about our votes. . . . Don’t let the conversation be diverted.” Weiner told CNN that while Palin’s “language about targeting someone and being in the cross hairs was a metaphor to her, to a twisted mind, it really might be the sign that they should go ahead and do something more violent.“…”

It looks like the anti-Palin, inciting violence charade is just beginning.  Keep an eye on it.


4 thoughts on “Media Ignores Death Threats Against Palin

  1. Palin is uneducated, ignorant, non-compassionate right-wing nut case.
    Most of the tea party members have jointed the movement for one simple reason – the possibility to package their natural racial rage inside the box of legitimate concern about national debt and budget deficit. Where have they been when all these financial problems grew under George W. Bush and started under Ronald Reagan?

  2. So where are the factual data about death threats against former Alaska Governor-quitter in your article? Please give the facts for somebody outside of tea party mantra movement. You know, there are some people in the world who need facts to build their opinion.

    Note: Unless you only cater to the tea-party audience then you do not have to bother with the response.

  3. Read the article and follow the links. Obviously you know nothing about me or my blog or you would not accuse me of catering to the tea party crowd. Obviously, you are are not as “well educated” as you would like to pretend to be, or you would know how to read an article and follow links. Perhaps you should not accuse SP of being uneducated and ignorant.


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