A Letter to NM Senator Tom Udall


From Tom Udall’s email: 

“…At the beginning of March, we heard the troubling news that New Mexico’s health insurance companies were on track to push premiums to new highs. Blue Cross Blue Shield customers were on track for rate hikes of 25 percent, on average. It was yet another symptom of a health care system that is upside-down and a reminder of the urgent need for health reform.

Less than a month later, historic health reform legislation has passed through Congress, putting us on a path to providing all New Mexicans with access to quality, affordable health care, and making health insurance more stable and secure if you already have it.

Health reform will extend coverage to 32 million Americans; provide small businesses with support for insuring their employees; shrink and eventually close the prescription-drug doughnut hole for seniors; prevent insurance companies from discrimination based on pre-existing conditions and gender; and reduce the deficit by $143 billion over the next ten years….”


Dear Senator Udall;

I am so very disappointed that you voted for the deplorable and Unconstitutional health care bill. It is anti-capitalism, anti-business, and will prove to be the ruin of our senior citizens.

I gather you have not had to work with an aging parents who worked their whole lives to accumulate a nest egg. They now see it disappearing in front of them due to the the growing specter of inflation due to the Democrats absolutely insane spending. You are breaking our country.

My parents are not in the best of health. They are terrified that, under the bill you voted for, they will no longer be able to receive the excellent care they have received here in New Mexico. They fear they will simply be allowed to die.

Or – they fear that what they have saved will be required to purchase medical treatment once covered by their Medicare supplement.

Consequently they are NOT building their new house here in Lincoln County, and are saving their money to keep themselves alive when their health care is rationed. They were going to spend about $450,000 here in Lincoln County to build a new home. Forget that.

Thanks to Democrats like you, my parents must constantly fear the over-reach of the Federal Government.

I do hope you sleep well at night. I know my mother does not. You and the Democrats have destroyed her peace of mind.

But – you need not fear.  You will continue to receive your excellent health care.  You and your Democrats have created a two-tiered society.  As long as someone is elected to the House or Senate a person is entitled.  Funny, but that is not what our founders intended.

Then there is the tax imposed on the manufacture of medical devices.  Was any thought given to our brave men and women who have given their limbs in the service of this country.  I gather what Democrats would like is to see them hopping along on a peg leg or a hook for a hand, holding tin cups, begging for food.

I also gather you know absolutely nothing about operating a small business.  I know someone who is trying to build a business.  It is becoming more and more difficult, not because of her lack of business, but because of the draconian Federal regulations that are designed to strangle small business, not assist it.  She is required to do follow rules and regulations which she fines violate her sense of morality.  As a business owner she has absolutely no rights.  Her employees, empowered by the Democrats, think of their jobs as an entitlement.  If she dares to fire an employee who was cheating on his hours, taking cash, etc, she is faced with an EEOC hearing and is accused of racism.  She cannot fire her employees without jumping through hoops.

Please, do not go bragging to me about how your and your Democratic colleagues are helping Americans.  You are not.  You are destroying this country.

Further, I do not understand how a person who has been elected by We The People, absolutely refuses to listen to We The People and vote against what we desire.  It is obvious, through the arrogance of your colleagues, that you have completely ignored OUR wishes.

Please, enjoy the years remaining on your term.  I promise that I will do everything possible to see that you do not have another, even if I am forced to run against you myself, if I am still living here in New Mexico.

I moved to New Mexico 12 years ago from South Carolina.  One of the few things I regret about not living in South Carolina is the fact that New Mexico is representative by Democrats who truly do not care about this nation and our Constitution.  You could learn a lot from Jim DeMint and Lindsey Graham.  They are examples of what great and honorable United States Senators are.

I don’t know who I pity more, We The People who are going to be forced to live with the consequences of a two thousand page bill I doubt you ever bothered to read, or those who voted for it.  History will not be kind.  I hope, when you are up for re-election, the voters of New Mexico will remember this and not be kind, either.