Stop the Peep Persecution!


This is NOT an April Fool’s Joke.   This is about one of the great American tragedies – the unwarranted persecution of Peeps, and people who like them.

The Pink Flamingo does not fear admitting that I like pink Peep bunnies!  I have two packages sitting on my kitchen counter waiting for sundown on Saturday night when Lent ends.  Yes, I gave up Peeps for Lent!

Are Peeps art?

Are they garbage?

A woman in Denver was evicted from her apartment over a Peep display on her door.

“…Carol “Chay” Burdick, 60, of Gunbarrel, Colo., says her landlord kicked her out of her apartment because she refused to take down the Easter display, which featured a pyramid of brightly coloured bunny-shaped Peeps candies. But her landlord says the eviction was because she didn’t pay her rent — not because of the decorations.

Real-estate investment company Aimco is suing Ms. Burdick for US$2,300 in unpaid rent along with lawyers’ fees. Ms. Burdick is counter-suing for breach of contract and negligence.

Ms. Burdick acknowledges she stopped paying her rent, but only after she received a notice nine days after Easter telling her to take the Peeps down or move out. Cindy Duffy, a spokeswoman for Aimco, said a letter was sent because the Peeps had the potential to become a health hazard and attract bugs. But, Ms. Burdick’s lawyer said he plans to prove the candies were art, not garbage, by getting  Peeps enthusiasts to testify at the trial.

Ms. Burdick said she got the idea for the Easter display at an egg-dyeing party last year:

“I got a half-dozen packages of Peeps because they were all rabbits, and I have a fondness for rabbits,” she said. “I just spontaneously wanted to make a door decoration.”…”