The Problem With Tea Parties


Dick Morris is positive the GOP will win the House and the Senate this November.  I am not that optimistic, not with the tea parties and the extreme far right being manipulated by the usual non-Republican sources.  They never stop.

Dan Quayle is afraid the tea parties are going to go “Perot”.  I don’t blame him.

“...There’s a well-worn path of third-party movements in American history, and it leads straight to a dead end. A cause gathers strength, and its message speaks to millions; then, amid the excitement, a new political party is born, only to perform poorly on Election Day and disappear a cycle or two later. In practice, all that’s achieved is a fragmenting of the vote, usually to the benefit of whichever major party the movement had set out to oppose….”

Dan Quayle may be right.  On Thursday, the whole tea party mess took an alarming turn when they formed a federation to bring them together.  Is this the beginning of a third party that will basically destroy this country?  If you don’t believe the usual suspects are in charge, then you are blind.  They are manipulators and haters.  Tea parties are perfect, absolutely perfect for their brand of anti-GOP manipulations.  The faces and the names are the same. They never stop trying to destroy the GOP, ever.  Take Richard Viguerie, please.

Are some Tea Party “leaders” getting a little big for their britches?  Evidently Marco Rubio is not pandering to them enough.   This piece from TMP explains the whole problem with an ego-driven group of people who have never been active, politically, before, and think they are the be all and end all.

“…Pam Dahl, leader of the Tri-County Tea Party based in Florida’s sprawling retirement community known as The Villages, told me about the problem. It was a complaint from Dahl’s group that led to Wallace’s question yesterday — Dahl said she spoke with staff from Wallace’s show after an email campaign she started among led to Wallace getting inundated with calls and emails begging him to ask Rubio why he wouldn’t submit for candidate “vetting.” (Wallace alluded to the source of the question during the debate. “At The Villages they’re not happy with you, sir,” he told Rubio.)

According to Dahl, Rubio’s campaign didn’t respond to numerous requests for Rubio to meet with her members, who she said want to him to answer their questions about his views before they’ll back him or not.

“Tea party people don’t have ‘candidates,'” she told me. “All we do is educate people.”

She said that unless Rubio met with her group and answered its questions, it was possible tea partiers would just stay home on Primary Day, or even cast their votes for Gov. Charlie Crist….At the debate, Rubio said to he values his tea party support. “[I]f there’s a formal vetting process, I’ve not been made aware of it. But I can tell you that I’m proud of my association with the Tea Party folks and the fact that we have attended multiple events across the state throughout my candidacy.”

But Tea partiers said it was clear from Rubio’s answer that he doesn’t really get how the movement works.

“If Rubio believes that the Tea Party movement is not organized then he is mistaken,” tea party activist Robin Stublen told me. “Locally these groups are highly organized…Just because we do not have a central figure to put on TV every night does not mean there is no organization. We have conference calls weekly and discuss issues and direction during those calls.”…

We have a TeaParty Problem.

Only 13% of American Voters identify themselves at Tea Party “Patriots”.  That is a larger number than The Pink Flamingo thought it would be.  I was thinking no more than 7 – 8%.

“…”The Tea Party could be a Republican dream – or a GOP nightmare. Members could be a boon to the GOP if they are energized to support Republican candidates. But if the Tea Party were to run its own candidates for office, any votes its candidate received would to a very great extent be coming from the GOP column,” Brown added.

Looking at voters who consider themselves part of the Tea Party movement:
74 percent are Republicans or independent voters leaning Republican;
16 percent are Democrats or independent voters leaning Democratic;
5 percent are solidly independen
45 percent are men;
55 percent are women;
88 percent are white;
77 percent voted for Sen. John McCain in 2008;
15 percent voted for President Barack Obama….”

There are a number of us who dislike the tea party twits because they are newly awakened political neo-types who are basically know-nothings who have had no interest in politics until recently.  Golly – looks like we were right!

The Pink Flamingo has been complaining about the tea party people and their abject ignorance on policy and how things work in the government.  Golly – looks like I was right.

“...More than 60 percent of the group identified themselves as Republicans, with nearly 30 percent Independent and 10 percent embracing the Tea Party label. Sorock said that 10 percent is telling; leaders will bring the Tea Party brand into the coalition of ideologies that make up the base of Republican politics.

But the report describes the relationship between the Tea Party and the GOP as delicate, and with good reason. No one surveyed said social issues were a concern of the movement. The Republican Party, meanwhile, is composed of a coalition of the fiscally and socially conservative.

Doubts remain about the group’s ability to turn grassroots protesting into political reality. Raven Brooks should know, he has helped to do that for the Democratic Party’s progressive base.

“I feel like (the Tea Party) is an expression of emotion — it is not people fundamentally interested in organizing, they are just going along for the ride,” he said. “If they were interested in organizing then I think we would see them innovating in spaces online and winning some local races.”…”