The Old I’m With Stupid…on Immigration Reform


What part of stupid is so difficult to comprehend?

According to Stratfor, in a Friday morning email alert:

“…Mexican army troops were pulled off Ciudad Juarez’s streets and replaced by thousands of federal police officers who will take over the fight against drug-related violence, AP reported April 9. Mayor Jose Reyes stated that the city’s 3,000-member municipal police force will be backed up by 5,000 federal police. Federal Police Commissioner Facundo Rosas said the change of strategy is intended to bring more community policing and intelligence work to the problem of gang and drug cartel violence. He said soldiers will remain at checkpoints at border crossings, entrances to the city and a few other strategic locations….”

In fact, the Arizona AG, Terry Goddard said that the “illegal immigrant” murder of Cochise County rancher Robert Krentz had all the hallmarks of a drug cartel killing by advanced scouts.

“…Arizona’s Attorney General Terry Goddard said Friday that the recent shooting death of a well-known Cochise County rancher is consistent with the work of scouts for Mexican drug cartels.
On Saturday, Robert Krentz, 58, was found dead inside his all- terrain vehicle on his ranch about 35 miles northeast of Douglas. Goddard said his comments were based on media reports and his previous experience investigating the prosecution of the cartel movement of drugs in Arizona.
While it wasn’t the only possible explanation for the killing, it was a “distinct possibility,” he said.
Scouts are stationed throughout the state by cartels and are in constant radio communication with drug smugglers as they coordinate  routes, he said. Referring to a group of smugglers who were apprehended on the Krentz property the day before the killing, Goddard said cartel members “could have easily contacted a (scout) to find out what happened.” Investigators have no information about the suspect at this point in the investigation, said Carol Capas, spokeswoman for the Cochise County Sheriff’s Office. When asked if Goddard’s theory was one being considered, Capas said she was not at liberty to discuss any possible theories and that the investigation into the slaying is ongoing….”

The usual suspects are completely out of touch when it comes to what is going on along the border.  They are living in their little never-never land of immigration reform and hating anyone who crosses them.  The problem is drugs, guns, and the out of control war along the border.  This is a war that is threatening to spill into this country any day now, with disastrous results.

“…Feuding Mexican drug cartels are receiving new weapons in large shipments from the El Paso area, ATF officials said Wednesday. It’s a new trend fueled by a change in how the guns are being transported into Mexico, said Robert Champion, special agent for the U.S. Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives. Champion heads a field division that encompasses a large section of the Southwest, including West Texas and Oklahoma. He said gun traffic into Mexico has changed from a one-man, one-gun transfer operation to a “sophisticated” group activity. The group works together to gather the guns and store them in a stash house before moving them across the border. For example, Champion said, one person would be in charge…”

From Stratfor:

“…The growing trend of U.S. government assets in Mexico being directly targeted by organized crime has led to more pressure from Washington on the Mexican government to produce results in its war against the cartels. But while the Mexican government has been successful in taking out several major cartel leaders, overall violence continues to spiral out of control. Both Clinton and Espinosa were reported to have privately acknowledged during the meeting that the Mexican cartels are a threat to both countries’ national security. Until recently, the Mexicans have scoffed at the idea of the United States taking a more active role in countercartel operations in Mexico, but the decision to allow U.S. intelligence analysts and agents to operate in Juarez indicates Mexico City has begun to re-evaluate its ability to tackle the cartel conflict on Mexican soil without assistance. Also, Mexican President Felipe Calderon has staked his presidency on the success of the cartel war, and with the 2012 presidential elections fast approaching the National Action Party (PAN) is looking for, but not finding, a quick solution to turn the tide of the fight. With the increase in pressure from Washington, the Mexican government may have no choice but to look northward for help….”

It is a war being fueled by this country’s unending demand for illegal narcotics and being waged by guns legally purchased at gun shows in this country.

“…Keane said his organization represented licensed dealers — not gun shows — and it was all for the ATF’s attempt to curb illegal weapons sales. But he also expressed skepticism over the claims about the overwhelmingly American origin of the firearms. “That [percentage] is not reflective of all firearms misused in Mexico or along the border,” he said.

Champion stood by the statistics, however, because they were “ATF numbers.” And, he said, experience goes along way. “Drug trafficking is nothing new. It was going on when I worked here in El Paso years ago,” he said. “The quantity of firearms being trafficked has changed, the sophistication of the way the guns are being trafficked has changed. It’s a supply-and-demand issue, we have the supply and they have the demand.”

It is also because the United States is a superior manufacturer of weapons, added Webb. “The United States has been the easiest and the cheapest place for the Mexican drug trafficking organizations to purchase their weapons,” he said. “Are there sources from South America? Yes there are, but they are not the high-quality rifles and high-quality pistols that they have been seeking.”

Keane doesn’t dispute that straw buyers present a problem, saying his organization has previously accepted Department of Justice grants to fund the awareness campaigns. But, he added, what is seldom reported is that firearms dealers themselves usually provide the tips that prompt ATF probes into straw purchases….”

The anti-immigration flunkies who dance to John Tanton’s demands are at it again. They are wringing their hands about immigration reform. Please, they cringe, don’t let those nasty Mexicans ruin our country. Mark Kirkorian is one of the worst.

Kirkorian spins his web of ignorance for National Review:

“…“Done its work”? Tell that to Robert Krentz — or rather to his survivors, since the lifelong Arizona border rancher was murdered last month, likely by an illegal alien using a smuggling route through Krentz’s ranch. The border “fencing” near his land touted in DHS publications is no fence at all — it’s a vehicle barrier, intended to slow vanloads of illegals and dope, not to keep out people. And even this fencing may be too much for this administration; the “virtual fence” of cameras, sensors, etc., all integrated with Border Patrol agents in the field, was offered as an alternative to a real fence, which was required by Congress but which neither the last administration nor this one really wanted. Now that the virtual fence has been shelved as well, there are no plans to cover those areas with genuine fencing….And the icing on the anti-amnesty cake is the chaos in Mexico, a low-level civil war, really, in which vicious drug cartels are taking time out from battling each other to launch military-style attacks on the army and police, and now even American government personnel. The lack of adequate border security makes a mass influx of refugees from Mexico more likely and dims the public’s and lawmakers’ appetite for amnestying 11 million illegal aliens….”

Several years ago The Pink Flamingo met a woman whose grandparents were illegal, from Mexico, and received their citizenship during Reagan’s amnesty. She said in her family, it did not matter who the person running for office was, as long as they were a Republican her family would vote for them.  They had become American Citizens because of Ronald Reagan!

BUT – the younger members of her family were turning on the GOP because of the anti-Hispanic racism of Tom Tancredo and people like J. D. Hayworth, the misc. minutemen, and the extreme far, anti-immigration right.

What part of stupid is so difficult to understand?

This hard line approach, dictated by FAIR, Numbers USA, and the extreme far right non-Republican conservatives and Ron Paul Bot racists  has turned Republicans into a bunch of lily liver cowards.

“…Several advocates emerged from the closed-door session to say Mr. Steele had pledged to help find at least one more Republican sponsor for a bill being crafted by Senator Lindsey O. Graham, a Republican from South Carolina, and Senator Charles E. Schumer of New York, a Democrat.

The advocates “walked away with a commitment from Steele to work with Sen. Lindsey Graham and the party’s leadership to enlist another Republican senator’s support for comprehensive and bipartisan immigration reform,” the leaders of the Fair Immigration Reform Movement said in a statement. The movement is a coalition of groups that support a path to legal status for illegal immigrants.

Doug Heye, a spokesman for Mr. Steele, dismissed that account as “100 per cent inaccurate.”

Mr. Steele “makes it a priority to meet with different grassroots activists who are concerned with the direction of our country,” Mr. Heye wrote in an e-mail. “Today’s meeting was meant as an opportunity to listen to concerns and discuss the Republican Party’s strong support of legal immigration….”

Want to lose the majority for several generations?  Thumb you nose the way the far right has been doing at the Hispanic population.

“…Graham has also waded back into the immigration thicket, taking on an incendiary issue for which he, McCain and President George W. Bush were burned by conservative activists when they pushed reform legislation in 2007.

Graham and Sen. Chuck Schumer, a New York Democrat, gave Obama a three-page proposal March 11 at a White House meeting.

Their outline would set up a way for the country’s 12 million undocumented workers to gain legal status, while fortifying U.S. borders, expanding temporary worker programs and creating a biometric Social Security card “to ensure that illegal workers cannot get jobs.”…”

Lindsey along with Chuck Schumer and Luis Gutierrez are the recipients of the 2010 Hispanic National Bar Association Capital Awards Recipients. The award will prove to be yet another reason why the extreme far right will be denigrating Lindsey. Marc Ambinder has a piece in the Atlantic stating that immigration reform would be a disaster for the GOP:

“…Would Be Tea Party Disaster The Atlantic’s Marc Ambinder says both parties worry that “health care will be child’s play compared to the tantrums over the prospect of earned legalization and other measures. The overlap between the Tea Partiers and ethnocentric immigration restrictionists is huge, and even many Republicans worry that the embedded nativism in the movement, whether or not it is also racialized (as a proxy for being against Obama and his ilk) will come to the fore in a way that once again diminishes the fervor of right-leaning independents and energizes Hispanics.”…”


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  1. One of those anti-Hispanic people had a glimpse of reality…he called Medved and said it didn’t matter what conservatives thought, what principles they held on to…the Dems will give 10 million illegals amnesty and those illegals, their friends and their families will vote Democrat keeping Obama and his gang in power for generations.

    All I could think was…”duh”.

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