Ron Paul’s 2012 POTUS Run OR Did Newt Actually Win SLRC Straw Poll?


Over a month ago The Pink Flamingo told you that Ron Paul was planning to disrupt the SRLC and hijack the straw poll.  Ironically, he and his supporters did not count on Romney’s supporters being even more crafty.  If you want to know the interesting facts behind the poll, check the 2nd choice.  Paul is way out of it!  The Romney people and Ron Paul Bots made a mess of things, but could not hide the 2nd choice – which goes to Newt!

“…Some reports from New Orleans indicate heavy, coordinated lobbying on behalf of the Paul and Romney campaigns. I don’t doubt it; we saw the same thing at the recent CPAC meetings on behalf of Paul, who brought a lot of motivated young people out to support him. So it’s interesting to look at the secondary preferences because, presumably, strategic supporters of Romney and Paul would know better than to cast their second-choice votes for the other guy.

And sure enough, neither Romney nor Paul led among second-choice preferences: Southerner Gingrich was first with 339 votes, followed by Palin (332), with Romney (242) in third. But the glaring result here is that Paul, with just 98 votes, finished ninth and last among second-choice preferences–even behind libertarian former New Mexico Gov. Gary Johnson. In other words, Republicans either like Ron Paul or they don’t like him. He’s almost nobody’s fall-back choice. (Btw, I must confess I didn’t even know Johnson was running for president until I saw this straw poll. What’s going on here? Is he a potential slate ticket running-mate for Paul, himself a libertarian non-interventionist?)…”

Straw polls are nothing – they are straw polls.  But – when you are trying to ascertain what may be going on in a political party, the kind of tampering Ron Paul Bots and Romney’s people did did not help anyone.  What is quite clear is when looking at the 2nd Choice Ron Paul finished last.  Newt was the clear winner with SP finishing second and Romney a distant third.

Very interesting – is it possible Newt is actually the person of choice for 2012?

It is obvious Ron Paul is stacking the deck – he is cheating!

“…Enough of Paul’s supporters showed up for the conference that many of his fellow speakers were met with boos on issues of government spending. In a straw poll at the Conservative Political Action Conference in February, Paul walked away with the most support for a 2012 presidential bid: 31 percent…”

Those lovely drooling Ron Paul Bots who are determined to restore “Liberty” think the old you know what is going to run in 2012.   The problem is the fact that their tin-foil icon is getting a little long in the tooth.

Ron Paul was born in 1935.  He will be 75 years old in August.  If he were to run for POTUS in 2012 that would make him 77 years old.  While The Pink Flamingo admires people who reach the age Congressman Paul is, the thought of him continuing this idiotic POTUS pipe-dream is just plain narcissistic.  Roger Simon has an interesting piece about Obama’s mental illness due to narcissism.  Is there much difference when it comes to Ron Paul?

“…Paul said examples of President Obama’s “corporatism” were evident in the heath care reform bill he signed into law last month. He said the mandate in the bill put the power over health care in the hands of corporations rather than private citizens. But he said the bill wasn’t the only place where corporatism is creeping into Washington. “We see it in the financial institutions, we see it in the military-industrial complex,” he said. “And now we see it in the medical-industrial complex.” Despite his opposition to the bill, and despite Republican calls to repeal it, Paul said that when it comes to the landmark health care bill, “throwing it all out is probably not going to happen.” He said the only hope Republicans have is to change the bill for the better. Paul said he will introduce his own legislative fix when the Congress returns from recess next week.

“There’s one piece of legislation that I’m going to introduce, it’s going to be one page long,” he said. “It will be to remove the mandate so you don’t have to participate if you don’t want to.”

His speech, which touched on his oft-repeated calls to close down American military bases overseas and shift toward libertarian-style social policy, drew cheers from the Paul fans in the crowd and what sounded like boos from others in the room….”

The GOP is currently considering effective punishment for Ron Paul if they take Congress in November.

It is obvious the man is on one massive ego trip.  Funny thing, who is the worst – Barack Obama or Ron Paul.  When it comes to mental stability and actual patriotism and love of country, they’re both losers.

It is also quite obvious Ron Paul is manipulating his mindless Losertarian Bots into hijacking the GOP.  They can’t win on their own, they can’t win as Libertarians.  They are abject losers.  If his agenda and these people are allowed to continue manipulating the GOP, the whole country loses.

Makes you wonder what kind of person Ron Paul actually is, doesn’t it?


5 thoughts on “Ron Paul’s 2012 POTUS Run OR Did Newt Actually Win SLRC Straw Poll?

  1. I’m in Palin’s camp as far as the tea party “movement” goes, but this is just bad journalism. I can put my differences aside and see that Mr. Paul is NOT on an ego trip, nor is he “cheating”. Using insulting words like “losertarian” doesn’t help. While the neolibertarian wing of the GOP (face it…they’re here to stay) is wrong on many issues, we have to find common ground to succeed. Either learn to get along with these types of republicans or face defeat in ’12.

  2. I can’t think of a more certain “losertarian” than Newt Gingrich. Republicans would have to be downright suicidal to nominate him. He has gigunda name recognize and still can’t break double-digits in the polls. He’s also been utterly wrong on just everything for his entire political career, and his marital life makes Bill Clinton look like a saint.

  3. Yeah, he is hijacking the GOP, from the progressive, liberal, neocons that hijacked it in the 60’s. You should try brushing up on your political history before labeling Dr. Ron Paul. The only real reason you wrote this was to get hits on your pathetic website.

  4. Are you kidding me? It’s not hijacking a strawpoll. It’s supporters being proactive and getting involved. If people choose to go support Ron Paul, and show that support by attending straw polls in the name of their candidate, then the American political system is waking up. If only everyone’s supporters were as dedicated as Ron Paul’s, maybe we wouldn’t have the political apathy we have in this country. But then again, not everyone’s supporters know quite exactly WHY they support their candidate (aside from appearance and faulty rhetoric). In the case of Ron Paul, his support is very educated on all sides of the issues, which is what makes them so dedicated……the more you know….

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