Praising The Great Man as a Conservative!


According to The Daily Beast, hardly an unbiased source, The Great Man is now being compared to The Pink Flamingo’s mother’s favorite POTUS – Harry Truman.

“…They both gave hell and got hell.
As presidents, George W. Bush and Harry S. Truman had a lot in common.
Both were skeptical of elites and the media, driven by their faith, had troubled presidencies, made momentous and difficult decisions, took the nation into war, were unpopular in their time and weren’t concerned about it. They deeply believed if they did the right thing, history would sort things out in the end….President Truman in 1948:
The only expansion we are interested in is the expansion of human freedom and the wider enjoyment of the good things of the earth in all countries… The only prize we covet is the respect and good will of our fellow members of the family of nations.”
President Bush in 2002:
Our nation’s cause has always been larger than our nation’s defense. We fight, as we always fight, for a just peace—a peace that favors human liberty. We will defend the peace against threats from terrorists and tyrants. We will preserve the peace by building good relations among the great powers. And we will extend the peace by encouraging free and open societies on every continent. Building this just peace is America’s opportunity, and America’s duty… America has no empire to extend or utopia to establish. We wish for others only what we wish for ourselves— safety from violence, the rewards of liberty, and the hope for a better life.
Truman and Bush. The similarities are striking. The question is: Will history judge Bush like Truman?…Noted historian Doug Brinkley perhaps best sums up the pair: Both Truman and Bush were avatars of direct action. Neither cared much about public opinion polls or pulse-reading. At their best, they were decisive mavericks. At their worst, too-fast-of-draws….”

Mark Thiessen takes on the extremists who constantly denigrate The Great Man.  Evidently The Great Man is even more conservative than was Reagan, and the extremes can’t stand it!

“….TAX CUTS. Bush enacted the largest tax cuts in history — and unlike my personal hero, Ronald Reagan, he never signed a major tax increase into law.

JUDGES. Bush has the best record on judges of any Republican president in memory – his appointments of Chief Justice John Roberts and Justice Samuel Alito will be judged favorably over time compared to Justices Anthony Kennedy, Sandra Day O’Connor, David Souter and John Paul Stevens (all put on the high court by Republican presidents).

FREE TRADE. Bush enacted free-trade agreements with 17 nations, more than any president in history.

HEALTH CARE. Bush created Health Savings Accounts – the most important free-market health-care reform in a generation. And he courageously stood up to Congressional Democrats when they sought to use the State Children’s Health Insurance Program (SCHIP) to nationalize health care — and defeated their efforts.

SCHOOL CHOICE. Bush won a Supreme Court ruling declaring school vouchers constitutional and enacted the nation’s first school-choice program in the District of Columbia.

. Bush was the most pro-life president in history, securing passage of the Born-Alive Infants Protection Act, the Unborn Victims of Violence Act and the Partial-Birth Abortion Ban Act. And Bush steadfastly refused to fund the destruction of human embryos for research — and was vindicated by the scientific breakthroughs that followed. No president did more to protect the sanctity of unborn life.

NATIONAL DEFENSE. Bush increased defense spending by nearly 73 percent, more than even Ronald Reagan, and the largest increase since the Truman administration.

INTERNATIONAL CRIMINAL COURT. Bush defended American sovereignty with an act that was virtually unprecedented – he unsigned a treaty, the Rome Statute, creating the International Criminal Court.

MISSILE DEFENSE. Bush withdrew from the Anti-Ballistic Missile Treaty – a conservative goal for a quarter century. And he became the first president to deploy defenses protecting the American homeland against ballistic missile attack.

EXAPNDING FREEDOM. Bush brought freedom to more than 50 million people in Afghanistan and Iraq, the largest expansion of human liberty since the fall of the Berlin Wall.

THE SURGE. Bush’s decision to launch the surge in Iraq – and to stick with it when virtually everyone in Washington was urging him to admit defeat and withdraw – was one of the most courageous acts by a commander in chief in the history of our country. It is one of the many reasons the men and women of our military loved him like they did no President since Reagan.

SOCIAL SECURITY. Bush fought valiantly for a conservative priority no American president had ever dared to touch: Social Security reform, with private accounts that would have given millions of our citizens a stake in the free market system. His effort failed, but he deserves credit from conservatives for staking his second term in office on this effort….”


One thought on “Praising The Great Man as a Conservative!

  1. I tell ya, you and I are so in sync it’s spooky! I liked Truman too; while most of my school buds thought Roosevelt was the great statesman.

    It’s amazing how many conservatives don’t get it. They’ll not knock Romney, Huckabee, even Clinton for fear of offending their supporters, but feel it is their right (and duty!) to knock GWB.

    The really odd thing is how many non-conservatives are indeed getting it. Everyday, I hear somebody lament the lost of GWB in the White House.

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