Spending, Leadership, Sacred Cows, Third Rails & Hating Lindsey Graham


The Pink Flamingo has been following the libertarian, losertarian and far right attacks on Lindsey for some time.  This is more of the connect the dots.  When in doubt, trace 90% of the attacks on him back to losertarians and Ron Paul Bots.

FOX has been making mischief again:

“…So when a Fox News story Thursday cited “senior administration sources” as labeling and criticizing an expected carbon fee on the transportation sector as a Graham-sponsored 15-cent-per-gallon gas tax, the reaction from both Graham and the White House was swift.

“The administration is working with Sens. Kerry, Lieberman and Graham to move forward bipartisan, comprehensive energy and climate legislation that creates clean energy jobs and reduces our dependence on foreign oil,” a White House statement said, adding, “The senators don’t support a gas tax, and neither does the White House.”

A statement from Graham spokesman Kevin Bishop said, “Sen. Graham does not support a gas tax. And the bill he is working on does not include a gas tax.”

“Somebody got ahead of themselves here,” Kerry said later that afternoon. “Everybody’s on the same page. Everybody’s cool.”…”

Hugh Hewitt has a hate on for Lindsey Graham.  His hatred of Lindsey is so strong that he is being quite dishonest about what he is writing.

“…And Graham must know his long association with McCain is a bond that is securely forged in the public’s mind, and the mind of the Arizona electorate. Championing cap and tax in 2010 is close to a political death wish for a Republican. Graham may figure his future is so secure in South Carolina that he can survive any policy apostasy, but the same is clearly not true of McCain. The GOP’s 2008 nominee has been assembling a successful re-election bid in Arizona with the help of 2008 running mate Sarah Palin and former rival Gov. Mitt Romney. But a finger-in-the-eye play by his closest ally in the Senate for higher taxes in the service of a flawed regulatory scheme designed to address a “threat” that is not widely understood to be immediate or even subject to influence by a single country is an enormous blow to the conservative comeback McCain has been staging….”

In other words, if Lindsey doesn’t do what Hewitt wants, then John McCain is going to lose.  Hewitt is now reaching the point where a conservative becomes dangerous and outlives his usefulness. He is also lying through his teeth.


When are our leaders going to have the courage of someone like Lindsey Graham and tackle issues that hardly endears him to anyone?  It is called leadership.  When a Dem shows a willingness to allegedly step out of Obama’s shadow and attempt to do something against the grain he/she is praised until they are screwed over by the Dems.  They they are denigrated by everyone.

Same thing happens on the Right.  Let someone step up and attempt to stop the spending and put Obama in check and they are denigrated.

Same thing happens with those sacred Third Rails.

1.    Social Security
2.    Medicare
3.    Medicaid
4.    SCHIP
5.    Federal employee union wages
6.    Unemployment benefits
7.    Welfare benefits
8.    Federal employee retirement programs
9.    Food stamps
10.    Lower income housing assistance
11.    Low-rent public housing
12.    School lunch program
13.    Low-income energy assistance

No one really has the courage to stop it.  We are living in an era of such gross overspending that it needs to be stopped.  Completely.  Perhaps Dick Morris is right that we need to term limit beurocrats.  Works for me.

The Pink Flamingo is getting sick and tired of the way the far right is beating up on Lindsey over what they THINK is going on over his position on Cap/Trade.  Hugh Hewitt is just another in a long line of people who think they know it all – and are proving how abjectly ignorant they are.  The Pink Flamingo has been detailing the story for some time.

Hugh Hewitt is the latest who  has decided Lindsey Graham is evil and must be destroyed.

“…Whatever the reason, Senator Graham is doing an enormous disservice to his party and his colleagues, but most important of all, to his country which is profoundly divided at this moment and deserves a respite from the headlong rush towards a gigantic, controlling, ever-expanding federal power.  If any version of cap-and-tax passes, it is hard to imagine Senator McCain escaping the political consequences of a deeply repugnant act pushed by his two closest friends in the Senate.  No doubt the 2008 GOP nominee will tell his friends to go their own way and vote their own conscience, but surely they must know they are undoing the repairs that Senator McCain has accomplished with the conservative base in recent months just as surely as would a push to revive the immigration initiative of 2007.  Senator McCain can denounce the Graham-Lieberman-Kerry bill, but the names have always been partnered with the Arizona senator in the past.  It is foolish to expect conservatives to be angry with Graham for opening the door to another federal fiasco and not recall his long-standing joint efforts with the 2008 GOP nominee.  If nothing else, Republicans will blame McCain for failing to stop Senator Graham’s folly from taking flight….”

Once upon a time people like Hewitt were called KNEE JERK CONSERVATIVES.  I can’t think of a better term.

“...HH: Excellent, excellent point. Last question, Mark Steyn. Lindsey Graham, it is said in the Washington Post today, will be introducing a cap and tax bill with Joe Lieberman and John Kerry later this week or early next week. What are the consequences of this move for the Republicans, and specifically for his close friend, John McCain?
MS: Well, I think this is crazy. I think that the moment has passed. Even in Australia, we were just talking about Kevin Rudd, Australia, they’ve backpedaled on that. New Zealand, which is one of the few Western countries to sign the Kyoto Treaty and try to live up to it, which the Europeans certainly didn’t do, recognized you can only do it at the price of destroying your economy. The moment has passed for global warming. The moment has passed. And this reminds me of one of the most unattractive features about Republicans, is that when they try to be modish and cool, they’re always slightly out of step.
HH: (laughing)
MS: Lindsey Graham, Lindsey Graham getting hot for cap and trade is like watching your parents do the twist. It’s embarrassing, and it isn’t half as hip as they think it is….”

Hewitt, who detests the MSM, uses “it is said” to castigate Lindsey on something Hewitt knows nothing about, making a total fool of himself – and refuses to check what is really going on.

Knee-Jerk Hewitt sees “Cap/Trade” and loses his mind. He doesn’t bother checking into what Lindsey REPEATEDLY said.  That doesn’t matter.  All that matters is Hewett spewing words based on what he thinks he knows.

I don’t know about you, but we have enough problems without a witch hunt trying to destroy good Republicans with half-truths and not all the facts.

“…A spokesman for Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-SC), the climate proposal’s sole GOP sponsor, also denied that the bill would include a gas tax. The bulk of the back-and-forth is a semantic battle that reflects how politically poisonous a gas tax increase remains for both parties in Washington.

But it may also suggest that Graham and his co-authors are moving away from the carbon fee they had originally conceived. Graham described the idea to The Hill last month as “an assessment on what they do in the carbon world. They are creating a carbon product, they are going to pay a fee.” The cost of such a fee, he added at the time, would be partially passed on to customers at the pump….”

According to the far right and the far left, leadership is wrong.

“...But Sen. Warner and others traveling with him to Columbia noted that there’s at least one GOP senator who’s thinking about more than himself or his party. Not surprisingly, they were talking about the Palmetto State’s own Lindsey Graham. While he’s not without fault at times (he could have been more constructive on health care), Sen. Graham routinely rises above raw politics and gamesmanship to display a brand of statesmanship missing in so many of our elected leaders. In Washington, he assumes the role a U.S. senator should: Act in the best interest of the nation, not a party or special interest.

Remember, this is the guy who took a political risk in trying to address immigration in 2007; the one who reached out to Democratic moderates to clear the way for President Bush’s judicial nominees to be approved.

So, it’s no surprise that while many Republicans might be looking for efforts to stall – or even kill – climate and energy legislation for political gain, Sen Graham is working with Sens. John Kerry, a Democrat, and Joe Lieberman, an independent, in an effort to forge a compromise. Many details are to be worked out, but the senators are working on compromise legislation that would reduce greenhouse gas emissions as much as 17 percent by 2020, and also would include allowances for offshore oil drilling and incentives for increased use of nuclear power. They want to reduce the nation’s dependence on foreign oil and create a new energy economy….”