Immigration, Republicans & Demigods on the Left & the Right


They are at it again.

The ugly specter of immigration reform is rearing it’s nasty head.

I have several objections to hard-core immigration reform.

  1. It ignores the actual problem along the border of drug running
  2. It will doom the GOP to a minority party
  3. It is short sighted
  4. It is potentially dangerous to our national interests

What is going to happen to this country in 25  years when card-carrying American citizen, Born in the USA, voting children of deported parents start voting and have money?  If the far right continues to push the GOP down this suicidal anti-immigration path, it will be an abject disaster – total and complete.

What is going to happen – in 25 years – when the small children who came to this nation as illegals, educated here, then deported, grow up, have money, and political clout?  They’re gonna hate the USA and the GOP. Be afraid, be very afraid!

One way the GOP could stop some of the hemorrhaging caused by Jan Brewer’s abjectly unconstitutional action last week is to refuse to visit Phoenix or even consider it for the 2012 convention.  Unfortunately, knowing the GOP, that is exactly where the extreme far right will want to have it, and have a love-fest with Joe Arpaio along with it.

Yea, I love the GOP, but until we manage to beat some sense into the far right, we are going to be doomed to minority status because of what is happening in Arizona.  Boycotting AZ for the 2012 RNC Convention would go a long way to mending some fences.

If Tom Tancredo thinks the new anti-immigration law in AZ goes too far, well, by golly, it is too far!

“...”If I had anything to say about it, we’d be doing it in Colorado,” said Tancredo, a former Congressman and Presidential candidate who has made a career as a one of the country’s most forceful opponents of illegal immigration.  But the ultra-conservative icon worried that people would be “pulled over because [you] look like should be pulled over.”…”

And, even Tea Party Dick Armey said that Tom Tancredo seriously hurt the GOP.

“….Speaking at the National Press Club on Monday, Armey called the Colorado Republican a “destructive” force on the Republican Party and claimed that, as Majority Leader, he made sure that Tancredo “didn’t get on a stage” to profess his hard-line views on immigration.

“The Republicans — when I was a Majority Leader — I saw to it that Tom Tancredo did not get on a stage because I saw how destructive he was… Handle it with some sense of compassion and some sense of civility. The Hispanic-American is the most natural-born constituency for the Republican Party since the Black American was in 1965. And these guys are trying to blow it. Just do it right… There is room in America. If you love America, if you love freedom, love work, are willing to pay your way, pay your taxes and obey the law, you should be welcome in America.”

“Republicans need to get it right, and get off this goofiness that they have,” Armey added. “Ronald Reagan said, ‘Tear down that wall.’ Tom Tancredo said, ‘Build that wall.’ Who’s right? America’s not a nation that builds walls. America’s a nation that opens doors, and we should be there.”

Armey noted earlier that the GOP had “frustrated [him] to tears on immigration” noting that leadership was alienating the “fastest-growing voting demographic in America.”

“We have serious issues,” he concluded.

Armey’s solution to the problem is to fix the Immigration and Nationalization Service so that it can do its job “in a human fashion.” …”

It’s too bad the far right has managed to forget just who Ronald Reagan was, and what he actually did and stood for in this country.  They pick and choose. One of the things the far right refuses to acknowledge is how he worked on illegal immigration and how he GREW the GOP because of it.  Reagan was about positive human decency.  What is spewing forth from the mouths of people like Michelle Malkin, Tom Tancredo, Mark Kirkorian, etc. is the exact opposite.

When The Pink Flamingo hears the term “immigration reform” I groan, hear we go again.  Once again we are going to be assaulted (and I use that word specifically) by demigods on the left and the right.  The conversation about “immigration reform” has nothing to do with honor, fairness, immigration, or basic human decency.  It is about political agendas, winning, and raising money. It is about racism.  It should be about border security and protecting the US from the drug war in Mexico.

“…Graham, however, charged that “raw, political calculations” underlie the Democrats’ new push on new immigration legislation, which he said has no chance of passing this year. “A phony political effort on immigration today accomplishes nothing but making it exponentially more difficult to address it in a serious, comprehensive manner in the future,” Graham said….”

We are dealing with the politics of fear.  If I lived in Cochise County I would be screaming for help.  Cochise County is one of those ground zero points

Arizona is the worst place to try a hard-core crackdown on illegal immigration.  For some strange reason there is this harmonic convergence of the very weird, corrupt, and racist in Maricopa County.  We’re talking Sheriff Joe’s abject corruption and the right’s inability to even admit that the man is abjectly repulsive.  There are abjectly corrupt cops in Maricopa County.

Thanks to the incompetent leadership of Governor Jan Brewer, Arizona is broke.

“...This poor state is facing a $2.6 billion deficit in 2011; last month, the legislature voted $1.1 billion in cuts, including closing most of the state parks, eliminating a childrens’ health program that leaves 47,000 low-income children without coverage, slicing into public schools by as much as $780 per student in some districts, and even, oh delicious irony, cutting into law enforcement….”

We are dealing with a governor who is so abjectly incompetent that she shut down state parks like the courthouse in Tombstone which MADE MONEY, and left the ones that did not make money open.

This new bill is going to cost the state millions upon millions of dollars in boycott, lawsuits, etc.  Also, there are other hidden costs to the state, which must provide FREE LEGAL SERVICE for all those illegals they catch.

“…But Republicans face longer-term peril — if they continue to push aggressive legislation cracking down on illegal immigrants, Hispanic voters are likely to continue their exodus to the Democratic Party.  South Carolina Sen. Lindsey Graham — one of the few Republicans willing to remain supportive of legislation that includes a pathway to citizenship for illegal immigrants — said his colleagues have cooled on the issue as they’ve come to understand the political costs.  “More and more Republicans are coming to grips with the idea that if we don’t solve this problem, we can never be a national player,” Graham said in an interview….”

The far right is seriously lacking in a specific quality called Wisdom.  Remember the story of Solomon?  He wanted wisdom, which he had, until he gave in to another specific quality so common for men.

Wisdom is the hallmark of leadership.  The far right is sorely lacking in both leadership and the ability to tell the difference between right and wrong when it comes to immigration reform.  They have been sold a huge fake bill of goods from John Tanton and his organizations, which are now starting to show their EXTREMELY LIBERAL colors.  It is even possible they are starting to eject the extremist far right associates who have helped them infiltrate the far right.  John Tanton is extremely liberal.  He is doing an excellent job trying to destroy the GOP and the cowards who we constantly elect, men and women who cannot tell the difference between right and wrong.

“...NPG, financed by FAIR, states this week, “In order to truly protect our environment, population growth must be slowed, halted, and eventually reversed. Only by achieving a smaller, truly sustainable U.S. and world population can we ever expect to fully protect our environment.” CAPS added flames to the fire with racially explicit tones around population control and with financial support from the Pioneer Fund has clear interest in this topic as well. CAPS and NumbersUSA published a piece attacking Birth Right Citizenship…Last, but not least, an opinion piece written by the chairman of PFIR and president of Population Institute and the Population Media Center, William Ryerson claims, “Population growth has outpaced the green movement. People today are more environmentally conscious, more energy efficient and far more likely to recycle – but there are a lot more people on the planet.” FAIR’s front group, PFIR is simply another addition to a growing list of anti-immigrant groups being set up under the Tanton Network.

It is the intention of these groups to push overtly racist ideologies of exclusion in environmental circles. Organizations with ties to the Pioneer Fund and the Tanton Network do not represent environmentalists, but rather bigots.  Environmentalists will not be the back bone desired for preserving the white race nor will we passively allow groups like FAIR, NumbersUSA, CAPS, NPG, and PFIR to use sustainability rhetoric during Earth Week to promote racism.”…”

Wisdom dictates that one does their best not to be self-destructive.  What the far right is doing is so not wise, it borders on abject stupidity.  It is harmful to the GOP.  It is harmful to the nation.

“...I think he overstates his case a bit, but I think he makes very valid points.  The first is that this bill will very likely negatively effect the GOP with Arizona Hispanics (and there are a lot of Hispanics in Arizona).  I think that there will be short-term political gains, but potentially serious long-term political damage to the party.  And the bill will generate lawsuits.  Indeed, it allows people to sue government entities if they aren’t enforcing the law.  Further, there are going to be any number of court challenges to this process.

There is also a cost to be paid in terms of law enforcement.  Citizens in many communities are going to be less willing to interact with the police because of this law.  And, further, illegal immigrants who are witnesses to crimes are going to be too fearful to cooperate with police….”


3 thoughts on “Immigration, Republicans & Demigods on the Left & the Right

  1. The reason there is no border security is simple — the lefties have fought it tooth and nail. ..and now they whine when Arizona takes action. They have only themselves to blame.

    BTW, the same whining and hair-pulling and false cries of racism were tried when Arizona passed a law requiring ID to cast a vote.

    Think about it.. who would want anyone not entitled to vote to have that privilege?

  2. I like Lindsey’s idea of a bio-metric social security card, but would like to take it one step further – a biometric voter card. Think about it. It would take ages to get and would completely eliminate vote fraud.


  3. One colleague on how the Arizona anti Hispanic law hurt the GOP: “I think that’s the problem, we care more about what other people think than our conservative principles.”

    My business partner: “Anyone who doesn’t care about ‘other people'(non conservative voters), don’t get democracy.”

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