Why Are Conservatives Clueless About Immigration “Reform”


On the Chris Wallace show on Fox Sunday, Brit Hume and Juan Williams almost came to blows over immigration reform and what is going on in Arizona.  Williams had a very accurate view of the situation.  Hume repeated the old conservative party line.

That was fine 2  years ago.  The problem now is the situation has completely changed.  Conservatives are so concerned over hard core immigration reform they are oblivious to the actual situation.  In fact, they absolutely refuse to acknowledge that there are factors at play that completely taint the entire process.

The events this past week highlight the serious problem we have with Mexico, conservatives, and immigration reform. Several things are at work here, several different agendas.  Unfortunately they are turning into a perfect storm which is going to make life a living hell for Americans who are now going to be profiled and harassed because they are Hispanic.  (An all too common practice in the Phoenix area where Sheriff Joe rules like the Sheriff of Nottingham).

“…Despite the lost street agreement, Arpaio says defiantly he will continue his sweeps. He says he has the authority to do so under federal law, but as I pointed out in a recent blog post, the law he cited in a handout during his press conference last week is nonexistent. The language he attempts to pass off as being from the federal code actually comes from the Web site of the nativist group Connecticut Citizens for Immigration Control.

Since losing official 287(g) field operations, Arpaio’s called employees of the Department of Homeland Security “liars.” He told Glenn Beck on Beck’s Fox TV show that he has the power to arrest people based on their dress, speech, or if they look like they are from another country. When Beck asked why non-criminal aliens couldn’t be held in alternative settings such as reclaimed hotels, Joe told him, “They like to fight each other.”

In an article for GQ magazine online by writer Alexander Provan, Arpaio lost any mental filter regarding race that he’s ever had. He told Provan that migrants from Mexico bring disease. “They’re all dirty,” he insisted. Provan described Arpaio’s appearance before a ladies’ lunch group, where he dug his hole deeper while trying to defend himself.

“My daughter has adopted children of various ethnicities,” he informed the group. “I got a black, a Mexican with Down syndrome even. And yet I’m the racist, I’m the fascist, I’m the Hitler!“…”

We are dealing with a state where the idiots are now in control of the asylum.  Case in point, the state house has passed a birther bill.  Do we really want these yahoos controlling a conversation which has the potential to destroy the GOP?

There is this false bill of goods which is being sold to the drooling conservative world where brains have been ejected in favor of listening to the over-the-top rhetoric from card carrying racists and bigots who control the agenda.

“…Even as protesters continue to camp out at the Capitol, supporters are celebrating a law that they say will save lives. “The biggest reason was because a rancher in one of the counties that I represent was murdered in cold blood, along with his dog, by someone who crossed the border illegally …,” said Rep. Frank Antenori (R) of District 30.

Antenori says claims that the new law will legalize racial profiling are unfounded. “[Police] just can’t pull somebody over,” he said. “They have to be pulled over for violating traffic laws [or] they have to be called to investigate a crime or something along those lines to create the lawful contact. And then, they have to have reasonable suspicion.”

Despite that, civil rights activists across the country are promising to challenge the new law, fearing that police will racially profile Hispanics. The legislation makes it a state crime to be in the U.S. illegally. Police will be allowed to ask people about their citizenship status if there is reasonable suspicion that they are here illegally. Those who cannot show proper documentation could be arrested, locked up for six months and fined $2,500.

New Mexico Gov. Bill Richardson, who is teaming up with Brewer to call for stronger border security, calls the new law “a terrible piece of legislation.” “It’s against the democratic ideals of this country,” he said. “It’s a step backwards. It’s impractical. … Now, I’m very fond of the governor of Arizona. … We have a problem on both our borders, but I believe this bill is going to complicate a lot of issues.”
Back on the economic front, the Perryman Group estimates that if all illegal immigrants — an estimated 460,000 people — were to leave Arizona, the state would lose more than $26 billion in economic activity….”

Conservatives ignore the following things when dealing with the immigration situation.

  1. Mexico is involved in a massive drug war that is threatening to spill over the border.  We are feeding that drug war with need, money, corruption, and easy availability of guns, which are not available in Mexico.
  2. The corridor on Arizona where drugs are being run, where there is this hype about illegal immigration goes back to the 1880.  It is quite easy to walk across the border into Cochise County. There is NOTHING knew about illegal activity in that sector of the border.  To hype that it is is either proving one’s historical ignorance or refusal to acknowledge where the truth lies.
  3. The corridor through Cochise County is one of the top drug pipelines in the country.  It is about illegal narcotics, stupid – not illegal immigrants.
  4. Crime is on the rise in Maricopa County to the point where numbers are skewed for the entire state.  There is only one reason for the increase in crime:  Joe Arpaio.  Sheriff Joe’s grandstanding, mismanagement and incompetence is literally braking the county.  To date he has paid out nearly $50 million in damages for abuse, death, etc, within his department.  He has a backlog of tens of thousand of arrest warrants which he has not served.  Why, so he can grand-stand on immigration reform and feed the very strange extreme right ring conservative electorate in Cochise County.
  5. If Sheriff Joe’s incompetence could be admitted, and he were to be removed from office, the situation in Maricopa County and all of Arizona might change.  Unfortunately, as long as FOX keeps propping him up as the second coming of the second coming, this will never happen.
  6. Why are the governors of New Mexico and Texas not demanding the same sort of laws to go after Hispanics?