Diane Denish Loves Spending Our Money


Texas Watchdog has uncovered some very nasty little facts about NM Lieutenant Governor Diane Denish and her extravagant spending of taxpayer money.

Then again, she is a Democrat, so that’s fine.

From the Watchdog:

“…Richardson and Denish, by contrast, have been found by Thom Cole, investigative reporter for The Albuquerque Journal, and this site, to be frequent fliers in state aircraft.  Taxpayers have paid more than $208,000 for Denish’s use of state planes.  Records from the New Mexico General Services Department show Denish used state aircraft 143 times between April 1, 2003 and November 9, 2009.  Both politicians have used state aircraft to attend parades, and brief ceremonies and meetings. They fly at times alone or with one staff person.  The hourly rate on the state’s newest jet exceeds $1,200 an hour for the plane and two pilots.

We found that Denish spent more more than $50,000 in federal stimulus funds to fly herself, staff, and family around New Mexico.  None of Denish’s flights were for emergencies.”…”


One thought on “Diane Denish Loves Spending Our Money

  1. I knew Denish when she was in the council. She hasn’t changed.

    When she was in the council she called people racist (I was among them), when she didn’t agree with them (or refused to simply listen or answer them).

    Now just this year she called parents who chose to send their children to Private school (including Catholic or Parochial schools) …Elitists and priviledged. (this was on the KOB news)

    Please tell me how a family in Santa Fe with a yearly income of $49,000 is RICH, elitist, or priviledged for that matter?

    The fact is that this woman isn’t capable of telling the truth, can not be trusted with OUR money, and certainly can not be trusted to treat all of the people of New Mexico equally.

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