Lindsey Graham on Democrat Grandstanding on Immigration


“…”To the Hispanic community – if you bring a bill up now, it’s going to go down,” Graham said after the hearing. “You won’t get 40 votes because nobody can go back home and justify that the system is fixed when we know it’s not.”…”  Lindsey Graham

Once again Lindsey has put himself into the cross-hairs, this time with the Dems, for simply being Lindsey and doing what is right.

Barack Obama is attempting (as usual) to subdivide the country along racial lines, trying to ratchet up Hispanic anger against the GOP to get votes in November.

Conservatives and Democrats are both grandstanding on immigration reform.

“…Inroads that Republicans made among Hispanics during George W. Bush’s presidency were erased following the failed 2007 effort to overhaul the immigration system. Bush, a Texan who focused heavily on Hispanics, got 44 percent of the Hispanic vote in 2004. But Republican McCain, whose presidential campaign that year was derailed in part because of his support for comprehensive immigration reform, got only 31 percent four years later.

For their part, Obama and the Democrats who control Congress were all but forced by Brewer’s action to bring up legislation sooner than expected. Hispanics will be closely watching to see if Obama delivers on his reform promise; passage could solidify their support for the Democratic Party.

Democrats will have to walk a fine line, appeasing liberals without angering other voters, including tea party activists and conservatives who put a high premium on states’ rights. Moderate Democrats in vulnerable states and districts will have to take sides, and they could well thwart the White House to save their own jobs….”

It is disgusting.  For one thing, the far right sounds racist every time they open their big mouths and the far left sounds like demagoguery every time they open theirs.  Take Luis Gutierrez, please:

“…He also flatly called Obama’s promise to pass a comprehensive immigration reform bill in his first year a “broken promise.” More to the (electoral) point, Gutierrez has begun to openly suggest that he may consider encouraging Latinos to stay home this November which, if they did, would exacerbate the Democrats’ expected problems and electoral losses. …”

Republicans are finally starting to come out against the law.  Jeb Bush has done so Mcaro Rubio is risking his Tea Party base by being reasonable.  Karl Rove has problems with it.

Lindsey has come out against the bill, and has also declared any Dem effort this year to be dead. He also took out Janet Napolitano.

“…Ms. Napolitano, a former governor of Arizona, disagreed with Mr. Graham’s evaluation of border security. She said she knows the southwest border as well as anyone and, by every measure Congress has laid out, the border is more secure: Fewer illegal immigrants are being apprehended, and more fencing and infrastructure have been deployed.

But under close questioning by Mr. Graham, Ms. Napolitano could not say whether she would declare the border secure if she were still the governor of Arizona. She called it an “unfair question.”…”

All of this is a manipulative response for the deplorable murder of Cochise County rancher, Bob Krentz.  Recently Agua Prieta resident, Alejandro Chavez-Vasquez has been named as a person of interest.  This is terribly important to the whole story.  First, the whole thing is beginning to look more like a professional hit than an illegal immigrant off-chance murder.  The Pink Flamingo believes by the time it is over, we will discover that Krentz was murdered by the drug cartels for threatening them.  He was murdered as an “example” for other ranchers to roll over and let the drug cartels freely cross their lands.

Alejandro Chavez-Vasquez has been named as a person of interest in a series of burgerluries in the area.

“…They are looking for Alejandro Chavez-Vasquez, who has given authorities various birth dates and lives in Agua Prieta, Mexico. Officials say he has a criminal history with convictions that include sex crimes, auto theft and being an  aggravated deported illegal immigrant, according to a news release from the department…..”

Allegedly, according to a report The Pink Flamingo cannot confirm, a big-game hunter was brought in to track the killer of Krentz.  This would not surprise me, considering the remarkable group of people who live in Cochise.

Cochise County has been ground zero for criminal activity along the border since the days when Wyatt Earp and his band of immortals were fighting the Cowboys and the corrupt Democratic political machine within the county.  From what I can tell, the route the person hired to murder Bob Krentz basically used the same route the Cowboys did when they were smuggling Mexican cattle over the border.

Where the far right goes so wrong is in their abject historical ignorance.  Now days, instead of Mexican cattle, the bad guys are smuggle illegal drugs.  One thing our dear little far right Henny-Pennys do not either comprehend or care to learn is the fact that during the days of the Cochise County War, ranchers in Cochise County were terrorized by the likes of the Clantons, Johnny, Ringo, the McLaurys, and their associates.   If a rancher refused to do what the Cowboys wished them to do, they would go in, steal their horses and cows, then would probably brutally murder the owners of the ranch.

The difference during the Earp era was the fact that Americans were the onces going into Mexico to terrorize the ranchers along the border.  Today, the drug cartels are coming across the border from Mexico to Arizona to terrorize the ranchers.

It is too bad people don’t bother to learn the lessons of history.

Like Lindsey said, we are fighting a war with Mexico – not a war with the country but a war with Mexico’s out of control drug cartels.  They believe in kill or be killed.  the drug cartels are as much danger to those of us who live along the border as is Al Qaeda.  The problem is the far right has been drinking the Numbers USA, FAIR, and ALIPAC poison swill for so long, they are no longer capable of rational thought.

If we do not get serious about the drug war going on in Mexico, this entire part of the country is going to be endangered.  Carding an illegal immigrant for speaking Spanish is not going to stop the drug war.  One of the reasons so many people are fleeing Mexico is for their safety.  I would be doing the same thing.

This is war.

Unfortunately Lindsey Graham appears to be one of the few rational voices in Washington who understands the problem we are facing here in Texas, New Mexico, Arizona, and California.  People are dying because of the drug cartels which are out of control.  In Mexico, people are not allowed to own guns to protect themselves.  The drug cartels are smuggling guns purchased through gun-show loop-holes here in the US, keeping them in safe houses along the border, and smuggling them into Mexico to kill people.

One day Lindsey will no longer be the lone, reasonable voice telling the world that we are fighting a drug war with Mexico – I hope.

People are dying and all the far right can do is talk about how great this new law is in Arizona.  Dear Lord give them a brain and let them use it!

One of the great ironies in all of this is the fact that the extreme right hates Lindsey.  They worship the ghost of Ronald Reagan.  Funny thing, Lindsey is probably more like Ronald Reagan that anyone on the GOP and conservative scene today.  Maybe that’s why they hate him so much.


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