Show Me Your Papers


The problem with the new law in Arizona is it presumes anyone who does not speak perfect English, or anyone who had English as a second language is an immigrant and must produce papers.  It DOES NOT ALLOW FOR people to have been born here in the US, from families who have been here for hundreds of years, who do not have English as their first language.

While the English first bigots will begin screaming, I live in New Mexico.  We are state where many older Hispanics still do not speak English, but their families have been here forever.

The problem is the fact that the “brains” behind the law is Kris Kobach, one of Sheriff Joe’s happy little associates. Sheriff Joe has other associates, many of them not very nice.   Kobach is a FAIR flunkie, a close friend of Russell Pearce, etc.

“….The committee ultimately allowed Kobach to speak, but the stigma Kobach carries with him both precedes and hounds him. In 2004, he ran as a Republican against Democratic Congressman Dennis Moore, and was spanked hard, losing by 11 percent to Moore in Kansas’ largely Republican 3rd District. One reason he lost, according to The Road to Congress 2004 was because, “in general, Kobach was accused of taking money from a white supremacist organization, and the charge stuck.” Currently, Kobach is vying to be Kansas’ Secretary of State…..Kobach is also the proponent of a near-mystical nativist legal concept: that local cops have the inherent authority to enforce all federal statutes. Most legal scholars find this idea laughable, but folks like Arpaio and Arizona state Senator Russell Pearce cling to it like a life preserver in choppy waters….”

The reason I am against this law is it was created by one of Sheriff Joe’s flunkies.  This is a test case that will be used throughout the country.  It comes directly from FAIR.  The Pink Flamingo is convinced that it is all part of John Tanton’s master plan.  Tanton is the most evil person in the country.  He is manipulative, decisive, and, like George Soros, is like some megalomaniac from a James Bond movie.  Do not doubt part of the reason this bill was promoted at this time was to hurt the GOP.


The Tanton Machine is starting to turn a little left, and is starting to promote his green and pro-abortion agenda.  Don’t blame The Pink Flamingo for making fun of Tanton flunkies like Michelle Malkin, Kobach, and Laura Ingraham when they are hung out to try.


Then again – perhaps it is just Sheriff Joe’s brand of corruption.  For your consideration:

“...Now consider the fact that Gov Brewer, bill sponsor Russell Pearce, Joe Arpaio and Andrew Thomas are in meetings with the Dept of Prisons and the owners of Private Prisons. In fact, these private prison owners are among their largest political contributors. Consider the fact that this month, another private prison was approved to house all the families, all in anticipation of the Supression Sweeps in Latino neighborhoods that will occur if this bill is enacted.

Consider the fact that on April 12, 2010, just 13 days before Russell Pearce’s Bill was signed by Gov. Brewer, the Globe City Council voted, in support of a NEW private prison of the Globe, Arizona proposal introduced by the Southern Gila County Economic Development Corporation….”

People who are in Arizona legally, even Hispanics have no worries, right?  The august George Will provides reason why this is NOT about immigration but about abject racism and bigotry against Hispanics.

“…Non-Hispanic Arizonans of all sorts live congenially with all sorts of persons of Hispanic descent. These include some whose ancestors got to Arizona before statehood — some even before it was a territory. They were in America before most Americans’ ancestors arrived. Arizonans should not be judged disdainfully and from a distance by people whose closest contacts with Hispanics are with fine men and women who trim their lawns and put plates in front of them at restaurants, not with illegal immigrants passing through their back yards at 3 a.m….”

If a person is here in the US as an immigrant, they should have some sort of identification on them.  That is the law.  If a person is illegal an is caught, that is another story, but they should be treated decently.


The problem of the sort of PROFILING  that is planned in Arizona is the fact that innocent, American Born Hispanics will be harmed.  I don’t much care about some person who is here illegally and is not here for humanitarian reasons.  I am concerned about the abuse of power that WILL occur in Maricopa County.  There is an extensive track record for abuse of power in Maricopa by Sheriff Joe and his goon squad.  To even pretend otherwise is intellectually dishonest.


The other day I was told a story by a friend.  When she was 8 years old, she and her mother traveled via bus from San Patricio, New Mexico (Hondo Valley) to Los Angeles.  When the bus stopped in Phoenix, my friend and her mother were singled out by INS because they are Hispanic.

Her mother, who was descended from the conquistadors never learned to speak English.  When my friend was sent to boarding school when she was six, she was WHIPPED by her teachers because she did not speak English at that time.  New Mexico is the only officially bi-lingual state in the country.  (Deal with it).

They were taken of the bus.  My friend was made to translate.  INS told her that she and her mother were going to be deported to Mexico because they were here illegally.  Her mother had her driver’s license, voter registration card, social security card.  She had no records for my friend, they had never needed to provide anything to prove they WERE NOT AMERICANS.

They missed their bus and were held in custody for over three hours.  My friend, at age 8, was repeatedly harassed, told she and her mother were to be deported.  She told them, over and over that they did not know anyone in Mexico that her family was in New Mexico.  Because the Hondo Valley did not have phone service at the time, there was no way her story could be authenticated without further harassment.

She told me she still worries about the fact that some member of the Border Patrol, INS, or law enforcement will not accept the fact that they are Americans.  Her family has been here – in New Mexico – for 500 years.  How the hell do they produce immigration papers?

The Far Right and their little game players like Rush Limbaugh, Sean Hannity, Laura Ingraham have lost all rational thought when it comes to immigration reform.  They are either too stupid or too blind to even comprehend the salient facts of the situation.

We are at war on the border – with the drug cartels.  This is no longer about immigration reform. This is about a war where people are dying, being murdered in increasingly large numbers by drug cartels.

It is about drugs, vast amounts of them.

The Pink Flamingo is working on what may be an explosive story disproving that little canard.  Hispanics in Maricopa County are living in terror, primarily because of Sheriff Joe’s irrational and terribly bigoted reign of terror.  And – find me one Republican who will stand up against him?  No one will.  He has everyone snowed.

Right now there are some who are saying the GOP could have a 70 seat victory in the House in November.  If things continue the way they are now, with this immigration mess, forget it.  Fact is, if J. D. Hayworth were to win the nomination, we would lose McCain’s Senate seat.  While this would please Rush Limbaugh and those who don’t give a damn about the GOP, I am more interested in my country and keeping the Dems in check.  Please, explain why this is not patriotic.

People like Duncan Hunter, who want to deport LEGALLY BORN AMERICAN CITIZENS because of their parents, are going to destroy the party.  This is just plain wrong.

“…Representative Duncan Hunter wants to deport the U.S.-born children of illegal immigrants.Hunter, who spoke at a tea party gathering in Ramona Saturday, said he does not believe children born to illegal immigrant parents should get automatic U.S. citizenship. In a video posted Saturday on YouTube, Hunter appears to be taking questions from the crowd when he is asked if he would support the deportation of children born to illegal immigrants. “I would have to,” he said….”

This is why the far right is out of their minds.  Duncan Hunter is ignoring the drug war on the border.  This is just plain insane and self-destructive.

Why is Rush suddenly deciding that wanting to win elections for the GOP and grow the party is not good for the country?  He is irrational – just like other minions of the far right when it comes to immigration reform.  With the exception of Michael Medved, please, find one sane voice on the radio.

The Pink Flamingo has many friends who are Hispanic.  To a person every one of them is either nationalized or born here in the USA.  To a person EVERY ONE OF THEM is a Republican.  Sorry, but what is going on in AZ is unAmerican!

One of the “selling points” for profiling illegals in Arizona is anyone who speaks with an accent should have their immigration papers on them. What if a person speaks with an accent but was born here?  Do they go to Sheriff Joe’s filthy jails until they provide their immigration papers?   But – there is no racism, right?

What will happen when my friend Maggie goes to visit her brother in Phoenix and is asked to show her immigration papers?  Does she produce a copy of the land grant the Charles I, King of Spain, to one of her conquistador ancestors?  What about my father’s “best bud” John, who works in and out of Arizona on a weekly basis?  Does he carry a copy of that original land grant and then his genealogy?

“…Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio said Monday that even before the new Arizona immigration law was signed last week, his deputies were arresting “very few” non-Hispanics.  Arpaio is under federal investigation over allegations of mistreatment of prisoners and for allegedly unfairly targeting Hispanics, which he has repeatedly said is politically motivated.  Asked Monday night during an interview on CNN’s “Larry King Live” what percentage of non-Hispanics have been detained out of all the arrests his office has made, Arpaio responded: “Well, very few.” “We happen to be next to the border,” Arpaio said. “So, consequently, many of the arrests are from Mexico or Latin America.”…”

Can you imagine going out to dinner with a friend and her Hispanic (Central America) immigrant boyfriend and he is required to produce his immigration papers?

What would you do?

I would be a little hot under the collar and probably open my big fat mouth and say something I should not say.

My mother has a very good friend who refuses to leave her home with out her immigration papers, citizenship papers, voting card, etc.  She will not allow her American born son to go anywhere without a passport.  She leaves in fear of the encroaching anti-immigration sentiment in this country.

What happens when INS, BP, and US Marshals raid your friend’s home, arresting their son for murder, and being illegal, and ABSOLUTELY REFUSING to allow him to produce the paperwork to prove his wallet was stolen somewhere in El Paso?  Well, you call a big time defense attorney who absolutely destroys the authorities.

What happens when you are Hispanic and have a child with a specific birth defect that leads to brittle bones.  Because of racial profiling that infant is taken away from you because you allegedly abused your child?  What if, because you are Hispanic, no one will bother checking medical records?  Yes, I know the mother.  I will be writing about it when the whole case is settled.

If profiling is happening, and my friends from China (now registered Republican) are stopped in AZ and required to produce their papers?  Well, it will not happen, even if 40% of illegals come from China.  It is not about going after illegal immigrants, it is anti-Hispanic.

Surprisingly, Roger Simon has hit the nail on the head.

“…What is to be done? Damned if I know.  But I have to admit that sometimes I am afraid.  I love Mexico and have been there who knows how many times (50? 60? 80?).  I went all the time, slipping over the border to Ensenada for the weekend or flying down to Oaxaca for a serious cultural/culinary vacation.  That is I used to.  Now I’d rather go to Iraq.  Mexico seems more dangerous, especially around the border.  It’s a war zone ruled by murderous drug lords.  Recently the carnage has become extraordinary. Having that border wide open seems, well, crazy.  You feel terrible for the Mexican people and you fear from your own life if you visit a border town.

Mexico never has fared very well at fixing itself.  (“So far from God, so close to… etc.”).  Its leaders of the right and left are worse than Chicago.  Maybe a fence would help them face reality.  And make things a bit fairer up here….”

What is to be done?


If the drug wars continue in Mexico, the US is going to be experiencing, in the next couple of years, a mass migration of refugees the likes of which we have never seen.  Contrary to the kaka you hear from Hannity or Rush, or Michelle Malkin who probably doesn’t even know a Hispanic and would ask for papers if she met one, it is NOT about this idiotic reconquesta canard.  It is about people who need to get their families to safety.

If we do not step in and do something to stop these drug cartels people here in the US are going to die.

This is a drug war – get it?

Nah, you don’t.  That’s the problem. With the exception of Lindsey Graham, not many people in Washington comprehend the fact that we are heading to a war with Mexico over drugs.