iPad 3-G Has Arrived – Don’t Waste Your Money On It!


I was so excited, having waited for weeks for this thing.

My first impression was “way cool”.

Then….I had to deal with AT&T to get my 3G to work.  After 4 hours, 4 calls to Apple, 1 to Capital One, and 2 to AT&T, I still DO NOT HAVE my 3G working.

AT&T will NOT authorize charges to cards for cells who use a post office box.  Yes, I know it sounds like a jack ass thing, but then we’re talking AT&T.  Allegedly AT&T will not allow someone to charge a cell thingie on a credit card that does not have a physical address because the person making the charge could be a terrorists and they could get in trouble with Homeland Security new Democrat banking laws.

From MacLife:

“…One such customer, a new iPad 3G + Wi-Fi owner, has reported being unable to log on to AT&T’s 3G network with the device because of the non-physical billing address tied to their credit card — like a P.O. box, for example.

The user added that they had attempted to use two credit cards, both failed to be accepted. After calling AT&T to get to the root of the issue, the new user was advised to change the billing address of their credit card to help solve the problem. The assumed result would be that once they changed their address to a physical location–one that was not tied to a post office or place of business–their iPad 3G would then connect to the internet.

When questioned about the situation, AT&T told the customer that a physical address is a requirement of a new local number. In addition, all new credit cards applicants also need a physical address according to new banking laws.
At press time, AT&T representative Mark Siegel advised us that “requiring a physical address for new accounts wasn’t anything new” — apparently AT&T has always required this to set up new accounts for service….”

This is from AT&T

Unfortunately, we cannot accept a post office box in place of your street address. A street address is required by Federal law to provide a geographic location for each wireless device that can be associated with the state, county, or city for tax purposes. In order to comply with the Mobile Telecommunications Sourcing Act (MTSA) of 2002, AT&T is required to capture and maintain a Place of Primary Use (PPU) address for all of its customers. PPU is defined as a valid street (physical) address within the defined licensed service area for the customer’s home market. This address is used only for taxation purposes, not to determine if a customer can have an out of market secondary/additional line. In addition, we use your street address to reduce the risk of identity theft and fraud against you. Our Credit and Activations policy is to run credit only on a physical address. Customers can provide a post office box for their mailing address, but not for billing or place of primary use. A post office box may be entered after the activation process has been approved. The billing zip code you provide us needs to match the zip code on your credit card. Our Credit and Activations policy matches the billing zip with the zip on your credit card as a way to reduce the risk of identity theft and fraud.”

I cannot get AT &T to take my card.  If this continues beyond Monday, it’s gong back or I’ll put it up on Ebay.

I am furious – I’ve spent hours on this today.

I do like the Kindle app.