Deconstructing Dan Stein


The Pink Flamingo does not watch Rachel Maddow’s show.  BUT – on Thursday night, she beat the you know what out of Dan Stein of FAIR.  Because I know quite a bit about the subject, I quickly realized that Maddow’s had done her homework.

Video link:

Stein was vile and nasty in the interview, and just plain lied.

FAIR was responsible for the AZ immigration law.

Stein denied funding and working with the PAN bunch:

“…The more than 100,000 signatures that will be delivered on that day are the result of the combined efforts of many volunteers, as well as the signature gathering support provided by the Federation for American Immigration Reform, the FAIR Congressional Task Force, Americans for Better Immigration, POPSTOP and Americans for Immigration Control, Inc. These groups will continue to gather signatures until the July 1 deadline.

Those attending will be:

Representative Russell Pearce
Representative Randy Graf
Rusty Childress
Kathy McKee, PAN Chairman (invited)
Claudia Bloom, PAN Treasurer (invited)
Dan Stein, executive director of FAIR
According to Stein, “there will be full public disclosure of how the funds were spent to gather these signatures. Every dime that FAIR and these other organizations have raised to obtain signatures for Arizona’s PAN has been spent in Arizona to get signatures,” he said….


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