Missing Him Already Yet – GWB Uses a Kindle!


The Great Man uses a Kindle.

According to The Swamp:

“…She says this about the criticism that her husband, the 43rd president of the United States and son of the 41st, fielded during two terms in office — particularly during the second term: “The criticism of political figures is so extreme, that they end up being characterized in a way that they’re not at all. And we knew that. When George’s dad was president, it was very hard for us to tolerate. We hated that. It’s too bad because I think it discourages people from even considering public office.”

The two share “many of the same friends” from Texas, “and that’s particularly comforting when you’re in political life,” she tells the magazine. “It was a great comfort to George and me to have our old friends from Midland visit us in Washington, especially at stressful times. They didn’t try to talk about issues; they came to just be there for us.

“George loves to tell the story of how all his Midland friends would come to the Oval Office and say, ‘I can’t believe I’m here.’ And then they looked at him. Couldn’t believe he was there either.”….

“George reads with a Kindle, but I don’t have one yet,” his wife, a former school librarian, says. “I should get on because I really could enjoy the large type. That’d be great for me.” …”

Evidently people are finally starting to realize what a Great Man we had as POTUS.


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