The FAIR Version of Immigration Reform & Idiot Governors


Let’s get this straight.  Jan Brewer’s new law, written by John Tanton’s flunkie, Kris Kobach for white supremacist lovin’ Russell Pierce, will not allow someone who is illegally targeted by the cops and is not illegal, from having any recourse?

Ruben Navarrett, Jr. brought up a salient point of Jan Brewer’s idiot law.

“…As such, the law doesn’t just allow for the possibility of racial and ethnic profiling of anyone suspected of being an illegal immigrant (read: Latinos). It all but requires this sort of thing to happen. In fact, it includes a provision by which concerned citizens can sue law enforcement agencies that they believe to be non-compliant.

[Yet, curiously, in what was surely an oversight, the law contains no such provision allowing Latinos who were either born in the United States or who reside here legally to sue law enforcement agencies that profile them, in violation of federal law.]…”

But – none of this is racist, right?  If you add in the fact that Jan Brewer signed a bill eliminating all ethnic studies in the state, and now there is a purge of educators who do not speak perfect English – please  – explain how this is not racist.

“…Arizona’s enforcement of fluency standards is based on an interpretation of the federal No Child Left Behind Act. That law states that for a school to receive federal funds, students learning English must be instructed by teachers fluent in the language. Defining fluency is left to each state, a spokesman for the U.S. Department of Education said.

“The teacher obviously must be fluent in every aspect of the English language,” said Adela Santa Cruz, director of the Arizona education-department office charged with enforcing standards in classes for students with limited English.

The education department has dispatched evaluators to audit teachers across the state on things such as comprehensible pronunciation, correct grammar and good writing.

Teachers that don’t pass muster may take classes or other steps to improve their English; if fluency continues to be a problem, Ms. Santa Cruz said, it is up to school districts to decide whether to fire teachers or reassign them to mainstream classes not designated for students still learning to speak English. However, teachers shouldn’t continue to work in classes for non-native English speakers….”

The Wonk Room has uncovered something in the changes of the AZ anti-Hispanic Racial Profiling Law.  What has come out of the new version is aimed directly at the Hispanic community.

“...Wonk Room recently obtained an email written by Kris Kobach, a lawyer at the Immigration Reform Law Institute — the group which credits itself with writing the bill — to Arizona state Sen. Russell Pierce (R), urging him to include language that will allow police to use city ordinance violations such as “cars on blocks in the yard” as an excuse to “initiate quieries” in light of the “lawful contact” deletion:….More importantly, Kobach is basically admitting to Pearce that by allowing police to use the violation of “any county or municipal ordinance” as a basis for inquiring about a person’s immigration status, the bill will still cast a wide enough net to help offset the effect of omitting the “lawful contact” language which would’ve allowed police to ask just about anyone they encounter about their immigration status. The examples Kobach provides, “cars on blocks in the yard” or “too many occupants of a rental accommodation,” suggest that net will mostly end up being cast over the poor…”

None of this is racist.

It is also aimed at a community that may not be able to afford to fight harassment and profiling.

“…That change clarifies that a police officer responding to city ordinance violations would also be required to determine the immigration status of an individual they have reasonable suspicion of being in the country illegally. City ordinance violations vary by municipality but could include things like loud parties, barking dogs, cars on blocks in the yard or too many renters.

Bill supporters say the addition of the word “ordinance” does not change anything because under the signed law, officers could question the legal status of anyone they come into lawful contact with, whether that lawful contact related to a law or an ordinance….”

The Pink Flamingo knows for a fact that this sort of harassment is going on in Maricopa County, even before the new “law”.  I am working on a story about an individual who is decended from the conquestadors, from NM, very well off, businessman, who lives in Phoenix, who is being harassed on a regular basis by Sheriff Joe’s goons.

Considering how broke the state of Arizona is, why the heck is Jan Brewer (idiot governor) doing this now?  The Pink Flamingo must admit that I think Brewer is a fool and I have no use for her.  She is wasting a fortune on her new unconstitutional immigration bill, but did not give a damn about saving the Tombstone Courthouse.  (Which was making money for the state).  She has raised taxes.  She failed to even allow anyone to save the Courthouse, which is an important historical monument.

Linda Chavez wrote:

“…The problem with this theory is that actual crime statistics tell a different story. Crime in Arizona has consistently gone down over the last 15 years, even while illegal immigration was increasing. The FBI’s Uniform Crime Reports show that the violent crime rate statewide in Arizona has been cut by almost 40 percent since 1995, and property crimes have followed the same pattern.

Violent crime rates — including rape, murder and robbery — haven’t been this low since 1972, and Arizona’s violent crime decreased at a faster rate than the national decline over the same period. More importantly, this decline in violent crime occurred during the very period that Arizona experienced a huge influx of illegal immigrants, with the Arizona border becoming the main source of illegal entry from Mexico in every year since 1998. Whatever other problems Arizonans have with illegal immigrants, they can’t blame them for a non-existent rise in violent crime….”


4 thoughts on “The FAIR Version of Immigration Reform & Idiot Governors

  1. You seem to me to be a very vicious person taking Law abiding citizens and seemingly casting them as criminals and then smearing them with racism. You are doing a great disservice to the U.S. Constitution and Public Safety. The Laws are NOT being enforced, and I don’t want my wife – who is a LEGAL immigrant – to be FORCED to pay for the Law breaking of others and the LIFETIME benefits they receive for that Lawbreaking.

    Thanks for listening,

  2. I don’t want my Hispanic friends, who are American Born to be treated like dirt, either. I know of too many horror stories not to care about this. I know for a fact that in Phoenix they are racial profiling and harassing Hispanics who are born in the US. They are driving by homes, knocking on doors, when people are out watering their lawn, doing yard work, etc. they are being harassed. These people were born in the US.

    Wake up about Sheriff Joe.


  3. I was born in South America but am a legal citizen and have gotten my identity stolen once when I lost my wallet. I refuse to carry any important document since then and think its ridiculous that if I go to visit friends in Arizona I can be stopped because I look hispanic and have to have very important legal documents at hand. Whats next? Want to tatoo our green cards on our arms so you are aware we are here legally. Brewer is a sad picure of a leader in this great country who was built by immigrants from all over the world. I hope someone more educated and with a belief that diversity will only make us stronger will replace her.

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