Obama Destroying US Space Leadership


It’s just another great big fat Pink Flamingo I TOLD YOU SO.  Ave Week has a terrifying piece about just what the Obama Administration is doing to our beloved space program.

What is wrong with these people?

Are they incompetent or is it just me? Sorry, but I don’t go with the tin-hat theories of socialism or destroying the country.  The answer to the Obama Administration’s Incompetence thingie is staring us in the face.  They are all educators and college think tank types.  Name one member of the O Administration who has ever had a real job, lived in the real world, or had to write a paycheck for employees.

Yea – that’s the answer – they are pie in the sky educ-rats who have never grown up, emotionally.  I swear some of ’em must be living in their parents’ basement.  H/T America Space

“…A preliminary version of an upcoming report on the link between national security and U.S. commercial launch capabilities warns that U.S. leadership in space is threatened by poor coordination in setting space policy.

The Center for Strategic and International Studies is seeking website comment on its report — “National Security and the Commercial Space Sector” — in the hope that several ongoing government space policy reviews will incorporate the best advice on sound commercial launch policy in their findings.

“We do not have a very sophisticated approach to industrial security and technology,” said John Hamre, president of CSIS and a former deputy U.S. defense secretary, during an event in Washington April 30. Presenting what he said were his personal views on the subject, Hamre charged that export-control techniques set up to keep the Soviet Union from using valuable U.S. defense technology don’t work today, when modern communications make it much more difficult to contain industrial secrets….While CSIS identified “as many as 29 recently completed or ongoing space launch studies within the U.S. government,” it found no one group within the government had oversight on them all. As an example, Berteau said, “we did not anticipate the president’s budget decision” on NASA, which could have significant impact on U.S. commercial launch capability if it is used to deliver crews to the International Space Station.

Kiley noted that Defense Secretary Robert Gates has publicly stated that he was “not adequately” consulted on the policy shift at NASA….”


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