Are the Grown-Up Republicans Finally Taking Over?


It looks like the grown-ups (read Karl Rove, Ed Gillespie) are taking over, thank heavens!  They are going to do for the GOP what Goerge Soros did for the Dems.

The Pink Flamingo is finally happy.  Republicans are doing something for Republicans.

Please note it is REPUBLICAN!

Thank heavens it is REPUBLICAN!

It is Republican, without that little tag “conservative”.  There is not “Libertarian” or “Libertarian Republican” just Republicans for Republicans!

Thank heavens for Karl Rove!  I think he is The Pink Flamingo’s new hero!

I am so happy….no “conservative” superiority, no demands for purity, no sign of Ron Paul, just real, honest to goodness Republicans!  There is no losertarian nastiness.  It is just plain old Republican!

The components:

American Action Network

Board Members of the American Action Network
Fred Malek, Chairman, Network Board, and Chairman, Thayer Capital Partners
Senator Norm Coleman, CEO, American Action Network and Forum
Senator George Allen, President, George Allen Strategies, LLC.
Isaac Applbaum, founding General Partner, Opus Capital
Maria Cino, Vice President of Government Affairs, Pfizer Inc.
Dylan Glenn, Senior Vice President, Guggenheim Advisors
Ambassador Boyden Gray, former U.S. Ambassador to the European Union
B. Wayne Hughes, Jr., Founder and Senior Vice President of American Commercial Equities Inc.
Senator Mel Martinez, Partner, DLA Piper
Congresswoman Susan Molinari, Senior Principal, Bracewell & Giuliani
Congressman Jim Nussle, President and CEO, The Nussle Group
Congressman Tom Reynolds, Senior Strategic Policy Advisor, Nixon Peabody
Ambassador Gregory Slayton, President and CEO, NRX Global
Congressman Vin Weber, Managing Partner, Clark and Weinstock

American Crossroads

“…designed to counter spending by labor and progressive groups, including the AFL-CIO, Service Employees International Unit and — will focus on voter contact with the potential to move into ground game and turnout efforts. Organized under the tax code as a Section 527 organization, meaning it can spend directly on political activity, it’s set an ambitious budget of $52 million and says it’s already received commitments for $30 million of that. Its president and CEO is former top U.S. Chamber of Commerce executive Steven Law; its political director is veteran GOP operative Carl Forti. The chairman is Mike Duncan, former RNC chairman; the treasurer is Jo Ann Davidson, former RNC co-chairwoman; and the secretary is Jim Dyke, former RNC communications director….”

Resurgent Republic

“…Resurgent Republic’s Board of Directors:

Ed Gillespie, former Chairman of the Republican National Committee and Counselor to President Bush
Whit Ayres, Founder and President, Ayres, McHenry & Associates
Leslie Sanchez, Founder and CEO, Impacto Group
Resurgent Republic’s Advisory Board consists of some of our most respected and successful leaders including:

The Honorable Haley Barbour, Governor of Mississippi and former RNC Chairman
The Honorable George Allen, former Chairman of the National Republican Senatorial Committee (NRSC)
The Honorable Bill Paxon, former Chairman of the National Republican Congressional Committee (NRCC)
The Honorable Vin Weber, former Member of the House Republican Leadership
The Honorable Mary Matalin, former Assistant to the President and former Executive Director of the Republican National Committee
The National Survey Research Advisory Board is comprised of professionals who have decades of combined experience in public opinion research.  They include:

Glen Bolger, Co-Founder and Partner, Public Opinion Strategies
Linda DiVall, Founder, American Viewpoint
Ed Goeas, President and CEO, The Tarrance Group
John McLaughlin, CEO and Partner, McLaughlin and Associates
Jan Van Lohuizen, President, Voter Consumer Research
The Academic Advisory Board is comprised of renowned political and behavioral scientists with a record of research on public attitudes and behavior.  They include:

Gary Andres, Ph.D. Research Fellow, American University, Center for Congressional and Presidential Studies
David Brady, Ph.D. Professor, Stanford University, Department of Political Science and Graduate School of Business
James W. Ceaser, Ph.D. Professor of Politics, The University of Virginia
William F. Connelly, Jr. Ph.D. John K. Boardman Politics Professor, Washington and Lee University
James G. Gimpel, Ph.D. Professor of Government, University of Maryland, Department of Government and Politics
John R. Petrocik, Ph.D. Professor and Chair, University of Missouri, Department of Political Science
John J. Pitney, Jr. Ph.D. Professor of Politics, Claremont-McKenna College
Daron Shaw, Ph.D. Professor, University of Texas at Austin, Department of Government
The Legal Advisory Board is comprised of a seasoned group of attorneys who offer professional advice based upon decades of experience.  They include:
Jan Witold Baran, Partner, Wiley Rein LLP
E. Mark Braden, Of Counsel, Baker Hostetler LLP
Benjamin L. Ginsberg, Partner, Patton Boggs LLP
Tom Josefiak, Partner, Holtzman Vogel PLLC
Charles R. Spies, Of Counsel, McKenna Long …”

Republican State Leadership Committee

“…The Republican State Leadership Committee’s mission is to elect more Republicans at the state level, including Attorneys General, Lieutenant Governors, Secretaries of State, and State Legislators. The RSLC is the largest caucus of Republican state leaders in the Country….”

American Action Forum


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