Why Has FOX Covered Up Police Brutality Against a Mexican?


Is it possible that the FOX NEWS editorial line to snuggle up to hard-core anti-immigration promoters is tainting their coverage of the news?  According to almost every person on FOX, there is NO police brutality against Latinos.  It is a myth promoted by the extreme far right.  It is no wonder that a FOX affiliate would refuse to air anything that would taint the flagship’s story-line.

Drudge has the headline:

There is a firestorm in Seattle.  It seems a group of cops harass a young Mexican man, kick him in the head, and let him go after they realize he is not their suspect.

That is bad enough.

Evidently a FOX affiliate in Seattle edited the footage of a police arrest following a nasty local crime..  The FOX affiliate told the freelance reporter, Jud Morris, that it would NOT go on the air.  The question is why?    When they REFUSED to air the video, he shopped it around and put it on Youtube. There are a tremendous number of legal questions about the whole affair.  BUT …

Why would a FOX affiliate hide such a damning story?  According to a local blog:

“...“I was told flat out… that this video will not go to air—we will not air it,” Morris says. “They said it is not that egregious. Those were the exact words.”

Morris believes Q-13 rejected the footage because the station has strong ties to the SPD and law enforcement throughout the state, such as airing a show called Washington’s Most Wanted, which profiles fugitives in the state.

“I said I know about our relationship with the police because of Washington’s Most Wanted, but it’s time to get out of bed,” Morris says. Airing the video on Q-13 “would affect their relationship with the police. KCPQ’s top concern is their relationship with the police. … Because of their relationship with police, they are in a position where they get scoops and stories that nobody else gets. They work so closely on that all the time. They are just not willing to let that go, even if it means not reporting real news.”…”

The story line was that the video was suppressed to protect the cops.  The Pink Flamingo has another question:  Was the video edited because of the FOX News editorial view that there is NO HARASSMENT OF MEXICANS in this country?

This is the footage from KIROTV.  It is rather damning.  For those who say there is no police brutality or racism against Mexicans, please, watch this.  This is the raw, uncut footage.  At 0.33 seconds into the film you can hear the racial slur and the profanity.  At 0.53 you can see where the cop kicked the guy in the head.

The real question is why did the FOX affiliate edit the footage?  Then one might ask just what else FOX NEWS is covering up in the way of violence against Latinos and police harassment against Latinos.  If FOX were to feature stories that counter their darling line-up of O’Reilly (who never met a Mexican he ever liked) Beck, Hannity (deport ’em all) and the constant adulation of Sheriff Joe, then, well, it would make their anti-immigration people look bad.

“…The videographer said he was told he might be sued if other stations ran the footage.

Though Morris said the station did not discuss in detail why staff wouldn’t run the footage, he believes it was influenced by “Washington’s Most Wanted,” a weekly show that details fugitives and highlights police work. He called the show “their moneymaker.”

Seattlepi.com has partnered with “Washington’s Most Wanted” to feature cold case and other segments on the Seattle 911 blog.

News Director Steve Kraycik, who calls were referred to Friday night, and managing editor Erica Hill did not return calls for comment late Friday.

Morris said that after Q13 Fox did not immediately air the footage, a producer suggested he put it on YouTube. It was posted to the site April 20 or 21.

After the video was posted on YouTube, Morris said he was contacted by someone from the Seattle Police Office of Professional Accountability. He also worked out a deal to sell the footage to KIRO/7.

“This past Monday, I got a call saying ‘We heard you put this up on YouTube. Don’t bother coming in tonight,” said Morris, adding he typically worked for Q13 Fox from roughly 8 p.m. to 3 a.m. “I was in my own truck, on my own time, with my own camera.”

The night of the incident, Morris said he was trying to keep his overtime hours down.

Q13 Fox staff was alerted to the YouTube posting by Seattle police, according to KIRO/7 staff, who paid for the content. The video was pulled from YouTube after the deal was made with KIRO/7.

Q13’s Managing Editor, Erica Hill, implied to seattlepi.com Friday morning that her station has exclusive rights to the video. The station posted a more than six-minute version on their Web site Friday morning.

Morris, who said he normally gets $100 to $150 for footage, said he plans to bill Q13 and other news stations for running the video.

“It’s a little overwhelming,” he said of the reaction Friday. “This is what I got in the news business for — to bring the truth out. Honestly, in a little over a year in this business I didn’t think to get the biggest story Seattle’s seen in a while.”…”