The Pauls, Third Parties, DeMint’s Ambition, and Tea Party Spoilers


The Ron Paul ego trip continues.  In Iowa, his Bots managed to stage  a small coup (the way they have done in SC, OK, UT, etc).  Now they are promoting this idiot for POTUS.

“...Since the 2008 caucuses, no potential presidential candidate has visited Iowa more than Ron Paul. With a friendlier SCC, a tailor made political environment, and a wealth of knowledge from his previous run, Ron Paul could be a force to be reckoned with in the 2012 Iowa caucuses.

Congressman Paul returns to Iowa this weekend to headline the Campaign for Liberty’s regional conference. The event will be held at the Embassy Suites in Des Moines on May 14 to 16. The conference will focus on the future of conservatism in America….”

If you haven’t noticed, the Tea Party “patriots” have turned on Sarah Palin.  She is now evil because she did not do what they demanded they do.  That’s okay, the new darling of the far right is SC’s junior senator, Jim DeMint.  He’s now a king-maker, with Malkin waxing almost orgasmic about his conservative prowess.

“…DeMint, who says he’d rather stand with a committed minority than a big-tent majority, insists he’s not trying to pick fights. But his political radar often seems sharper than his diplomacy. His Conservatives Fund ranks sitting senators, for example, and gives Republican Leader Mitch McConnell of Kentucky a grade of 79 out of 100 – a “C” – while DeMint gets a perfect score.

Sen. John Cornyn, chairman of the Senate committee to get Republicans elected, said DeMint may be hurting the party’s ability to regain power in Washington.

“My goal is simply to build our numbers so we can provide checks and balances to single-party power here in Washington,” Cornyn said. “I think he has a different goal, which is to try to move the Republican conference in a more conservative direction. If that were possible and we were able to win elections all around the country I would be all for it, but I think as a pragmatic matter we’ve got to nominate Republicans who can get elected in their states.”…”

Jim DeMint wants Mitch McConnell’s job.  He has wanted it from the moment he stepped into the the hallowed halls of the US Senate.  He is on record as wanting to do away with the seniority system and make everything a beauty contest.

In order to get Mitch McConnell’s job, DeMint has attached himself to the fringe conservative elements, hoping they will be able to win in November and propell him to greatness.

There are a few problems that might prevent the “kingmaker” from becoming “king“.  The Pink Flamingo has one real problem with Jim DeMint.  It is the same problem I have with much of the far right.  They are sorely lacking in Biblical wisdom  – like Solomon.  They are inclined to make serious foolish mistakes because wisdom has been replaced by ideology.

FLORIDA:  Charlie Crist is now an independent because his is mostly a jerk.  But, Jim DeMint’s promotion of Marco Rubio has not helped things.  So, if Crist wins the election in November, and right now he is ahead, he plans to caucus with the Dems.  If Crist does win, the Dems pick up a Senate seat.

KENTUCKY:  Rand Paul is an absolute disaster.  The Pink Flamingo does not comprehend people like DeMint and Sarah Palin who have endorsed him. They both claim to support our military and the war on terror, but Rand Paul does not give a damn about national security.  He would betray our troops.  Why would someone actually endorse this man?  Also, he is going to lose in November.  But – he may be pledging to support Jim DeMint as Senate Minority Leader.

“…It’s bad enough that mainstream conservatives like Gov. Sarah Palin and Erick Erickson have endorsed Ron Paul’s son Rand in Kentucky’s Senate race.  But now that two more major conservative leaders—Dr. James Dobson and Sen. Jim DeMint—have done the same, the Right should be very troubled by the mainstreaming of the Paul family’s near-total abandonment of America’s national defense.

In particular, both Pauls might as well be de facto press secretaries for Mahmoud Ahmadinejad.  The national defense page on Rand’s website only mentions Iran once, calling it “a serious threat” in this ad, but not saying what he’d do about it.  Campaigning for his father in 2008, however, Rand said that “our national security is not threatened by Iran having one nuclear weapon,” (hat tip: Lisa Graas) and defended their pursuit of nukes, blaming America for tension between the two nations:…Prominent Republicans might have been drawn to Rand Paul’s candidacy out of a misguided infatuation with Washington “outsiders,” but by embracing them, they are also embracing something very different. Rand and his father represent nothing less than a rejection of the Right’s commitment to engaging and assessing the world as it really is, rather than as we would like it to be, and an embrace of the Left’s belief in appeasement and anti-Americanism.  If we abandon one of the last differences that remain between Right and Left—our moral fortitude & intellectual seriousness when it comes to protecting America from her enemies—we will have proven beyond a shadow of a doubt that we are unworthy to resume the reins of leadership. …”

UTAH:  Bob Bennett is thinking of a write-in candidacy.  The last time the far right nominated an extreme candidate over an established normal GOP, the Dem won.

CALIFORNIA:  Jim DeMint is backing Chuck DevoreSarah Palin is endorsing Carly Fiorina.  So is Rick Santorum, who has an interesting observation.  It is in line with this whole “kingmaker” myth DeMint is attempting to create for himself.  Currently Tom Campbell, the more liberal, weaker candidate is ahead because Fiorino and Devore are splitting the conservative vote.  Where once we had a chance to win CA, now, it looks like Boxer will retain the seat – thanks to the extreme far right.

If we are not careful, the Tea Party “patriots” created by FOX news, are going to turn on the GOP and make a mess of things by going third party, thereby allowing the Dems to rule unchecked.  Perhaps that is the whole plan.  They highlight my complaint with Jim DeMint.  He is more interested in conservative purity than he is the good of the nation.

That is not my definition of patriotisom.  Neither is Tea Party “patriotism“.

Michael Medved wrote the following:

“…Part of the problem in Britain involved the presence of third, fourth, fifth and twentieth fringe parties that fractured the vote and led to the inconclusive result. The third party Liberal Democrats won 23% of the vote but actually lost seats in the House of Commons. Even beyond the three big parties, minor political operations like the United Kingdom Independence Party, the Greens, Mad Cap’n Tom’s Pirate Party and the Monster Raving Loony Party, combined for a devastating 12% of all votes – helping to dictate the indecisive, muddled and dispiriting result. In the US, by contrast, all minor parties in 2008 drew only 1.4% of the Presidential ballot. The lesson is clear for American voters: if we ever follow the English example and distribute our ballots among numerous parties with no chance of victory, we’ll destroy any opportunity to send a clear message concerning the future direction of the country…”


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