The Pink Flamingo has made no secret of the fact that I am far from thin.  This said, I must also admit that I have a very real addiction problem.  I love cheese enchiladas.  I don’t want much on them, just a little red and a heck of a lot of salsa.  I want cheddar cheese,  That’s it.  Contrary to how terribly sinful it sounds, it isn’t that bad.  I don’t do sour cream, and I can’t stand green sauce, which is made with chicken fat.  Now that’s nasty.  Three cheese enchiladas, plain have about 450 calories.   That’s not bad.  It’s not fried, has very little salt, the cheese is protein, and the corn tortillas are not bad for you.

Since the dawn of the new cooking oils (saffron, sunflower, canola) I have developed some very serious food allergies, to the point where I’m at the throat closing, can’t breath, nearly pass out stage.  These allergies never bothered me before it was determined that “we” needed to be doing healthy oils.  I have a serious sunflower allergy, and many of these oils are made in the same presses.

If you want to cut out junk food, there is not quicker way to do it than develop allergies to the “healthy” oils they are now required to use.  We’re talking no MacDonalds, no Burger King, no Wendys, no nothing.  I compulsively consume Sonic unsweet tea, but that’s not an oil.  I’ve basically had to quit eating anything fried unless I make it, not that I eat anything fried. The allergy now extends to whole grains, basically eliminating almost all bread for me.   Forget chips unless they are Boulder, and then I sometimes have problems.

Unless I cook, or go to restaurants where I know what I am consuming, I don’t eat.  The allergic reaction isn’t worth it – because of this entire healthy craze.  This is where the real problem is.  I HATE to cook.  I am a very good cook, but I do not like cooking.  I loath cooking.  If I am not in the “mood” to cook, it makes me crazy.  I make one real meal a year – Christmas Eve.  That’s it.

When I cook, I guess I cook like my mother and her mother.  I don’t use “lite” products.  My mother uses heavy whipping cream in her mashed potatoes.  I use real milk and real butter, lots of it.  You can’t put out good classic food with “lite” ingredients.

There is another falacy about “lite“.  Contrary to popular opinion, most lite products are not all that healthy.  Read their ingredients.  They are full of chemicals instead of real food.  You are much better off eating a tablespoon of real butter, minus the chemicals than a tablespoon of that synthetic stuff.

I’ve started doing a little research into coconut oil.  Remember coconut oil?  Once upon a time it was in everything.  Then it was declared unhealthy. From what I have been reading, the contrary is true.  The bitter irony of the “epidemic” of obesity is the fact that the very same foods “experts” declare to be healthy may be making us fat.

This brings The Pink Flamingo to Michelle Obama’s war on childhood obesity.  She is falling for the same gimmicks that will harm children rather than making them healthier.  Like Michael Reagan said the other day on Hannity, No Child Left Behind has done more to advance childhood obesity than MacDonalds ever did. Kids need recess.

It is all about Obama-Lite, which is the perfect metaphor for Barack Obama and his Administration.  It is lite.  There is no substance.  It is all “healthy” chemicals created to replace good strong healthy traditional foods.  It is the difference between cool whip and plain old fashioned heavy whipped cream.  There is very little difference in calories.  One is full of chemicals.  The other is whole food.

Obama is lite – full of chemicals, completely lacking in substance.

There is nothing there with him that is of substance.  Elena Kagen is a perfect nominee for the POTUS-Lite.  She is empty, lacking substance.  She is a low calorie version of what a Justice should be.  The test of time is showing us that “low-cal” is a recipe for very bad nutrition and very unhealthy food.

Should we expect anything more out of POTUS-Lite?

Once again we are sold a false bill of goods.  Anyone who has food allergies or knows someone who has problems spends an extra hour in the grocery store reading labels.  With POTUS-Lite, we must always read the label on the packaging.

It’s toxic!


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