Are the Tanton Networks Going to Jump the Shark?


Want a little background on Arizona’s SB 1070?

Arizona’s SB 1070 was the brainchild of FAIR.

“…Arizona’s SB 1070, were authored by the same crowd at the nativist extremist group FAIR, the Federation for American Immigration Reform.

Of the Prince William County measure, Mike Hethmon, general counsel for FAIR’s legal arm, the Immigration Reform Law Institute, crowed to the U.S. Commission on Civil Rights that “to the extent that there is some kind of mad scientist behind all this, we’ll be happy to take credit.”

One of Hethmon’s fellow lawyers at IRLI is Kris Kobach, the guy getting paid $300 an hour in Maricopa County funds to “train” Sheriff Joe Arpaio’s deputies in immigration law.

Kobach helped SB 1070’s sponsor, neo-Nazi hugger and state Senator Russell Pearce, draft the statute. Even regarding tweaks to the law made after Governor Jan Brewer signed it, Kobach e-mailed Pearce, instructing Arizona’s number-one bigot on the precise language to include.

FAIR has been labeled a hate group by the Southern Poverty Law Center, and for good reason….”

AZ SB 1070’s links to FAIR and FAIR’s anti-Hispanic hate.

“…FAIR’s president, Dan Stein, has warned that immigrants are engaged in “competitive breeding” aimed at diminishing white power. He led efforts to win funding from the Pioneer Fund, saying in 1993 that his “job [was] to get every dime of Pioneer’s money.” Stein also served as editorial adviser to Tanton’s hate journal, The Social Contract, at a time when it ran its ugliest edition ever, “Europhobia: The Hostility Toward European-Descended Americans.” The issue’s lead article argued that multiculturalism was replacing “successful Euro-American culture” with “dysfunctional Third World cultures.” Stein has declined to offer any criticism of FAIR’s founder, instead characterizing Tanton last September as a “Renaissance man.”

The principal sponsor of the Arizona law, state Sen. Russell Pearce, has his own history of hate. In 2006, Pearce forwarded an email to his supporters from the neo-Nazi National Alliance titled “Who Rules America?” The article criticized the media for promoting multiculturalism and racial equality, and for presenting the Holocaust as fact. More recently, Pearce has been photographed hugging J.T. Ready, a Phoenix-area resident who is a member of the neo-Nazi National Socialist Movement….”

FAIR is a hate group.

“…During the heated debate leading up to the 1994 vote on California’s Proposition 187, a punishing anti-immigrant ordinance that would have denied social services to undocumented immigrants had it not been rejected by the courts, an embarrassing truth about the Federation for American Immigration Reform (FAIR) was revealed. Press reports disclosed that FAIR, a major backer of Prop 187, was also a major grant recipient of the Pioneer Fund, a racist organization established by Nazi sympathizers in the 1930s to pursue “race betterment.”

As of that year, FAIR had received a total about $1.2 million from Pioneer, which primarily funds race and IQ studies intended to reveal the inferiority of minorities and to this day describes its grant recipients, generally, as “race realists.” Perhaps the press furor would have died down if FAIR had decided to sever its relationship with Pioneer after the fund’s nature was exposed. But it chose not to.

Instead, FAIR, working hand in glove with Pioneer officials, moved rapidly to try to tamp down the criticism and protect its lucrative relationship with the foundation. This is revealed in previously unexplored archival files that FAIR has lodged in George Washington University’s Gelman Library Special Collections….”

Dear Conservative idiot – you have been fed a false bill of goods from John Tanton and FAIR.  If you want to know what FAIR and immigration reform is all about, please read this CHILLING little ditty from FAIR.  Basically immigrants and illegals are no different from pollution – yes – pollution.  It is about population control and a radical green agenda.

“…Rapid population growth is a worldwide phenomenon. Its effect on the environment is evident from the diminishing rain forests of South America, to the barren plains of Africa, to the desiccated river beds of China. We should do our utmost to promote conservation and family planning in countries suffering from overpopulation and ecological degradation. But the fact that some nations are experiencing intense population growth is no reason to ignore the overpopulation of the United States. We cannot rationalize America’s current immigration policy by pointing to overpopulation in India or Mexico. We cannot sacrifice our national security and local ecosystems in a misguided attempt to alleviate the problems of other nations. We must act responsibly and plan for the long- term, while helping others to do the same….”


“…FORM YOUR OWN LOCAL GROUP. If local environmental groups aren’t making the con- nection between mass immigration and the environment, you can form an organization to do so yourself. Hundreds of citizens just like you have created such local groups. A list of local or- ganizations working on immigration reform is on FAIR’s website, in the “Take Action” section. For more information, please contact FAIR at 202-328-7004….”


“…SUPPORT ENVIRONMENTAL GROUPS THAT ADDRESS REDUCING POPULATION GROWTH. Curbing population growth is a fundamentally important environmental priority facing the United States. If an environmental group is unwilling to address this issue, it isn’t serious about protecting the U.S. environment….”


Desparate Gamble: Las Vegas, Nevada
Las Vegas was America’s second fastest growing city from 2000 to 2008, increasing its population by more than 35 percent from 2000 to 2008.34 Las Vegas also happens to be situated in the middle of an inhospitable desert. As Las Vegas mushroomed from a small gambling mecca into a sprawl- ing metropolitan area of more than 1.8 million people, it has left a giant footprint on the sensitive desert ecology and strained water resources all over the western United States. If ever there was an area not intended for large-scale human inhabitation, it is Las Vegas, Nevada.
The fastest growing segment of the city’s population is Hispanics, who now comprise nearly 25 percent of the population. While Las Vegas features a significant and growing foreign-born popu- lation, the bulk of the Hispanic increase is not due to current immigration. Rather, it is the natural result of a baby boom among young Hispanic immigrants of the past decade. The reason, reports the Carsey Institute, is that most of the Hispanics who immigrated to the area “were young adults on the cusp of parenthood, and many started families. The natural increase that resulted from this has now taken center stage in explaining Hispanic growth in the twenty-first century.”…

FAIR is all about rank environmentalism that would make Al Gore look sane.  It is about population control.

“…The Census Bureau projects that today’s immigration of over one million persons a year will drive the current U.S. population of 308 million to 439 million by mid-century, with no end in sight. This guide not only shows the relationship between today’s mass immigration and our skyrocketing population growth, but also how immigration is reshaping where and how Americans live.

Immigration is the primary factor that fuels demand for new housing construction as secondary migration, spurred by record-setting levels of immigration into existing cities, spawns urban and suburban sprawl. Real estate developers have come to rely upon immigration-driven population growth as they claim more and more agricultural and wilderness land for new subdivisions. We argue that it is futile to support anti-sprawl intiatives that ignore immigration.

Finally, this publication lays out the key policies that environmental organizations can adopt to rein in U.S. population growth, preserving our prime farmlands, forests, and wetlands, and reducing our consumption of natural resources. Any credible population policy must address immigration. Environmentalists looking for a population policy compatible with their goals for a sustainable ecological future will find it here.

We are not newcomers to this issue. This is an updated revision of a 1999 publication. And our organization has been the leading voice calling attention to the connection between immigration, population growth, and the environment for over 30 years. Hopefully with so much renewed focus on the environment, policy makers will finally acknowledge the truth of what we’ve been saying all along: that we ignore the connection between immigration and the environment at our own peril….”

It all comes from the Pioneer Fund:

“...In recent decades, the Pioneer Fund has supported mostly American and British race scientists, including a large number of those cited in The Bell Curve, a widely criticized 1994 book that claimed that differences in intelligence were at least partly determined by race. According to Barry Mehler, a leading academic critic of the fund, these race scientists have included Hans Eysenck, Robert A. Gordon, Linda Gottfredson, Seymour Itzkoff, Arthur Jensen, Michael Levin, Richard Lynn, R. Travis Osborne, J. Philippe Rushton, William Shockley and Daniel R. Vining Jr.

Since 2002, the Pioneer Fund has been headed by Rushton, a Canadian professor who has been investigated for allegedly violating Canadian hate-speech laws. Rushton first courted controversy in 1989 when he published work focusing on the sexual characteristics of different races. His findings: blacks have larger genitals, breasts and buttocks — characteristics that Rushton alleges have an inverse relationship to brain size and, thus, intelligence. Rushton has personally received over $1 million in Pioneer funds to support his work.

While Rushton has been ridiculed and attacked as a racist by many leading scholars — including Stanford population biologist Mark Feldman, who described one of his main books as “laughable” — he has been sometimes been cited as a legitimate expert by the mainstream media. In 2006, for example, CNN’s medical correspondent, Dr. Sanjay Gupta, put Rushton on the air to discuss a Rushton study that supposedly proved that males, on average, are smarter than women. Two years later, Rushton was interviewed for National Public Radio’s “News & Notes” on the topic “Race and Intelligence: Is There a Link?” In both cases, no mention was made of Rushton’s background or that of the Pioneer Fund.

Under Rushton’s leadership, the Pioneer Fund has continued to support extremists. According to Hold Your Tongue, a 1993 book by education expert James Crawford, the Pioneer Fund has “aided the Institute for Western Values — the same group [the late] Cordelia Scaife May [sister of far-right financier Richard Mellon Scaife] paid to distribute [the racist nativist book] The Camp of the Saints — and in publishing the autobiography of Thomas Dixon,” whose white supremacist novels helped spark the Klan’s 1915 rebirth. Recent Pioneer grantees have included white supremacist Jared Taylor and Pioneer Fund board members Rushton and Richard Lynn, who runs the one-man Ulster Institute for Social Research and has argued that blacks have a “psychopathic” personality. Pioneer also has given grants to anti-immigrant groups, including the American Immigration Control Foundation (AICF), the Federation for American Immigration Reform (FAIR), and Project USA, an anti-immigration group run by a one-time FAIR board member. Both AICF and FAIR are listed as racist hate groups by the Southern Poverty Law Center.

Some organizations have refused grants from the fund in the wake of continuing bad publicity. One recipient, Hiroko Arikawa of the Forest Institute of Professional Psychology in Springfield, Mo., said she was returning her grant after being contacted for comment in 2006 by the Intelligence Report.

In recent years, the fund has mostly been giving grants to its own board members and a few other groups that are not embarrassed to be the beneficiaries of its racist charity. For example, from 2002 to 2006, board member Richard Lynn’s Ulster Institute for Social Research received $286,372. During the same period, Rushton, the fund’s president, received, through the University of Western Ontario where he teaches, $301,326. The other big beneficiary of Pioneer handouts is American Renaissance, a racist newsletter published by Rushton’s close friend, Jared Taylor, who recently argued in its pages that blacks are incapable of sustaining any kind of civilization. Taylor’s journal focuses on eugenics and alleged race-based differences in intelligence. …”


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  1. Thank you for reporting on the important work our Immigration Reform Law Institute does as a legal charity.

    There is a lot of hysteria, wild conspiracy claims, and silliness in the blog post, but you do correctly identify the link between legal change at the state and local level and the ultimate goal of reducing immigration to the United States to sustainable levels, at least for the period of time that the major immigrant sending nations, such as Mexico, need to go through the “demographic transition” to sustainable population growth rates that is experienced by all nations which have attained modern levels of culture and environmental stability.

    Without demographic stabilization, the United States and most other countries will experience the “tragedy of the commons” as their “development” and “diversity” policies lead to ruin for all.

    M. Hethmon

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