PART IV: How to Destroy the GOP


How can anyone vote for an alleged Republican who would want to pull our troops from Afghanistan?

Once upon a time, the GOP was the party of Ronald Reagan.  Unfortunately, in the quest for libertarian purity, the ascendancy of Ron Paul, the Club for Growth, and absolutes, Ronald Reagan has been thrown under the bus and completely forgotten.

Reagan is dead, long live Ron Paul and Jim DeMint.  It is now about egos and power.  Forget doing what is right for the country, it is about a populist movement that is out of control, and a news network that is feeding it.

Perhaps it is all about keeping Barack Obama in power, for that is what is going to happen if the current trends continue.

Is FOX News responsible for Rand Paul?  At least someone besides The Pink Flamingo thinks it is!  What about Rand Paul’s nasty white supremacist links?  H/T LGF

…Trey Grayson says it’s hard enough when your opponent has a national fundraising base and a huge grassroots following, thanks in part to his father’s presidential campaign. But Grayson says he’s not just facing the Paul family in his race to replace retiring Sen. Jim Bunning (R-Ky.), but an even more powerful force in conservative politics: Fox News.

By frequently putting Rand Paul, the son of Ron Paul and Grayson’s opponent, on its air, Grayson says the network has all but endorsed Paul and given him an easy way to tout his candidacy without actually meeting Kentucky voters in person.

“I’ve been on Fox News once, on a live feed on one of the shows, and I was told I was to expect a certain line of questioning, and I was given a different line of questioning,” Grayson said. Referring to Rand Paul, Grayson said, “He’s on all of the time.”

“His dad had these phenomenal contacts, so  … he’s on Fox News every couple of weeks with softballs,” said Grayson. Imitating an anchor’s voice, Grayson said the questions are softballs such as, “Rand, tell us about health care, you’re a doctor. Rand, tell us about the tea party.”

Paul has acknowledged his father’s role in helping him raise money and get media attention. And with Grayson, Kentucky’ secretary of state, lagging behind Paul in polls, his criticisms of Fox, which does not formally endorse candidates, may be sour grapes.

But they also fit into the broader critique Grayson is offering in the final of his campaign: Paul would represent the tea party more than Kentucky in Congress.

“I think he’d more of a grandstander,” said Grayson. “He wants to be a national leader, I want to be a leader from Kentucky. I’m not running to be the candidate of the tea party, I’m running to be the candidate of the Republican Party of Kentucky. It’s just a different approach.” He added of Paul, “the guy never talks about our state.” …”

There is a harmonic convergence of idiots who are attempting to destroy not only the GOP but the country.  Part of the blame should go directly to FOX who created and promotes the Tea Parties.  The blame also goes to the Club for Growth, to Libertarians who don’t have the guts to run as libertarians, and to idiots like Michelle Bachman who never met a Birther she didn’t like.

The Club for Growth is out to destroy any Republican they do not believe to be pure.

“…”I’m a new Democrat,” said Harley Smithson, 51, of Baltimore, who said he had recently switched from the GOP. “I want to be with a party that’s for something instead of against everything.”…”

When you have a group of people who are supporting “conservative” Rand Paul – WHO IS LYING about his conservative ideals, we have a problem.   The same thing is going on in NM-3 where another losertarian Ron Paul Bot, Adam Kokesh, anti-war, traitor who doesn’t believe in defending the USA is running against Tom Mullins.

“…Adam Kokesh, who lives in and was raised in Santa Fe, is a proud member of the libertarian Ron Paul wing of the GOP. In fact, Paul, a congressman from Texas, has personally endorsed Kokesh, a former Marine who fought in Iraq and came home to actively protest the war.

Kokesh might be the only Republican congressional candidate anywhere who was escorted out of the 2008 Republican National Convention for heckling presidential nominee John McCain.

“The national leadership (of the Republican Party) is just as corrupt as the Democrats,” Kokesh said in a recent interview. …’

Rand Paul is NOT a true Republican. Remember in the battle for NY-23 when the far right demanded a list of a dozen or so things Republican candidates should be required to believe before they get any support?  Well, evidently the Far Right doesn’t bother following up on its own requirements.  If they did, Rand Paul would NOT be getting all those high powered endorsements.

What has truly hurt me with Sarah Palin is the fact that she is endorsing people who go aganinst everything she once said she believed.

“...Paul has been critical of the Patriot Act (he’s suggested parts of it are unconstitutional) and has said he would have voted against the Iraq War. Those stances make praising Paul hard enough for some mainstream Republicans, and we haven’t even gotten to his view that drug legalization is an argument “best left up to the states” (he told Time he’d support federal drug laws however.) Republican leaders are going to have a hard time integrating those views into endorsement speeches. (Thank goodness there’s President Obama to rail against or they might really find themselves in trouble.) And should Paul win in November, they’ll have to deal with a Senator who libertarian Republicans consider one of their own Rand has said repeatedly that he’s not Ron Paul, but his father’s supporters are excitedly following and supporting his campaign anyway. Then there are the tea parties. Where many in the mainstream GOP have acknowledged the tea party movement and even praised it for its tenacity, few have gone as far as Paul when it comes to reaching out to the group. “The larger the victory the more the mandate for the tea party,” Paul told the AP over the weekend when asked what a primary win would mean….”

Fact is, he is more liberal than anything else.  My big questions is why are people like Jim DeMint and Sarah Palin supporting him when he is so obviously anti-military? Rand Paul is a Glenn Beck libertarian NOT a Republican.

“...Rand Paul formally announced his candidacy on Glenn Beck’s radio show last Aug. 5. A week later, Beck had him back on. After their show the previous week, Beck said, “I shut off my microphone and went, ‘I think I agree with him, and strangely trust him.’ So either my gut has gone all crazy, or maybe you’re the real deal.”

“It’s funny,” Paul responded, “on the way home I was reading a little book called ‘Common Sense’ on the plane and it sounded like something I might have written.”

“Oh, stop it, Rand,” Beck said. (His latest book, styled after Thomas Paine, was titled “Glenn Beck’s Common Sense.”)

Like the best American politicians — and professional provocateurs like Glenn Beck — Paul tells a story of the country’s past greatness, its decline and its possible redemption. He shows his followers where they are in the arc of American history….The political genius of Paul is his ability to cultivate a narrative that speaks to all strains of the Tea Party movement at once. After all, the libertarian purists who loved Ron Paul’s dissident truth-telling are not natural allies of the Limbaugh Dittoheads who dismissed him as an eccentric. He sings his libertarianism in the key of Glenn Beck – and he is writing a Republican playbook for the tea party era, turning grassroots energy into electoral power. Now, less than a week before the primary, polls show Paul’s lead over Grayson approaching 20 points. He also leads both of his potential Democratic challengers in the general election polling….”

Or is it all about Jim DeMint?

“...In the GOP’s soul-searching after its 2008 losses, DeMint has been a conservative hard-liner. The rise of the Tea Party has dovetailed with DeMint’s ambitions to trim the moderate fat, push the party to the right, and ultimately lead it. To that end, DeMint has grown his leadership PAC, the Senate Conservatives Fund, into a powerful alternative to the National Republican Senatorial Committee, which is the fundraising arm of the Senate Republican caucus that McConnell leads. Over $340,000 worth of support from DeMint’s PAC fueled one of the Tea Party’s biggest electoral victories to date, when the right-wing Marco Rubio pulled so far ahead in the Florida polls that the incumbent Republican governor, Charlie Crist, left the party to run as an independent rather than lose in the primary.

DeMint’s endorsement of Paul came only recently, on May 5, the same day McConnell gave his official backing to Grayson.

According to Paul’s campaign manager, David Adams, Paul and McConnell met seven months ago at the Louisville airport, but haven’t met since. Adams confirmed that Paul has not pledged his support for McConnell as leader of the Senate Republicans.

“We haven’t even really seriously talked about the fall election,” Adams said, “and that’s way before something that might happen in the beginning of 2011.”

It seems likely that Paul is waiting to see where the fault line breaks after this election. With his own fundraising machine, he hasn’t needed McConnell’s support. And if Tea Party candidates are widely successful, then DeMint could become the GOP’s new kingmaker. Rand Paul would certainly be a favorite son. In fact, he is already the telegenic, silver-tongued, politically savvy son of the man who won the Conservative Political Action Conference straw poll, which gauged Republican sentiments in anticipation of 2012….”

The really scary one?  The Tea Party FREAKS are now interested in repealing the 17th Amendment so that they can do to our other Republicans what a bunch of Ron Paul Bots did to Bob Bennett in Utah.

“…For their part, some long-time proponents of repealing the amendment say that they wish it wasn’t associated with today’s far-right. John Trouslow, who heads up the non-partisan Campaign To Restore Federalism…said that the fact that the tea party has taken up the cause could do more harm than good. He said that repealing the 17th Amendment has long been a cause of those who want the federal government’s power over the states to be limited — which often means supporters of the ideology currently not in power in Washington. In the case of the tea party though, Trouslow said what he called the group’s inevitable decline could take repeal of the 17th Amendment with it.

“I wish it was more than the tea partiers who were talking about it,” he told me today. “I’m worried that the idea will get so tied to the tea partiers that as the tea party gets discredited the idea will get discredited too.”

Some Republican candidates seem to feel the same way about their own credibility. Their brief flirtation with the repealing the 17th Amendment — which appears to have been born out of trying to curry favor with the the tea parties — ended after it threatened to make them look too extreme….There are signs that tea party calls to repeal the 17th Amendment — taking the selection of U.S. Senators out of the hands of voters and putting it in the hands of state governments — are proving to be a bridge too far for Republican candidates desperate to steal some of the movement’s mojo. In the past couple weeks, at least two mainstream Republican candidates have found themselves walking back from pledges to support repealing the amendment, suggesting there’s a limit to how much support the tea parties can provide.

The “Repeal The 17th” movement is a vocal part of the overall tea party structure. Supporters of the plan say that ending the public vote for Senators would give the states more power to protect their own interests in Washington (and of course, give all of us “more liberty” in the process.) As their process of “vetting” candidates, some tea party groups have required candidates to weigh in on the idea of repeal in questionnaires. And that’s where the trouble starts….”

SC journalist (a real one) Brad Warthen attended the big Sarah Palin endorsement of Nikki Haley.  His report is chilling if you are a REAL Republican.

“…But the alienation I’m feeling standing in that crowd of Haley and Palin supporters is different. Partly because these women aren’t positioning themselves as Republicans. On the contrary, they are relishing their animosity toward the people in their party who already hold a majority of public offices in this state. They are proud to antagonize and run against those Republicans with greater experience and understanding than they have. They turn their inexperience and lack up understanding of issues from a weakness into a virtue. Their fans cheer loudest when they hold up their naivete as a battle flag….”

Sylvia Allen is one of the leading figures in AZ’s SB 1070.  She is one of the reasons Republicans have such a bad name.  There is this almost insane email going around about just what she believes on immigration reform.  Any elected official who thinks the earth is just 6000 years old has no credibility.  Democrat Krysten Sinema blows the idiotic woman out of the water:

“…Sen. Sylvia  Allen, R-Snowflake (District 5), sent an e-mail with the subject line “I want  to explain SB 1070,” but unfortunately, she failed to explain any real facts  about the new law.Instead, she sent an e-mail littered with statistics  without citations that unfortunately led readers to more fear and desperation.  Spreading unchecked facts is not the job of a state lawmaker who was elected  to lead. It’s unfortunate that Sen. Allen chose to do so, but Arizonans aren’t  new to her behavior — she said last year in a committee hearing that the Earth  is only 6,000 years old. Sen. Allen failed to explain anything about SB  1070 because it doesn’t solve any of the problems she listed in her e-mail,  namely crime and violence along the border. I’m happy to quickly discuss the  facts about the new law. SB 1070 fails to solve Arizona’s real  immigration problems — crime and violence along the border and in our  neighborhoods. Republicans’ patchwork policies consistently have failed to  crack down on the violence and criminal acts that can accompany illegal  immigration….”

The other day The Pink Flamingo had the misfortune to listen to Roger Hitchcock.  All he and his racist audience could do was go on and about how bad illegal immigration was – and how bad Mexicans were.  He constantly ignores the fact that 40% of illegals coming into this country are from China. At least he is finally realizing there is a drug problem…but…

“...One week before his murder, Krentz had found a similar drug shipment in trucks on his ranch. He reported this and had the drugs hauled off.  Other ranchers in this remote area figure that the drug cartels were sending a message by assassinating Bob Krentz.

Arizona state Sen. Sylvia Allen participated in a state senate hearing on border violence.  She writes that one rancher near the border testified that 300 to 1200 illegals a day cross his ranch, cutting fence, starting fires, and leaving trash.  In the last two years, the rancher testified, he has found 17 dead bodies and two Korans.

Another rancher testified that drugs are brought across his ranch daily in a military-style operation.  A point man with a machine gun goes in front, followed a half mile behind by armed guards, followed another half mile behind by the drug shipment, followed by more armed guards.

The drug smugglers kill anyone who gets in their way and often kill their own drug “mules” who fail to keep up in what the witnesses called human “drug trains”…”

Like the rest of his anti-Hispanic John Tanton loving compatriots, Hitchcock doesn’t bother with actual facts.  Rather he repeats half-truths.  First – it has yet to be proven that it was an illegal who killed Rob Krentz.  The general consensus now is that the person who did it is here LEGALLY.  Second, until it is proven that Krantz was killed by an illegal, NOT ONE PERSON in the past 10 years in the Tucson BP sector has been killed by an illegal.

There is a lie out there in the strange world of the extreme far right, losertarians, and Ron Paul Bots. Aided by the Club for Growth who believes in slaughtering every Republican who does not march lock-step to their demands, real, normal, Ronald Reagan style Republicans are in serious danger.

The Republican Party has a very serious problem. No, it is not Obama or the Dems. We are in serious danger of being destroyed from encroching libertarians.

This is the problem:

“…In recent days, the anti-incumbent wave has already spelled defeat in party primaries for a pair of Washington fixtures: Sen. Bob Bennett, R-Utah, and Rep. Alan Mollohan, D-W.Va. Other veterans such as Rep. David Obey, D-Wis., have announced their retirements, and Sens. Blanche Lincoln, D-Ark., and Arlen Specter, D-Pa., face primary challenges Tuesday that could add them to the political casualty list.
Among those most eager to turn incumbents out of office are the one in four who called themselves supporters of the conservative tea party movement. Two-thirds say they want a new person representing them in Washington, compared with half of everyone else. “The Republican Party has more or less left me,” said Mike Miller, 40, of Republic, Mo., a tea party backer who wants a new member of Congress. “Everybody’s shifted to the left.”…”

Want an example? In South Carolina, what should have been a decent race for governor between Henry McMasters and Gresham Barrett has been turned upside down by Jenny Sandford and Sarah Palin endorsing Nikki Haley. This is more about Jenny Sanford testing her political wings than it is Nikki Haley. Rumor has it the former First Lady of SC is planning to go after Lindsey in a primary in four years. There is no other reason she would have her own political consultant, who also works for Haley.

If the GOP follows the DeMint example, we’re doomed.

“…Such tensions reflect a deeper struggle among Republicans. Moderates say the party must court independent voters, seek bipartisan solutions and reverse declines among Hispanics; conservatives urge a return to fiscal responsibility, limited government and other principles of GOP icon Ronald Reagan.

Sen. John Cornyn, chairman of the National Republican Senatorial Committee, said DeMint’s promotion of ultraconservative candidates may make it harder for the GOP to regain control of Congress.

“My goal is simply to build our numbers so we can provide checks and balances to single-party power here in Washington,” Cornyn said. “I think he (wants) to try to move the Republican conference in a more conservative direction.”

“If that were possible and we were able to win elections around the country, I would be all for it, but I think as a pragmatic matter we’ve got to nominate Republicans who can get elected in their states,” Cornyn said.

DeMint, 58, couldn’t disagree more.

“I’m going to help do everything I can this election to prove that a good commonsense conservative can be elected in any state in the country,” he told his California audience last month. “And I believe it’s going to happen.”

As they’ve watched DeMint’s growing national profile among hard-line conservative activists, some analysts think his ultimate target is a more powerful post than Senate Republican leader.

“He is cultivating a movement,” said Ross Baker, a political scientist at Rutgers University. “I think he sees himself as a presidential candidate. With the intensity of people on his side, he can nudge aside people like (Mitt) Romney and Tim Pawlenty.”…”


“…Principled libertarianism is an interesting and even tempting idea. If we wanted to, we could radically reduce the scope of government—defend the country, give poor people enough money to live decently, and leave it at that. But this isn’t the TPP vision. The TPP vision is that you can keep your Medicare benefits and balance the budget by ending congressional earmarks, and perhaps the National Endowment for the Arts.

What is most irksome about the Tea Party Patriots is their expropriation of the word patriot, with the implication that if you disagree with them, you’re not a patriot, or at least you’re less patriotic than they are. Without getting all ask-notty about it, I think a movement labeling itself patriotic should have some obligation to demonstrate patriotism in a way other than demanding a tax cut. In their rhetoric, the Tea Party Patriots do not sound as if they love their country very much: they have nothing but gripes. Yes, of course, these are gripes against the government, not against the country itself. But that distinction becomes hard to maintain when you have nothing good to say about the government and nothing but whines to offer the country….”


6 thoughts on “PART IV: How to Destroy the GOP

  1. Ok, take a deep breath…(smile because you KNOW I share your anger and frustration.)

    To answer your question about Palin…she’s a true capitalist. I knew that when she quit the governorship 2 years before her term was done, leaving all those who had given of their time and money to get her into the governor’s seat looking stupid. I knew then she wasn’t going to run for office again BUT she wants to continue to sell books and get those speaking gigs. As a true believer in a person’s ability to make as much money as they can I don’t fault her. But I never had any romantic notions of a new type of politician…I saw her as someone the GOP could “sell”. Now she is selling herself ala Newt who continues to hold out the possibility that he will run. Of course neither will because they will lose their ability to make tons of money.

    The point is that Palin KNOWS where her bread is buttered. The fanatics who drive miles just to touch her hand WILL buy her books and make sure her speaking price remains high as long as they believe she is towing their line.

    Again, it isn’t anything personal, she is doing what is best for her pocket book.

    The SAME can be said of the media, LEFT OR RIGHT. You don’t get ratings by being sane and nice. You notice that Medved’s show encourages those who disagree with him…so he CAN be sane and at the same time bring in people who want to be the one to take him down.

    Believe it or not, I don’t think the tea party people are losertarians. As with the party of Republicans, people like Ron and Rand Paul PRETEND to be conservatives and now tea party leaders. They WANT to take over the tea party and control their massive numbers as they are trying to do with the GOP.

    The problem is, the HOPE is, that the real tea party people will do what the GOP seems incapable of doing…separate themselves from these losers and refuse to march to their orders.

    We’ve seen it at rallies when someone brings up illegal immigration and the crowd goes…


  2. SJ Reidhead;

    You must have just fallen off the turnip cart. You are so off base with your reading of history it is pathetic. When Ron Paul was a first term congressment in the late 70’s he was on the Reagan bandwagon when reagan lost to Ford in the primaries. They had a falling out when Reagan became president and would not balance the budget, but I don’t think Ron Paul needs to be preached to by you about Reaganomics. Thats like the blind man feeling the elephant’s tail and describing the elephant to the elephant trainer.

    Fox news favoring Ron and Rand Paul? Isn’t fox news the neocon network that houses perpetual war advocates Hannity and O’Reilly? Or are you accusing Rand Paul of being a neocon? Boy, That’s a scoop! Did you tune in to the Republican presidential debates at all when Fox tried to either keep Ron Paul out of the debates entirely or tried to humiliate him? Then again I guess you could argue they were just softballing Ron Paul with argumentative set-up questions that he could easily weasel out of and make the fox news interviewers look like fools.

    And a third point. The Ron Paul movement started the tea Party revival in 2007 when he started running for president. Your neocon perpetual war advocate friends who are the ones trying to take it over now were nowhere to be found.

  3. Ron Paul is an egotistical jerk. He is a nut-job. I think Rand Paul is a disgrace. If we were to go along with a 10 point list of things GOP candidates should support, he would be woefully lacking. He is a libertarian who doesn’t have the courage to run as one. The last thing this country needs is people like either Ron or Rand Paul and the Tea Party freaks.


  4. Can’t argue with most of that. Except you do make your points too strongly. Ron Paul probably has a big ego. He’s a brilliant man. I don’t know what you mean by nutjob but he does talk sense in a bizarro political world which does at times come off as “thinking outside the box.”

    I somewhat agree with you about Rand Paul. Perhaps you are too kind. If you take a good look at the rest of the politicians we have, I think you put Rand Paul in some distigushed company by calling him a disgrace and saying he has no courage. I too, am disappointed that he does not take a stronger position on getting our foreign troops out of foreign countries and save us a cool trillion a year. That money, unlike Obamacare, goes down a foreign rathole. Hard to argue about the 10 things you think the GOP should be. Trey-like? Perpetual war? Spend but don’t tax? Kill the balanced budget ammendment the way Rudy Guliani did? Use the fed for clandestine expenditures?

    But let me give you another take on Rand Paul’s lack of courage. He believes in limited government (and that includes himself if he gets elected) and does not promise to be omipotent the way Trey did, only to disappoint us later.

    Now let me comment on your lack of courage. All you do is name-call which is OK, but without even addressing any of my points, like I just did yours. But I guess I just let my ego get the better of me from time to time.

  5. I believe in limited government, as few taxes as possible, and don’t spend it if you don’t have it. I also believe in supporting our military. That’s where I lose it with most libertarians.


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