Fun & Games in South Carolina


Does any state have as much fun with politics as South Carolina?  First Mark Sanford went hiking the Appalachian Trail (down Argentine Way) and now allegedly his hand-picked protege, and Sarah Palin blessed Nikki Haley is in trouble.

You need a score-card with this one.

SC’s Bad Boy of Blogging, Will Folks drives The Pink Flamingo crazy because I think he is so seriously anti-Lindsey that he is irrational.  Then again there are those in SC who make the argument that he is irrational anyway.  He announced that he and Nikki Haley had had a “thing” a few years ago.  Naturally Nikki Haley, who wants to be the next Mark Sanford of SC, is innocent, completely innocent, and Sarah Palin is denouncing Folks as liberal, which he is not.  He’s libertarian, but not liberal. This NOT a liberal MSM hit.

The beautiful irony here is that Folks was one of the first people to promote Haley’s campaign for governor!  Allegedly another source was working the story and Folks, bless his little soul, had to scoop ’em, by allegedly telling on himself!

It just gets better.

Folks claims to have proof of the affair.

There are sources who say that Folks caved because the McMasters campaign have some real dirt on him, forcing him to diss Haley.  Knowing Henry, I cannot subscribe to this rumor.

According to the Wolfe Report:

“...OK, so there was an assumption she wasn’t going to fool around and make stupid decisions that become public fodder, and bam — all gone in a matter of hours. By the way, we heard back in early ‘08 that Haley and Will Folks had an affair. There are a lot of people in this state to which the news is not news….”

Evidently the affair is old news!

“…Haley cancelled a pre-scheduled Monday morning interview with Columbia’s WIS-TV about an hour after Folks posted that he’d had an affair with her.  In 2008, when Free Times asked Haley about her connection with Folks for a story about her House re-election bid, Haley became defensive. She said their relationship was strictly business. Folks did writing for her House re-election campaign when Boling left to work for John McCain’s South Carolina presidential primary effort, she said. Allegations of an affair between Haley and Folks have been swirling around the State House for more than a year, but until today nothing about it has been published.

“There have been rumors about that,” said state Rep. Annette Young, a Dorchester County Republican, May 13. “I heard [it was Haley and] Will Folks.” Young wouldn’t say how she felt about the validity of it beyond confirming she’d heard it at the State House about a year ago. She said she wasn’t alone. “Ask anybody in the women’s caucus,” Young said. Other House members have confirmed they’d heard about an alleged affair between Haley and Folks, but did not want their names to appear in this story.

“It’s not a secret,” said Columbia Democratic Rep. Todd Rutherford on May 13 while in the lobby of the legislative chambers. He added that other House members told him they’d heard such things, too.“It’s been going around for about a year,” he said.

Former first lady Jenny Sanford supports Haley’s bid for governor and campaigned with her across the state May 14. A close advisor to her said if the affair turned out being true that it would probably pour cold water on her support for Haley…”

Then again, The Pink Flamingo has heard rumors that Haley is ruthless, and has some of the most vicious political operatives in the business.  She has a very real problem with her voting attendance, that could truly harm her campaign.  Could the alleged Folks hit be a way of making her a more sympathetic character rather than an incompetent?

Then again, the Wolfe Reports suggests that she and the Love Gov had their very own little affair.  If so, the Ex Mrs. Sanford gets a wif of it, this is gonna be fun!

“...It was funny — just a few days ago we were asked to investigate rumors that Rep. Nikki Haley had an affair with Gov. Mark Sanford. Because we have no way to definitively figure out whether that ever happened, we declined, but added that there seem to be legit rumors that she and Will Folks knocked boots. Then the news of the week broke this morning with Folks admitting to it, and the stories are off and running…”

More fun is the way Erick Erickson is spinning this, turning Folks into a George Soros liberal!  Well, FTS, how does it feel, now that you have run up against the idiots of the far right?  Anyone who disagrees with them is a George Soros grubbing liberal.  Case closed, minds closed!

There is one problem with the “liberal” conspiracy theory.  Folks has been one of Nikki Haley’s most vocal supporters – from day one.  For the far right tea party crowd to go around spreading their own little version of sour grapes, they had best start doing their homework, which they NEVER do.  Folks is one of the most annoying tea party rabble-rousers in the upstate.

Someone is going to come out of this with some egg on their grinning little tea party faces.  The Pink Flamingo has a feeling that the extreme right, who will not hesitate to denigrate anyone who crosses them, will be egged.  This constant piling on of hate needs to stop.  They are helping no one, and truly hurting their own cause.  One may accuse Will Folks of many things, but being liberal is not one of them.

P. S.  Haley’s supporters are now blaming Gresham for the story.

This just gets better…