Why Haley’s Comet Is Bad for Tea Parties & Conservatives


How long are the tea party people going to be held unaccountable for their stupidity and their problematic endorsements which are going to hurt the GOP?

The Pink Flamingo does not believe in out of state, primary endorsements.  It is ruinous to the GOP.

We also have a problem of the egos.  Jim DeMint is out for Jim DeMint.  Erick Erickson is his little flunky.  DeMint has “officially” stayed out of the ongoing war in SC, but his flunky is defending Haley.  Mitt Romney, along with blogger Will Folks were early Haley supporters.  Palin jumped on the bandwagon a few weeks ago.   We all know these endorsements are payback for previous endorsements.  It is the way the game is played.  BUT – DeMint and Palin are making fools of themselves choosing the most “conservative” candidate, not exactly looking for the more stable and qualified candidate.  Haley is NOT qualified to be the Governor of SC nor is Rand Paul fit to serve in the US Senate.

But, in the battle of the egos, do you think they are going to admit a mistake?

Of course not.  They are only going to make things worse, much worse.  They are making fools of themselves and making the GOP look bad.

A few months ago I heard SP castigate Lindsey for not being conservative enough and not doing his homework.  Perhaps she should go look in the mirror. Most of her endorsements are an abject disaster.

Case in point….South Carolina

In South Carolina they just do politics better and nastier than any other state.  As The Pink Flamingo has mentioned several times, it is a contact sport, down, dirty, and everyone either knows everyone or knows someone who does know everyone.  It’s a small state.  You need a scorecard.

“…Despite Haley’s protestations that she was completely blindsided by this whole thing, the Folks messages make it clear that Pearson knew for weeks that the rumor was out and the story was coming. He also passed up more than one opportunity to 1) ask Folks if it was true and 2) ask Folks not to put it out there himself….”

Haley refuses to release her phone records.  It shows abject arrogance, especially her reply.  Her reply is strange.

“…Said Haley: “On this issue, with this tactic going on, I will not spend anytime, energy or focus on it whatsoever, it’s not worth my time of the people of this state or the campaign, I will not give it time whatsoever.”…”

The dirty story is detailed here. The Pink Flamingo has had a few run-ins with Will Folks.  He’s a sleaze, and has insulted The Pink Flamingo several times (primarily because he is bigoted against pink).  He is a bomb thrower.  But, there is a smell test that reeks.


Erick Erickson who is as despicable a character as Will Folks is threatening to expose Folks.   Mitt Romney originally endorsed Haley.  After SP endorsed her, according to one source, Romney is dumping her to salvage his POTUS campaign.  Then again, the Charleston City Paper is now reminding us that Erick Erickson was the last one standing when it came to defending Mark Sanford, Haley’s mentor.  Mark Sanford’s little bunch were running an ad promoting Haley, but have been forced to pull their ad.

From Liberty Pundits

From Liberty Pundits

It is obvious we have several things going on here.

  1. The Haley campaign is at war with Gresham’s campaign.
  2. Haley is supported by Mark Sanford
  3. Grasham is supported by Dick Cheney
  4. Haley was supported by Mitt Romney before she was supported by Sarah Palin
  5. Haley is “libertarian”
  6. Gresham is neo-con
  7. Gresham has been endorsed by Fred Thompson
  8. Henry has been endorsed by John McCain
  9. Is this the battle of the consultants?
  10. Is the battle of Romney v. Palin?

From the Wolfe Report:

The Wolfe Report


First – there is a very real war brewing between tea party twits and those who are pulling their strings and we neocons.  Dick Cheney, who was formerly the darling of conservatives everywhere, has endorsed Gresham.  Sarah Palin is endorsing damaged goods Nikki Haley.

“…Cheney added: “When it was time to make decisions and show leadership, Gresham stepped up while they all stayed silent and ducked for cover. That may make for good politics today, but it certainly isn’t leadership.”

For the third time this election season, the former Vice President has found himself opposite Sarah Palin, who is supporting state Rep. Nikki Haley in the primary.

“…Cheney’s record of picking winners is hardly stellar. In the Texas gubernatorial primary earlier this year, Cheney backed Sen. Kay Bailey Hutchison while Palin sided with Gov. Rick Perry, who cruised to an easy win. More recently, in Kentucky’s GOP Senate primary, Cheney endorsed Secretary of State Trey Grayson while Palin picked the eventual winner, Rand Paul.  Cheney also backed Utah Sen. Bob Bennett’s unsuccessful re-election effort. Bennett also voted for TARP.

Each of Barrett’s opponents in the South Carolina race have support from national GOP figures. Barrett has already been endorsed by former Sens. Rick Santorum and Fred Thompson. Haley has the backing of Palin and former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney. Attorney General Henry McMaster is supported by Sen. John McCain. And Mike Huckabee is backing Lt. Gov. Andre Bauer….”

Dan Riehl wrote something that I agree with 100%.

“…For the record, I never said a harsh word about DeMint, or Redstate’s endorsements before Rand Paul became the topic of them. And I don’t care how much they try to spin for him, he is not a reliable mainstream conservative vote. I said people were throwing away their conservative credibility by endorsing him. And I stand by that statement.

Conservative, or not, inside the beltway types should stay out of the primaries. If they knocked out Hostettler, as well as some other less than stellar accomplishments in the item, relatively little was accomplished for all the fruhaha. Also, people should be wary of taking up a mantle professing themselves to be speaking for the grassroots. There is no single blog, or blogger out here who can say that…”


Rand Paul is proving to be a disaster.

Chuck DeVore has no chance in you know what beating Barbara Boxer.  But, the tea party freaks love him.

“...DeVore’s credentials as a true Constitutional conservative are impeccable: he’s been endorsed by Senator Jim DeMint (R-SC), Congressman Tom McClintock (R-CA), Congressman Jeff Flake (R-AZ), Mark Levin, Andrew Breitbart, The Tea Party Express, Citizens United, and the Howard Jarvis Taxpayers Association PAC….”

In what should have been a major defeat for the Dems, tea party disaster candidates are going to lose it for the GOP if they can’t do better than this.

“...NV-Sen: Sue Lowden is learning from Rand Paul’s mistakes (or is she?). During a televised Q&A with Jon Ralston, Lowden refused to respond to questions about whether she thought the Civil Rights Act should apply to private businesses. Eventually her handlers sent in a memo saying that she supports all aspects of the law. Meanwhile, Sharron “I am the Tea Party” Angle continues to press her advantages amidst Lowden’s slow-mo implosion, and that may be paying off in early voting, where there’s a surge of Republican early votes in the Reno area where Angle is from. But Angle just looks weirder and weirder as the media pay more attention to her (as seen in NRO’s Jim Geraghty’s piece on the bundle of contradictions from her legislative career, entitled “The Anti-Beer Libertarian”). Finally, it’s not too early to start thinking about 2012, and John Ensign, despite all the damage he’s sustained, is still acting like he plans to run again….”


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  1. Run-off.

    I still think she should be treated like a man – she would be toast. The only way women can get ahead is to do just that. All this male protection for her is disgusting. Something is wrong with the whole story. I don’t know where, but there is something…!


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