Hayworth’s Nasty Cronies Have Crossed the Line


For years The Pink Flamingo has been telling you how vile Peter Brimelow and his Vdare associates are.

I am an unabashed fan of John McCain.  I think he is one of our greatest living Americans.  For horrid, white supremacists like Peter Brimelow and his slime to denigrate a great man like McCain is deplorable.  Then again, they are the slime below the pond scum.

David Frum wrote:

“...Allegations are not new that he campaigned against investigations and disclosures that the U.S. abandoned missing prisoners at the end of the Vietnam War, but the reports had no traction and were largely ignored.That they have arisen again, seems largely because McCain is in a serious fight to retain the Arizona Senate Seat that he’s held since 1986. The threat is not from a Democratic contender, but from the right — ultra-conservative J.D. Hayworth whom admirers describe as a “patriotic immigration reformer,” and critics call “one of the ten dumbest members of Congress.”

Hayworth is challenging for McCain’s Senate seat after losing his own seat in the House of Representatives. By all accounts, Hayworth is something of a blowhard, who put his wife on the government payroll when he was in office. A McCain campaign video has Hayworth saying America never “formally” declared war on Germany in WWII, juxta-positioned with a newsreel of President Roosevelt declaring war on Germany.

Leading the attack on McCain is the VDare.com website, run by Peter Brimelow, who argues: “Might MIA Issue Finally Finish McCain in Arizona?” Brimelow clearly hopes it does, mainly because McCain is seen as soft on immigration which Brimelow and others see as America’s greatest threat….”

You  might want to take a look at this list nasty:


One thought on “Hayworth’s Nasty Cronies Have Crossed the Line

  1. I am going to make a confession; I too listened to the talk show mafia about McCain, until he won…then I started to research his record and while I understand but disagree with his torture ban, most things I found him to be refreshingly grown up.

    I am proud to have supported the man.

    I find it heartbreaking that those pretending to be the base of his party cannot.

    Someday, like with GWB, McCain will be given his due.

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