Part II: Why Haley’s Comet Is Bad for the Tea Parties


Have you noticed something that The Pink Flamingo recently discovered?  Tea Party supporters are quite willing to cannibalize their own, lie about it, and kick them over a cliff.  Tea Party leaders are idiots.  Sorry, but that’s how The Pink Flamingo sees ’em.

SC’s bad boy blogger Will Folks was one of the very first people to promote the Tea Parties.  He went above and beyond, even pulling a nasty got-ya on Gresham, a really nasty one.  Folks goes after everyone BUT Nikki Haley. He has been consistent in his support of her, often to the detriment of other candidates.

BUT – did Sarah Palin bother to do her homework when denigrating Folks (who deserves every bit of it for past nonsense – but maybe not for this one)?

Did Erick Erickson bother doing his?

Did R. S. McCain, that lovely little closet white supremacist do his homework?


They all jumped in, accusing Folks of being a liberal, which he is not.  He is a losertarian, but he is not a liberal.  If any of the above had done their homework they would have known what to day and how to day it.  Erickson accuses of SC of being racist, which is an insulting crock.

They don’t even bother checking to see Folk’s mischief in getting the tea party crap started in South Carolina.  It’s too bad that Sarah Palin has jumped into the mess defending Nikki Haley without knowing all the facts.  If she keeps this up, her credibility is going to be shot to you know what.

The Pink Flamingo keeps telling you that the Tea Party movement is going to be a disaster.  I am afraid my predictions may be coming true.  If they cannot keep track of their candidates and admit when they make a mistake, then it is a problem.

If Sarah Palin cannot admit when she has made a mistake endorsing someone and that she has not done her homework on a candidate, then she is not the person I worked so hard to support.  That to me is the very real heart-break.  I thought she was better than other people, and had such great personal honor.  I am in tears writing this.  I am hurt and angry.  Was I that stupid in chosing to help push such a flawed person to the national stage or has success changed her?

It turns out she and her Tea Party associates have no more honor than a bunch of Democrats.  I thought the GOP had someone very special with her.  Now, though, I am terribly disappointed.  It’s too bad we do not have more Republicans like Lindsey Graham and George W. Bush.


Henry McMasters is getting death threats.  Guess Erick Erickson will say Will Folks is on someone’s payroll to do that.  Yesterday he hinted that Gresham was doing the dirty deed.  Now it’s Andre Bauer.

Like the Wolfe Report states:

“…OK, so while trying to raise money for a candidate in a state in which he does not live, and knows even less about, he talks big and delivers nothing and that was the point? Hey, we have a public relations degree. We know spin when we see it, especially bad spin. And goddamn, this is bad spin. Then he goes into his bad argument again….It — it boggles the mind. The man is an uninformed fool. We haven’t chimed in on the Tim James mess as it deals with the Alabama gubernatorial election. Know why? We don’t know enough. Just reading what shows up in news stories and blogs does not make you informed. It comes from discussions with people in the know, people not in the know, and generally living in the eye of the storm. As we’ve said before, it’s one thing to make an educated guess, but it’s quite another to spend 30 minutes on Google and think you’ve solved the mystery behind a political scandal. Just about every political insider in Columbia thinks Erickson has no fucking idea what he’s talking about. Might be a clue….”

Erick Erickson is now backing down on his claims to “out” who ever it is who is paying Will Folks. (Frankly, The Pink Flamingo thinks Folks is paying Folks, and patting Folks on the back, but what the heck – you gotta do what you gotta do).   What Erickson has done, blaming racism for the whole mess is disgusting.  If it is South Carolina and you live there, you must be a racist, right?


South Carolina and New Mexico are probably the two least racist states in the country.  I grew up in SC and spent most of my life there.  It is not racist.  For people like Erickson to outright lie about people from SC is disgusting, absolutely disgusting.

Erickson is now blaming SC Lt. Gov. Andre Bauer of paying Will Folks to damage Nikki Haley.  Like his handlers, Erickson and the far right do not have the maturity to admit when they are wrong.  So, I next expect to hear him blame the whole thing on Natalie Barrett.

Now the beauty of all of this is the fact the stories about Erickson doing DeMint’s dirty work may be a little off.  Is it possible his state director is managing Gresham’s Campaign?  Then again if all Republicans were behaving themselves the way SC’s two senators were behaving, it would not be a bad thing.  Both Lindsey and DeMint have quietly endorsed Gresham, but are staying above the battle.

Sarah Palin should be doing the same thing.

Bauer is willing to take a polygraph to prove his innocence.  Maybe Haley should do the same?

Earl Capps shows us the money.  Maybe the whole Haley campaign is now having a snit because he is so far ahead of her in fund raising that in normal times she would be toast.  You want the real story?  The Pink Flamingo is more inclined, after studying these numbers, to think that Haley’s people and Folks dreamed up the whole thing to keep her on the front pages.  Then again, if you look at some of those phone records, sorry, but if it looks like a duck, waddles like a duck, quacks like a duck, swims like a duck, and lays eggs like a duck – well….it is a duck.

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4 thoughts on “Part II: Why Haley’s Comet Is Bad for the Tea Parties

  1. “BUT – did Sarah Palin bother to do her homework when denigrating Folks (who deserves every bit of it for past nonsense – but maybe not for this one)?”

    Um, does the freetimes mean anything to you?

    Oh, and shut up about RS McCain…

    I’ll give you that Erickson is moron…

    “Earl Capps shows us the money. Maybe the whole Haley campaign is now having a snit because he is so far ahead of her in fund raising that in normal times she would be toast. ”

    Who cares about money? Haley’s going to win this…

  2. I do not like Haley. I think she is incompetent and will be a worse disaster than Mark Sanford. She is not ready for prime time. I think R. S. McCain is a horror. He is a white supremacist bigot who does not like people of color. I have no tolerance for people of his ilk. Erick Erickson is an idiot. He is intellectually dishonest.

    I could care less about Nikki Haley. I could care less about Will Folks. What I do care about is the fact that the alleged tea party “patriots” are running a great big scam that is going ruin our chances of taking the House and Senate in November. I care about the fact that the alleged saviors of conservative purity don’t mind pointing out the sins of every one else, but don’t have the decency to admit when they are wrong.


  3. SC not racist?

    I’m not sure what part of South Cackalacky you were from, but almost all corners of the state contain small minded bigots. Not that the Palmetto state is different from any other place in the US, or the world for that matter.

    To deny that racists roam freely here, or in NM, or in any state is odd. Sadly they are everywhere.

  4. You will find bigots everywhere. I’ve been all over the country (with the exception of the northwest). People in New Mexico and South Carolina are the least bigoted I have encountered. People in Florida and Arizona are the most bigoted.

    You don’t know much about SC, do you? I lived there for over 40 years.


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